After a very long wait, The Fun Pimps have final­ly released an exper­i­men­tal build of Alpha 17 for 7 Days To Die on steam. This update is huge, adding new fea­tures, fix­ing some bugs, adding some new bugs and brings some major mechan­i­cal changes to the game. Alpha 17 is still an exper­i­men­tal build and will have some issues. If you want a more sta­ble expe­ri­ence I would wait for the final release. Check out the full release notes below:

Alpha 17 Official Early Release Notes (B197)


Art, Light­ing, PBR Ren­der­ing and Tex­ture Stream­ing

First off, we’ve updat­ed Uni­ty Engine ver­sions to take advan­tage of phys­i­cal­ly based ren­der­ing fea­tures, as well as great­ly improved scene light­ing. We have also inte­grat­ed Unity’s new Tex­ture Stream­ing which low­ers tex­ture ram and pro­vides sup­port for crisp HD tex­tures. This stream­ing allows us to add near­ly unlim­it­ed art con­tent in future updates.

  • Near­ly all objects and sur­faces in game have been improved to sup­port the new light­ing fea­tures.
  • Ambi­ent light­ing improved to show more nat­ur­al scene light­ing.
  • Many sur­faces now light with nat­ur­al sub­tle reflec­tions to improve over­all scene appear­ance.

Par­ty Sys­tem

Join up with friends to form a Par­ty which allows you to play togeth­er much eas­i­er. Do this by sim­ply invit­ing a play­er to your Par­ty from the play­ers menu tab. The sys­tem offers these ben­e­fits:

  • Share team XP with near­by par­ty mem­bers of Zom­bie Kills
  • Share Quests.
  • Track Par­ty mem­bers loca­tion, and health.


 Quest Sys­tem

We’ve added a brand-new quest sys­tem. The play­er receives quests by sim­ply talk­ing to a Trad­er and look­ing at his offered jobs and accept­ing a quest. The play­er can progress through the ranks of 6 quest dif­fi­cul­ty tiers receiv­ing bet­ter reward choic­es for each quest and for grad­u­at­ing each Tier. With it comes a new quest reward sys­tem that gives the play­er XP, mon­ey and a grow­ing choice of mul­ti­ple rewards that can be mod­i­fied by perk­ing up into the new Dar­ing Adven­tur­er Perk. The sys­tem sup­ports many new and old quest types includ­ing:

  • Clear Sleep­er
  • Fetch
  • Hid­den Cache
  • Buried Sup­plies
  • Clear and Fetch
  • Clear and Hid­den Cache
  • Trea­sure (Old)
  • Chal­lenge (Updat­ed)

Navez­gane Improve­ments

The Navez­gane world grew from 16 square kilo­me­ters to 36 square kilo­me­ters in size and the ter­rain and the height have been giv­en an over­haul. The height is much more extreme and nat­ur­al look­ing. You will not rec­og­nize the world.


We’ve re-imag­ined dozens of orig­i­nal A16 loca­tions with a com­plete art and game­play over­haul con­vert­ing them to beau­ti­ful and quest-able dun­geon expe­ri­ences. We have also cre­at­ed many brand-new loca­tions. These loca­tions are all set­up to sup­port a vari­ety of quests of 6 Tier dif­fi­cul­ties. All loca­tions are work­ing in Navez­gane and Ran­dom Gen worlds. Over 125 new loca­tions and count­ing. Some of these include:

  • Shamway Fac­to­ry
  • Shot­gun Mes­si­ah Fac­to­ry
  • Naveza­gne Hos­pi­tal
  • Per­ish­ton Cour­t­house
  • 4 Sky­scrap­ers in Depar­ture
  • New giant Per­ish­ton Church
  • 4 new Per­ish­ton Busi­ness Strips
  • 9 Old Busi­ness­es
  • 8 Aban­doned hous­es (Non Quest)
  • Apart­ment Build­ing
  • 65 Hous­es of vary­ing size and chal­lenge
  • 8 Ram­shackle Sur­vivor Sites
  • Water Works Util­i­ty Com­pa­ny
  • 3 Army Camps
  • 3 Barns
  • Bus Stop (Non Quest)
  • Ceme­tery
  • Road Cul­vert (Navez­gane Olny)
  • 7 New Garages
  • Red Mesa Instal­la­tion
  • Vacant Lot
  • Gas Sta­tion
  • Docks


We’ve com­plete­ly rewrit­ten and over­hauled the vehi­cle sys­tem with from the ground up mak­ing many new addi­tions, improve­ments and changes include:

  • New real physics that make the vehi­cles feel like a real dri­ving game
  • New Bicy­cle vehi­cle that con­sumes sta­mi­na when you ped­al it
  • New Badass Motor­bike vehi­cle
  • New 4×4 vehi­cle that allows a friend to ride shot­gun as a pas­sen­ger
  • New Gyro­copter vehi­cle allows play­ers to own the skies
  • Updat­ed minibike that uses the new sys­tems
  • New vehi­cle place­ment sys­tem
  • New vehi­cle cam­era sys­tem with turn­ing to where you are look­ing
  • New vehi­cle con­trols for hop and tur­bo. Vehi­cle con­trol binds were added in a menu/controls/vehicle sec­tion
  • New vehi­cle sound sys­tem that han­dles gears and loops bet­ter
  • New rag­doll sys­tem so you can dri­ve over zom­bies and they will real­is­ti­cal­ly rag­doll react to vehi­cle impacts and go fly­ing in the air tak­ing dam­age. Sur­pris­ing­ly they can get up again if you didn’t kill them.
  • Improved vehi­cle stor­age so it’s on its own radi­al but­ton with dif­fer­ent stor­age amounts per vehi­cle
  • New Vehi­cle mod sup­port. The sys­tem will allow play­ers to install vehi­cle mods that can make vehi­cles per­form bet­ter, have more stor­age and more. Note: Mod items are com­ing in a future ver­sion. This replaces chang­ing of vehi­cle parts

AI and Pathing

We’ve com­plete­ly over­hauled the ene­my AI and pathing, writ­ing an entire­ly new A‑Star pathing sys­tem that rocks. Ene­mies can do many things in this sys­tem includ­ing:

  • New path cal­cu­la­tions based on dis­tance vs destroy­ing blocks and uses the block health includ­ing block down­grades
  • New move­ment, turn­ing and tar­get esti­ma­tion
  • New obsta­cle detec­tion to bet­ter path around or destroy
  • New jump­ing across gaps and up onto ledges (Spi­ders have a long jump)
  • Improved jump­ing onto obsta­cles
  • Updat­ed jump ani­ma­tions with three sep­a­rate parts
  • Improved han­dling of stairs
  • Improved lad­der climb­ing, includ­ing skip­ping rungs
  • New dig­ging down if their des­ti­na­tion is below them and they can’t walk to it
  • New destroy area mode, when play­ers can’t be reached
  • New group dam­age bonus, when AI are close togeth­er
  • New Vul­ture AI includ­ing cir­cling, attack­ing the weak and re-posi­tion­ing in com­bat. New Radi­at­ed Vul­ture
  • Improved sleep­er spawn­ing and track­ing. New types of sleep­ers
  • All sleep­er spawns are now game-staged to up the chal­lenge as you lev­el up or par­ty in a group


We’ve added a cou­ple new ani­mal mod­els includ­ing:

  • New Stag
  • New Doe

Mod­ded Item Sys­tem

We’ve added a new mod sys­tem that allows users to install mods into weapons, firearms, cloth­ing, armor and vehi­cles. Basi­cal­ly, any­thing with a qual­i­ty can be mod­ded. We removed the old tedious weapon part sys­tem to make room for this. There are already over six­ty mods to aug­ment your items of qual­i­ty. Here are a few item mod exam­ples:

  • Attach­ments like a weapon, scopes,  flash­light, silencer or duck bill
  • Inter­nal mod­i­fi­ca­tions like a trig­ger group for burst fire, increased dam­age, increased fire rate, improved accu­ra­cy, full auto, and increased mag­a­zine size
  • Adding barbed wire or a dif­fer­ent grip to a club for improved dam­age or swing speed
  • Mods to make tools more effi­cient
  • Armor mods to help with encum­brance, heat, cold and stealth
  • Mods to dye items to uni­fy your clans look.


New Items / Recipes

  • We’ve added dozens of new items, recipes, modes too many to list check out the cre­ative menu for more infor­ma­tion or play the game.
  • New foods, drinks and drugs to craft and use.
  • Mag­a­zines to grant you tem­po­rary attribute and perk lev­els.
  • Item mods, of course.
  • Schemat­ics to craft mods your­self.
  • Dyes to per­son­al­ize your weapons and armor.
  • Table saw for craft­ing fur­ni­ture and advanced wood­en blocks.
  • Grand­pas Moon­shine (Increas­es Melee dam­age for lim­it­ed time)
  • Grand­pas Learnin’ Elixir (Gives you 20% XP boost for lim­it­ed time)
  • Grand­pas Awe­some Sauce (Increas­es your barter abil­i­ty for lim­it­ed time)
  • Recog Drug (Increas­es per­cep­tion for increased ranged weapon dam­age)
  • Steroids (Increas­es strength attribute and removes all encum­brance penal­ties for a lim­it­ed time)
  • Mega Crush now boosts your run­ning speed to extreme lev­els for a lim­it­ed time.

Phys­i­cal Attribute Skill Sys­tem and Pro­gres­sion

We gut­ted and rebuilt the skills sys­tem from the ground up to be more of a true skill tree.

This re-con­fig­u­ra­tion of the skills sys­tem cen­ters around five main phys­i­cal attrib­ut­es of the play­er:  Per­cep­tion (PER), Strength (STR), For­ti­tude (FRT), Agili­ty (AGI) and Intel­lect (INT),. Each of these attrib­ut­es are tied to the player’s phys­i­cal body, and can be affect­ed by equip­ment, injuries, and ill­ness­es, cre­at­ing boons and banes to the player’s skills and abil­i­ties. Under this sys­tem, all skills and perks are gov­erned by one of the five attrib­ut­es, group­ing the skills and perks into gen­er­al areas of play, and allow­ing for play­ers to more eas­i­ly cre­ate “class” arche­types by focus­ing on one or more attrib­ut­es.

The new sys­tem has end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties.  For exam­ple the play­er might get a con­cus­sion which low­ers his intel­lect attribute which has the side affect of not being bale to craft cer­tain items until the con­cus­sion heals.

Perks grant you spe­cif­ic abil­i­ties and high­er perk lev­els require cer­tain attribute lev­els. Attrib­ut­es have 10 lev­els and most perks have 5 lev­els. The gov­ern­ing attrib­ut­es and child perks are as fol­lows:

  • Per­cep­tion Attribute (Per­cep­tion is the mea­sure of your sen­so­ry aware­ness. Increas­ing Per­cep­tion rais­es dam­age with firearms)
    • Marks­man­ship Perks
      • Gun­slinger
      • Shot­gun Mes­si­ah
      • Auto­mat­ic Weapons
      • Dead Eye
      • Archery
      • Explo­sive Weapons
      • Boom! Head­shot!
      • Run and Gun
    • Scav­eng­ing Perks
      • Lucky Loot­er
      • Sal­vage Oper­a­tions
  • Strength Attribute
    • Melee Com­bat Perks
      • Wreck­ing Ball
      • Sex­u­al Tyran­nosaurus
      • Flur­ry of Blows
      • Deep Cuts
      • Stay Down
      • Heavy Met­al
      • Skull Crush­er
    • Con­struc­tion Perks
      • Min­er 69’er
      • Pack Mule
      • Moth­er Lode
  • For­ti­tude Attribute
    • Sur­vival Perks
      • Heavy Armor
      • The Hunts­man
      • Intrin­sic Immu­ni­ty
      • Well Insu­lat­ed
      • Liv­ing Off The Land
      • Pain Tol­er­ance
    • Recov­ery Perks
      • Heal­ing Fac­tor
      • Ful­ly Hydrat­ed
      • Slow Metab­o­lism
      • Self Med­icat­ed
  • Agili­ty Attribute
    • Ath­let­ic Perks
      • Rule 1: Car­dio
      • Light Armor
      • Charg­ing Bull
      • Park­our
      • Olympic Swim­mer
    • Stealth Perks
      • Nin­ja Move­ment
      • Hid­den Strike
      • From The Shad­ows
  • Intel­lect Attribute
    • Influ­ence Perks
      • Bet­ter Barter
      • The Dar­ing Adven­tur­er
      • Charis­mat­ic Nature
    • Crafts­man­ship Perks
      • Ham­mer and Forge
      • Grease Mon­key
      • Advanced Engi­neer­ing
      • Yeah, Sci­ence
      • Physi­cian
      • Mas­ter Chef

Inte­grat­ed Sur­vival Sys­tem ISS

We’ve thrown out the old well­ness sys­tem and added the new Inte­grat­ed Sur­vival Sys­tem. The core con­cept behind the ISS is the intro­duc­tion of “hard dam­age” to the player’s Max Health and Max Sta­mi­na caps. This “hard dam­age” rep­re­sents the cumu­la­tive wear and tear to the player’s phys­i­cal con­di­tion through repeat­ed injury or exer­tion, and is rep­re­sent­ed by reducing/capping the max­i­mum por­tion of the health and sta­mi­na bar that is recov­er­able through nor­mal means. Mechan­i­cal­ly, the sys­tem requires the intro­duc­tion of two new play­er stats: “Max Health” and “Max Sta­mi­na”. Here’s the break­down:

  • Health
    • Your cur­rent health is dis­played in red and max health is grey. Dam­aged health or your max health cap is dis­played in black.
    • Eat food or use med­i­cine to restore health. Use ban­dages or med kits to restore your max health cap.
  • Sta­mi­na
    • Your cur­rent sta­mi­na is dis­played in blue and max sta­mi­na is grey. Dam­aged sta­mi­na or your max sta­mi­na cap is dis­played in black.
    • Drink water to restore sta­mi­na. Eat food to restore your max sta­mi­na cap.
  • Recov­ery Rate
    • Health and sta­mi­na recov­ery rate is deter­mined by your water lev­el found in the char­ac­ter stats menu.

Buff Noti­fi­ca­tion and new Buff Sys­tem

Prop­er­ly noti­fy­ing the play­er of active sta­tus changes and their effects is a cur­rent prob­lem with our sys­tem. The popout noti­fi­ca­tions are uni­form, regard­less of sever­i­ty, and thus don’t draw enough atten­tion to effects that are crit­i­cal to the play­er. We aim to cor­rect this with a new noti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem design.Under this new sys­tem, each sta­tus effect is assigned a sever­i­ty: Stan­dard (White), Ele­vat­ed (Amber), and Severe (Red). The noti­fi­ca­tions for each sta­tus effect are col­or cod­ed accord­ing­ly and have addi­tion­al behav­iors based on the sever­i­ty.

The entire lega­cy buff sys­tem has been rewrit­ten for max­i­mum flex­i­bil­i­ty and trans­paren­cy between oth­er sys­tems. Sys­tem design­ers can add buffs to any­thing in the game whether hid­den or not allow­ing a mul­ti­tude of buffs and debuffs. Some new or changed Buffs include:

  • Over­hauled all lega­cy buffs to work with the new sys­tem.
  • Near Death Trau­ma (Low­ers your mas­ter attrib­ut­es for a day if you die)
  • Encum­brance and the han­dling of falling dam­age are dri­ven by buffs
  • Buffs can play sounds and sound loops, acti­vate screen effects or par­ti­cle effects at any time.
  • Many new improve­ments, addi­tions and buff changes too many to list.

Back­pack Space and  Encum­brance Sys­tem

We’ve increased the back­pack space from 32 slots in pre­vi­ous builds to a gen­er­ous 45 slots in alpha 16. Although we’ve giv­en the play­er more back space we have added a new encum­brance sys­tem and here is how it works:

  • The play­er starts a new game with the bot­tom 3 rows of his back pack dark­ened with the encum­brance icon
  • These encum­bered slots can be used but with a move­ment penal­ty.
  • When no encum­bered slots are used there is no move­ment penal­ty.
  • The play­er can pur­chase 5 lev­els of the new Pack Mule perk to remove the encum­brance icons form the pack pack and the penal­ties
  • The can get buffs that cause slots to become encum­bered from sick­ness and oth­er things

Reworked Weath­er Sur­vival

We have sim­pli­fied and reworked weath­er sur­vival sys­tem and here are a few key points:

  • Cloth­ing can have both a hypo-ther­mal lev­el for cold pro­tec­tion and hyper-ther­mal lev­el for heat pro­tec­tion no more dress­ing and undress­ing con­stant­ly.
  • Armor can be mod­i­fied to add fur­ther hypo and hyper ther­mal pro­tec­tion.
  • The play­er starts new games with a ele­men­tal pro­tec­tion that lasts for the first 5 lev­els.
  • Var­i­ous items and blocks can change your pro­tec­tion val­ues includ­ing camp­fires, forges and held torch­es.

New Loot Con­tain­ers

We’ve done a lot of work to improve, bal­ance and make a more guid­ed loot expe­ri­ence. Here are a few of the notable changes:

  • Many com­mon loot con­tain­ers vis­i­bly have a “loot­ed” state and the ones that are lootable are rarely emp­ty.
  • We’ve added a lot of hid­den loot to the POIS in hard to find places.
  • Added: Dozens of new loot con­tain­ers too many to list.
  • Added: Store crates with logos so you can tell its good loot not just ran­dom con­struc­tion loot.
  • Added: Large and Small Gun Bags.
  • Added: Rein­forced chests and super chests.

Ran­dom Gen

Ran­dom gen has got­ten some love and been sped up with these new fea­tures:

  • Com­mon file for­mat­ting with Navez­gane which allows dis­tant trees,  pre-gen­er­at­ed height for much bet­ter per­for­mance.
  • New improved Ran­dom Gen Pre­view­er locat­ed in the main menu/editing tools/random gen pre­view­er.
  • The pre­view­er now has a leg­end key and the user can set the size of the gen­er­at­ed map.
  • New maps can be gen­er­at­ed from new game, dedi serv­er and from the pre­view­er.
  • Entire map is gen­er­at­ed using tiles(sockets) which allows for future fea­tures to be added.
  • Gen­er­at­ed maps are now able to be con­tin­ued even if there are patch­es to ran­dom gen.
  • Ter­rain gen­er­a­tor now has the abil­i­ty to read in heightmap images for gen­er­a­tion. This will be improved in a18.

Note: Gen­er­at­ing 16k maps is cur­rent­ly dis­abled until we have time to speed it up.

Oth­er World Gen­er­a­tion and Bio­me Changes

Bio­mes have under­gone some changes, too includ­ing:

  • The plains bio­me has been removed.
  • Dis­tant dec­o­ra­tions (trees) com­ple­ment the dis­tant ter­rain for a more real­is­tic scenery
  • Boul­ders spawn in places where ore veins come close to the sur­face.
  • Clay does not lit­ter bio­mes with small sub bio­mes but is found in all “dirt” top­soil.

Item Com­pare Sys­tem

We added a new sys­tem that allows the play­er to com­pare items of qual­i­ty of the same type in loot con­tain­ers, inven­to­ry or worn to be com­pared. Here is how it works:

  • Click on and inspect item 1 and then mouse over item 2 to see how much bet­ter or worse item is than item 1.
  • Pos­i­tive Stats will appear in Green with a + before the num­ber.
  • Neg­a­tive Stats will appear in Red with a – before the num­ber.
  •  Green is Good and Red is Bad.
  • Worn cloth­ing works the same way but takes into account your worn items. You can sim­ple inspect a sim­i­lar item in your inven­to­ry like an item you wear­ing and see the dif­fer­ence.

UI Changes and Improve­ments

We’ve done a ton of work to the main menu  with many improve­ments includ­ing:

  • Main Menu – Over­hauled basic visu­al style.
  • Main Menu – Orga­nized many screens mak­ing the infor­ma­tion acces­si­ble by Tabs and Gamepads.
  • Main Menu – Added Gamepad con­troller bind dia­grams.
  • Main Menu – Added an Edit­ing Tools sec­tion where play­ers can cre­ate POIS or Pre­view Ran­dom Gen worlds.
  • Main Menu – Stream­lined the serv­er brows­er to make it eas­i­er to find servers and your friends.
  • Main Menu – Made it pos­si­ble to start a solo game and con­tin­ue it in mul­ti­play­er with your friends.
  • Tools Menu – Using the Playtest but­ton, you can launch a sin­gle POI as a playable map and imme­di­ate­ly see the result of any changes.

These in-game UI changes have also been done:

  • We’ve over­hauled the Item stats win­dow with a new descrip­tion and stats tab con­sol­i­dat­ing the more use­ful stats.
  • The char­ac­ter screen now has a new pri­ma­ry stats tab and a sec­ondary stats tab to see even more infor­ma­tion about your char­ac­ter and the buffs that are affect­ing him.
  • New Jour­nal tips will be marked with an orange icon and flash when you unread jour­nal tips.
  • The skills menu has been redone with major attrib­ut­es, perk cat­e­gories and nest­ed perks under­neath. It feels much more like a skill tree.

New Cre­ative Block Shapes

  • Over 700 new blocks, shapes and dec­o­ra­tions have been added. Don’t make us list them all!

Land Claim Improve­ments

  • You can only have one active land claim block but the claim area is much larg­er.
  • Claim blocks are cheap to craft and repair. Plac­ing anoth­er will instant­ly deac­ti­vate but not destroy your pre­vi­ous one.
  • The claim area pre­vents zom­bie respawn.

New Stealth Sys­tem

We’ve torn up our old stealth sys­tem and cre­at­ed Stealth 2.0. The new sys­tem is more play­er data focused and has less data to man­age. Much like horde heat maps play­ers have their own heat sig­na­ture val­ue that goes up and down over time rep­re­sent­ed in a new UI stat at the bot­tom left, col­ored yel­low with an eye­ball icon. This stealth UI stat bar is only shown when the play­er crouch­es. The full­ness of the bar rep­re­sents how un-stealthy the play­er cur­rent­ly is accu­mu­lat­ing the player’s noise, light­ing, move­ment and pos­ture into one stat. The fuller the yel­low bar the more un-stealthy the play­er is being.

Things that affect a play­ers heat sig­na­ture +/-

    • Play­er Light Lev­el (Com­bi­na­tion of world light­ing and play­er equipped lights that are on)
    • Play­er Stance (Crouch­ing improves your stealth)
    • Play­er Motion Lev­el (Mov­ing rais­es a player’s heat lev­el still­ness low­ers it)
    • Play­er Noise Lev­el (Nois­es raise a play­ers heat lev­el being qui­et low­ers it. Nois­es have decay so pound­ing repeat­ed­ly or repeat­ed­ly open­ing loot con­tain­ers can build up the noise lev­el)
    • Dis­tance from an ene­my deter­mines how like­ly they are to see or hear you

New Weapons and Weapon Improve­ments

  • Weapons have a lot more indi­vid­ual stats.
  • Aim­ing a weapon will cost some sta­mi­na.
  • Reload­ing a gun or draw­ing a bow will some­what slow down your move­ment speed.
  • Guns no longer auto-reload when the last bul­let is fired.

World Pre­ci­sion Sys­tem

  • We’ve re-engi­neered the cen­ter of world pre­ci­sion sys­tem so the play­er will not expe­ri­ence shaky ani­ma­tions and oth­er pre­ci­sion issues when you are far out from the cen­ter of the world.

Foliage Improve­ments

  • We’ve added a sys­tem that auto­mat­i­cal­ly places the cor­rect foliage on POI land­scape depend­ing on the bio­me it spawns in.
  • We added a brand-new dis­tant tree ren­der­ing sys­tem that ren­ders imposter trees out­side of the chunk dis­tance. This is an amaz­ing change that makes the world look vast.
  • We’ve also redone all the pine trees and added a brand new live oak type which can be seen in the desert.
  • We’ve added tree helpers which make POIS spawn and use the native trees of the bio­me they are in. This change makes the POIs always look ground­ed to their envi­ron­ment.

Ani­ma­tion Improve­ments

  • We’ve updat­ed all third per­son play­er ani­ma­tions with motion cap­ture.
  • We’ve updated/tuned melee ani­ma­tions.
  • We’ve added cus­tom ani­ma­tions for all heavy melees.
  • We’ve updated/tuned ani­mal ani­ma­tions.
  • We’ve added blend­ing from rag­dolls back into prone and stand­ing ani­ma­tions

Kick­starter Vain Sur­vival­ist Ful­filled

A big thanks to the vain sur­vival­ist below who now have the por­traits in the game

  • Kick­starter backer Ben Brett
  • Kick­starter backer Lorien Green
  • Kick­starter backer Derek Med

Servers admin­is­tra­tion (serverconfig.xml etc)

  • Net­work: RakNet was removed by Uni­ty, UNET removed due to its insta­bil­i­ty. Cur­rent­ly we use LiteNetLib and Steam­Net­work­ing – the lat­ter has had a bunch of sta­bil­i­ty fix­es.
  • Ports cur­rent­ly in use:
    • ServerPort+0/UDP and ServerPort+1/UDP for Steam
    • ServerPort+2/UDP for LiteNetLib
    • ServerPort+0/TCP for Serv­er infor­ma­tion
  • Thanks to the port switch Steam con­nect links on web­sites and adding servers in Steam’s own server­brows­er now use the Server­Port instead of ServerPort+1
  • Added a Ter­mi­nal win­dow if run­ning the ded­i­cat­ed serv­er on Win­dows which can be enabled by a new serverconfig.xml set­ting
  • New set­ting “ServerVis­i­bil­i­ty” to allow more fine grained con­trol of the vis­i­bil­i­ty of the serv­er in the serv­er brows­er
  • Set­ting a val­ue to “Server­Login­Con­fir­ma­tion­Text” makes users see a win­dow dur­ing login that they have to con­firm to join
  • The Tel­net com­mand inter­face now allows defin­ing lim­its for failed logins from a sin­gle IP
  • Servers cre­ate a copy of the save’s main.ttw auto­mat­i­cal­ly and try to revert to the back­up if load­ing the main file fails
  • Pass­words passed to the serv­er on the com­mand line are no longer shown in the log
  • Con­fig options passed to the serv­er on the com­mand line no longer have to be case sen­si­tive

Changes to serverconfig.xml:

  • Replaced “ServerIsPub­lic” with “ServerVis­i­bil­i­ty”
  • Added “World­GenSeed” and “World­Gen­Size” to be used with “Game­World” = “RWG
  • Changed “GameM­o­de” to default to the cur­rent­ly only mode “GameM­o­d­eSur­vival”
  • Added “Tel­net­Failed­Login­Lim­it” and “Tel­net­Failed­Lo­gins­Block­time”
  • Added “Ter­mi­nal­Win­dowEn­abled”
  • Added “Par­tyShared­Kill­Range”
  • Added “Server­Login­Con­fir­ma­tion­Text”

Con­sole com­mands

  • Added “xui” – List/open/close XUi win­dows
  • Added “debugshot” – Cre­ate a screen­shot with addi­tion­al info
  • Added “exportcur­rent­con­figs” – Export the all XMLs as they are cur­rent­ly used (i.e. with mod patch­es applied)
  • Added “export­pre­fab” – Export a giv­en area of the world as a pre­fab
  • Added “getop­tions” – Get all game options (as opposed to getgameprefs which returns serv­er options)
  • Added “placeob­serv­er” – Place a chunk observ­er on the map to make a cer­tain (area) of chunks loaded
  • Added “pre­fabup­dater” – Used to update old pre­fabs to the new for­mat. See below in the mod­ding sec­tion
  • Changed “tele­port” and “tele­port­play­er” – Added vari­ants that allow spec­i­fy­ing the direc­tion the play­er is sup­posed to look after the tele­port

Mod­ding sup­port


  • Chat mes­sage log­ging includes SteamID and Enti­tyID of sender as well as the tar­get group

Mod DLLs:

  • Serv­er code mods no longer use inher­i­tance for events but rather reg­is­ter man­u­al­ly to events in the Mod­E­vents class. The only required class from now on is inher­it­ing IModAPI and with an para­me­ter­less Init­Mod method that can be used to reg­is­ter events etc.
  • Allow mul­ti­ple DLLs in a sin­gle mod so that third par­ty libraries can eas­i­ly be includ­ed (still only one is allowed to con­tain an IModAPI descen­dant)
  • Renamed old event ChatMes­sage to GameMes­sage (no longer han­dles actu­al chat mes­sages) and added a new event ChatMes­sage which han­dles glob­al chat mes­sages
  • Play­er­Login event sig­na­ture changed to be able to dis­al­low the client from con­nect­ing (return false and option­al­ly spec­i­fy a mes­sage string for the rea­son)
  • Con­nec­tion­Man­ag­er meth­ods to get Cli­entIn­fos were moved to Cli­entIn­fo­Col­lec­tion (e.g. ConnectionManager.GetClientInfoForEntityId -> ConnectionManager.Clients.ForEntityId)

Gener­ic improve­ments:

  • XUi tex­ture views no longer leak mem­o­ry when using a tex­ture with a @file or @http tex­ture
  • Enti­ty spawn menu uses a page­able list to acco­mo­date large num­bers of cus­tom enti­ties
  • Per­for­mance in recipe search­es was fixed to allow large num­bers of recipes

XML fea­tures:

  • Added sup­port for con­fig mods: Cre­ate a “con­fig” fold­er in your mod fold­er and place XMLs with the name of the vanil­la XML you want to patch. Uses XPath based patch­es sim­i­lar to what SDX used. A tuto­r­i­al by Sphereii can be found on the forum:
  • Added sup­port for “Cus­tomI­con­Tint” in blocks.xml
  • Added sup­port for “@modfolder:” pre­fix­es in mod con­fig XMLs – cur­rent­ly used for XUi tex­ture views and every­thing that loads files from Asset­Bun­dles
  • Added sup­port for files from Asset­Bun­dles like enti­ty mesh­es
  • Added XUi con­trols sup­port for “Defined(<identifier>)” func­tion to test if a para­me­ter was defined when using a con­trol
  • items and blocks no longer have IDs in the XML
  • Added a XUi win­dow tem­plate (“server­in­fowin­dow”) that can be filled by a serv­er admin to show serv­er infor­ma­tion like rules in ESC menu

Level/POI Edi­tor

We’ve have improved our inter­nal lev­el edi­tor tool and are ship­ping in with this build. Users can access it in from the main menu/editor tools/level edi­tor. With it you can do many things includ­ing:

  • Browse the POIS that TFP has made.
  • Cre­ate a new POI from scratch from the ground up
  • Copy and Paste sec­tions of POIS between lev­els
  • Mul­ti­play­er lev­el edit (Host can save)
  • Add/Edit lights to have cus­tom inten­si­ty, col­or, dynam­ic puls­ing, fluc­tu­at­ing, blink­ing and more.
  • Playtest a POI by itself in a test world
  • Note:  There is a help sec­tion in the tools UI if you hit escape. Near­ly all func­tions come from the right menu pan­els 4 cat­e­gories and hot keys. The tool is pret­ty robust but as of now we don’t have any online tuto­r­i­al or videos they will come in the near future. Until then inter­est­ed folks should go to our forums mod­ding sec­tion and ask ques­tions. If you want to be able to save work you must launch it with­out EAC. Cur­rent­ly saved files are saved here: steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs. You can add you cus­tom POIs to a ran­dom gen world by edit­ing and adding a text entry in the rwgmixer.xml file locat­ed here: Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config


  • Added an Export Pre­fab dia­log (requires active selec­tion box with Debug­Menu enabled)
  • A16 pre­fabs can be con­vert­ed to A17 ones with the “pre­fabup­dater” con­sole com­mand. See instruc­tions in blocksA16PrefabConversion.xml


  • Cus­tom worlds can now be added by cre­at­ing a heightmap etc. Just look at Navez­gane for a full exam­ple. You don’t have to cre­ate a dtm.raw, this is auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­at­ed from dtm.tga when not present.
  • We switched to Uni­ty 2018.2.0f2. Make sure to adopt your cus­tom assets


More robust set­tings for if the world gen­er­a­tor should auto export data
Armor now makes noise. heavy armor is loud­er than light armor
Stats page to armor mods
Pow­er attack block dam­age to item stats
Hunt­ing knife pow­er attack 50% chance to dis­mem­ber
Grunt sounds to shiv and knife pow­er attacks
Added grunt sounds to pick­axe pow­er attacks
Added the con­tin­ued liv­ing moti­va­tion buff
Food, health, water and sta­mi­na stats to all food and drinks
Enti­ties drop loot con­tain­ers based on loot­drop­prob and loot­dropen­ti­ty­class
Added a tem­per­a­ture pro­tec­tion buff for when you first spawn into the game. 24 hours. make it count.
Armor degra­da­tion and armor rat­ing to UI Stats
Vehi­cles can explode (20% of time when hit while bro­ken and after 3% extra dam­age has been tak­en)
Hon­ey har­vest to tree stumps
World Gen­er­a­tion to new game win­dow
World Gen­er­a­tion to ded­i­cat­ed serv­er start­up
Added weight bar pre­fab.
AOE warm­ing effect for camp­fire and forge
Being on fire can warm you up
Lev­el, days alive, dif­fi­cul­ty and diff bonus to gamestage con­sole com­mand
New screen effects for buffs and sta­tus
Encum­brance sys­tem to replace locked out slots
Enti­ty SizeScale prop­er­ty and made nor­mal vul­ture small­er
Radi­at­ed vul­ture with vom­it weapon
Con­sole com­mand spawn­wh for spawn­wan­der­ing­horde
Drunk effect shad­er
Debug out­put of tem­per­a­ture info under play­er debug info win­dow
Sleep­er vol­ume timer 1 hour expire delay, so it won’t respawn with a play­er inside
Land claim check to sleep­er vol­ume is play­er home (bedroll) check
Sleep­er con­sole com­mand to show vol­ume info
Jump­Strength pas­sive effect is now imple­ment­ed in the engine
Zom­bie pain resis­tance. Adds per hit and decreas­es 20% a sec­ond. At 100% shows hit, but quick­ly exits and attacks will con­tin­ue. Cap is 300%
3rd nor­mal zom­bie attack anim
Enti­ty armor hits can cause pain or stuns and uses “met­al” hit effect if armor dam­aged more than health
Mid­dle and Ultra reflec­tion qual­i­ty
Class name to Sleep­er­Vol­ume spawn­ing log
Sup­port for option­al view direc­tion on tele­port com­mands
New menu music
LiteNetLib net­work­ing, replac­ing both the no longer avail­able RakNet and also the issue rich UNET
Con­vert­ed back­pack loot con­tain­ers to mod­el enti­ty.
Road bar­ri­cade pre­fab *Note that the glow on the lights isn’t set up cor­rect­ly yet
Vehi­cle sprint key sets tur­bo and set­up vehi­cles to have a nor­mal and tur­bo max speeds
Low res tex­tures to Sniper rifle, pis­tol, smg, hunt­ing rifle, pump shot­gun
2nd high­er block check for if on elevator/ladder
CVars are now usable in pas­sive effect val­ues
Coretemp CVar now reflects the dif­fer­ence in temp from 70 degrees
Wet­ness CVar which reflects the per­cent­age of being wet 0–1
Sup­port for Cus­tomI­con­Tint in blocks.xml
Low res tex­tures for trad­er signs
Abil­i­ty to use learn recipe to set CVar of recipe item name to 1
Abil­i­ty to lock/unlock recipes via set­ting of the recipe name as a CVar
Abil­i­ty to reload XML at run­time
Pas­sive Effect Mobil­i­ty that will affect armor and envi­ron­ment based move­ment
Low res tex­tures for radi­a­tor, chem­setb, winebar­rels, gun­safe
Con­sole com­mand to dump the cur­rent­ly loaded con­figs, includ­ing mod­i­fi­ca­tions applied from DLCs / mods
Sleep­er­Vol­ume check and error mes­sage when using a bad block
Sup­port for “@modfolder:” pre­fix­es in mod con­fig XMLs (cur­rent­ly only used for XUi tex­ture views)
Waste­land and burnt for­est spec­trum rework
Vul­ture cir­cling mode
Vul­ture glide anim, which blends in/out depend­ing on ver­ti­cal motion and state
Vul­ture wan­der height check, so stays a nice ran­dom dis­tance above ter­rain
Made vul­ture sight range long and added drift­ing toward clos­est vis­i­ble play­er when in wan­der mode
Arrow item drops from stuck arrow when a zom­biecorpse dis­ap­pears
Rab­bit and chick­en anim cross­fades
Enti­ty move absolute mode, so non root motion can also slide to a move loca­tion
Export Pre­fab dia­log (requires active selec­tion box with Debug­Menu enabled)
Sleep­er pas­sive mode (spawns on, keeps from wak­ing, enter vol­ume to turn off)
Abil­i­ty to find ran­dom mod by tag
XUi ver­sion of char­ac­ter pro­file edi­tor
Sleep­er spawn group for burnt zom­bies
HUD enti­ty name min/max range for font size.
Trad­er Jen Lung NPC
Cold/Heat dam­age using the cur­rent weath­er sys­tem
DR dam­age resist thresh­olds based on dura­bil­i­ty
Buff proc chance based on defense val­ues and Buff­Proc­Cha­nce
Dam­age resist to all cloth­ing and armor
New dam­age resis­tance sys­tem that does a flat sub­trac­tion of dam­age
Max­Health and MaxS­t­a­mi­na regen while in god mode
Attack­er side buff proc chance cal­cu­la­tion based on dam­age resis­tance
Buff­Proc­Cha­nce from both attack­er and defend­er when doing dam­age
Chat tar­get selec­tion: glob­al, friends, par­ty mem­bers
New ModAPI method ChatMes­sage which han­dles glob­al chat mes­sages
Craft­ing recipes for firearms and nail gun
Crawler zom­bie pulls up to climb.
Option­al con­fir­ma­tion dia­log when join­ing a serv­er, enabled by defin­ing a mes­sage in the serverconfig.xml as “Server­Login­Con­fir­ma­tion­Text”
A16 pre­fabs can be con­vert­ed to A17 ones. See instruc­tions in blocksA16PrefabConversion.xml
Reload speed anim param for all ranged weapons
Made sleep­ers out­side all vol­umes show (pur­ple) when any vol­ume select­ed.
Updat­ing of what sleep­ers are shown when vol­ume moved or sized.
Sleep­er vol­ume trig­ger y padding.
Vehi­cle turn towards look mode (default on), LMB to tog­gle and RMB for freelook.
Blimp (called joke­blimp in menu).
Melee attacks now have an impact frame on hit
New wood­en and met­al cat­walk rail sin­gle for anoth­er cat­walk block with only 1 rail­ing is need­ed for spe­cial sit­u­a­tions
Vehi­cle crouch ‘c’ to brake the wheels x2.
Con­sole win­dow to ded­i­cat­ed Win­dows serv­er (can be tog­gled in the serverconfig.xml with set­ting “Ter­mi­nal­Win­dowEn­abled”)
XUi based ver­sion of new game and con­tin­ue game menus
Con­fig­urable Tel­net login lim­it
XUi win­dow tem­plate (“server­in­fowin­dow”) that can be filled by a serv­er admin to show serv­er infor­ma­tion like rules in ESC menu
Option to select if a new jour­nal entry is shown as a pop­up win­dow or tooltip only
Con­troller lay­out view in Con­trols Dia­log
Ani­mal spawn and sleep­er groups
Breath hold / aim­ing mechan­ic – Resets if you move.
XUi based ver­sion of con­trols menu
Showranged­de­bug com­mand
Reload­Speed ani­ma­tion vari­able
Reload sound events to pump shot­gun
Effect_group(s) can now be added to enti­ty class­es in entityclasses.xml
Female walk and run ani­ma­tions & blend tree
Female lab zom­bie
Lev­el bar above tool belt.
Bloom and Heat dis­tor­tion FX tied into weath­er (local-humidity,biome-temperature,time-of-day)
List.ContainsWithComparer exten­sion to search for ele­ments in a list with a spe­cif­ic com­par­er (espe­cial­ly for List<String> when search­ing case inde­pen­dent with StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase)
Region iden­ti­fi­er added to F3 info win­dow
Cre­ative menu sort­ing
First ver­sion of Cre­ative Menu Improve­ments.
Old House paintable rail­ing
Zom­bies turn­ing into crawlers can receive a spe­cif­ic hand item.
Added a plas­ter cast that is more effi­cient than a splint.
Gore blocks that don’t decay and can be used as dec­o­ra­tions
DX11 sup­port to all shaders.
Feath­ers to chick­en, fur to stag and rab­bit.
Sticky arrows: arrows and bolts now stick into enti­ties
Con­sole com­mand print­o­b­ject­count
Self light to stealth debug HUD
Play­er spawns now gen­er­at­ed dur­ing world gen­er­a­tion
Zoom sen­si­tiv­i­ty option
NightVi­sion screen effect

Blood moon does 360 check for best spawn direc­tions and ran­dom­ly picks one
Put in new day/night/bloodmoon/death/respawn stingers
Vehi­cles have a built in lock and who­ev­er locks becomes own­er
Blood moon adds a small path grid where zom­bies spawn
Default head shot dam­age of 1.5
Shades boost your per­cep­tion by 2 points
Plant­ed crops revert back to seeds when har­vest­ed.
Wan­der­ing hordes have 30% chance to skip for 12 hours if tar­get­ing a sin­gle play­er
Replaced minibike horn part with vehi­cle horn­sound prop­er­ty and added to all vehi­cles
Flash­light key now has a radi­al for all acti­vat­able held and worn items
A falling block will do a max­i­mum of 40 dam­age and armor pro­tects against that
The blun­der­buss repairs with forged iron.
Wan­der­ing hordes to start and end on a line 30–45m to the side of the tar­get­ed play­ers
Avi­a­tor gog­gles now make you craft faster and find bet­ter loot
Cig­ars make you stronger and get bet­ter deals at traders
Gog­gles are renamed to ski gog­gles and now boost your agili­ty
Sim­pli­fy zom­bie limb dis­mem­ber­ment (changed dis­mem­ber­ment cal­cu­la­tions, hooked up tags for primary/secondary/head/arm/leg)
Has­buff and nothas­buff now use the buff name instead of hash­code
Spi­der zom­bies run faster
Barbed wire fences now do one dam­age but trig­ger pain ani­ma­tions on zom­bies mak­ing them effec­tive at slow­ing them down and they no longer jump in slow motion over the trap
Improved zom­bie jump­ing (vari­able air time based on dis­tance and height diff) and added dif­fer­ent heights for dif­fer­ent types of jumps
You should har­vest ani­mal corpses with knife-like tools
Har­vest­ing an ani­mal corpse with a “min­ing” tool can only get you a femur
Improved place­ment of mid­dle posi­tion of torch
Zom­bies only take 50% fall dam­age with a max of 33% of their full health
The lev­el cap is 300 so you get 299 + the tuto­r­i­al quest in skill points
Recipes for tur­rets do not use gun parts
You no longer pick up farm crop blocks to har­vest. Fer­tilis­er has been removed.
Sneak x2 UI to show actu­al bonus amount
Removed action xp from items
Play­er no longer sees blood splat­ter when dam­age is absorbed by armor
Iron Armor is now called Steel Armor. Ban­dit Armor is craftable and now called Iron Armor.
Increased stack count for ban­dages and aloe cream, low­ered for splints
Skill exp gain now point­ed to Lev­el exp gain
Zom­bies get up faster when knocked down to avoid con­fus­ing is he dead or not sce­nar­ios
Cold weath­er to debuff for­ti­tude and strength
Hot weath­er to debuff strength and per­cep­tion
Fists are now faster
Torch­es emit a lit­tle heat
Avi­a­tor gog­gles now make you craft 10% faster
Nerd Glass­es boost intel­lect 2
Removed “eye­glass­es”
Cig­ars and cig­a­rettes boost your barter by 10%
Play­er slow­down while reload­ing
Bleed­ing and oth­er direct­ly harm­ful buffs have blink­ing icons
Wood spike traps are redesigned from the ground up with new game play and mesh­es.
Decreased blood moon spawn dis­tance to 40 and radius to 10, increased angle to 90
Core Temp is adjust­ed at one degree per Enti­tyS­tats update [~0.5s] Improved zom­bie jump­ing to sup­port greater than 1m dis­tances
The radi­a­tion zone around the map bor­der (Navez­gane) is now lethal
The bleed­ing effect can stack up to 3 times, increas­ing it’s sever­i­ty
Removed nail­gun bat­tery from the game
Stun to use the blur screen effect
Sleepers/hordes adjust­ed to the cur­rent gamestage func­tion
God mode sets Car­ryCa­pac­i­ty to cur­rent max and removes encum­bered buff
Min­ing hat inten­si­ty from 2 to 1
All skills that improve by per­form­ing actions have been removed
Con­crete blocks are only craftable in the con­crete mix­er
Play­er spot­light has less inten­si­ty so its not wash­ing out pix­els so much
Decreased wan­der­ing horde spawn dis­tance to 100
Scrap iron frames are only craftable in the forge
Adjust­ed flames on molo­tov explo­sion.
Loot now uses gamestage to cal­cu­late what prob­a­bil­i­ties are
Moved bedroll posi­tion from play­er data file to per­sis­tent data ( Offline own­er bedrolls do not count towards pro­tec­tion for sleep­ers) (offline play­er bedrolls show name as unknown)
Femurs are no longer usable as weapons
Serv­er code mods no longer use inher­i­tance for events but rather reg­is­ter man­u­al­ly to events in the Mod­E­vents class. The only required class from now on is inher­it­ing IModAPI and with an para­me­ter­less Init­Mod method that can be used to reg­is­ter events etc
Con­nec­tion­Man­ag­er meth­ods to get Cli­entIn­fos were moved to Cli­entIn­fo­Col­lec­tion (e.g. ConnectionManager.GetClientInfoForEntityId -> ConnectionManager.Clients.ForEntityId)
Allow mul­ti­ple DLLs in a sin­gle mod so that third par­ty libraries can eas­i­ly be includ­ed (still only one is allowed to con­tain an IModAPI descen­dant)
RWG now uses mul­ti­thread­ing to fur­ther speed up world gen­er­a­tion
Changed removed sleep­ers from play­er start car wrecks
Changed pine for­est sun and default sun to be less orange
Off reflec­tions to a reflec­tion of just dim sky at a 3 FPS update
Reflec­tion qual­i­ty val­ues for refresh rate, far clip plane, shad­ow dis­tance, time mode, inten­si­ty and culling
Bridge open speed to x2 and removed bridge anim delays
Spikes use a box col­lid­er and at a low­er posi­tion
Removed all uma zom­bies, ban­dits and their baked tex­tures
Removed fur from ani­mals
Ite­mUse changed to now use trig­ger “UseIt­em”
Sup­ply crate has a low LOD smoke par­ti­cle instead of cloud sprite
Thinned resource rocks and junipers
Default spec­trums now match pine for­est
Block mod­els atlas reduced to 4096×4096 size due to enti­ty con­ver­sions.
New snake attack anim
Sleep­er vol­umes with all spawn points vis­i­ble spawn far­thest from play­ers until min­i­mum num­ber is reached
Col­or cor­rect­ed for­est grass, cot­ton and gold­en­rod to look bet­ter with new light­ing
Feath­er drops reduced due to arrows being recov­er­able
Con­tain­ers with an emp­ty state mod­el do not drop 0 items when loot­ed
Zom­bie corpses are hard to destroy with bul­lets
Opti­mized all met­al cat­walk col­li­sion
Beer craft­ing no longer requires a schemat­ic
Opti­mized all block shapes by ensur­ing import ani­ma­tion is off and rig set to none
Sun Inten­si­ty x1.5
No shad­ow option dis­ables shad­ows
Far shad­ow option uses high res­o­lu­tion shad­ows
Upp­dat­ed desert sand, desert wall, bush and spec­trums
Removed chain­saw and auger parts from loot and traders
Updat­ed the play­er gamestage set­tings to a new func­tion and doc­u­ment­ed what they do
Chat mes­sage log­ging includes SteamID and Enti­tyID of sender as well as the tar­get group
Removed gun parts from loot and trad­er inven­to­ry
Chest and back stun ani­ms to be select­ed from hit direc­tion
Replaced stun get­up timer with a check for an anim stun tag
Switched game net­work port and Steam query port. Steam con­nect links and adding entries in Steam’s serv­er brows­er now will use the port spec­i­fied in Server­Port direct­ly instead of ServerPort+1
Delet­ed maple for­est ground tex­ture
Removed all cus­tom top­soils from sub bio­mes.
Removed clay as a sep­a­rate block from bio­mes.
Ore dis­tri­b­u­tion in the desert aligned with how oth­er bio­mes are struc­tured
Ores only use 2 tex­tures now, reg­u­lar and shiny
Delet­ed plains ground tex­tures
Tar­get bar now only shows when need­ed for game­play with­out mak­ing it too easy
Reload­ing a scoped gun will wait 1/3 sec­ond after the shot to see the shot hap­pen
F3 debug menu open is not show­ing npc names any­more. Enabled AI info HUD in nor­mal builds. With debug menu enabled, use keypad‑0 to show names
Increased enti­ty walk anim blend out rate
Removed book­case tex­ture from a paintable tex­ture
Play­er noise adds sorted/weighted vol­ume lev­els instead of range/clamp
Increased gun fir­ing vol­ume lev­els. Decreased over­all lev­els
Boul­ders and ore piles on the sur­face des­ig­nate under­ground ore veins and their type
The SMG and Sniper Rifle have been renamed to SMG‑5 and MR-10
Shift­ed val­ues of snow bio­me to more of a cold blue and increased ambi­ent inten­si­ty. Changed snow­ing to match
Snow doesn’t blow out in the sun­light any more
Removed scope and silencer from Sniper Rifle base mesh.
Ques­tRan­dom­LootHelper object for pre­view­ing hid­den back­pack loot loca­tions changed to dis­play new satchel instead of block mod­el back­pack.
Ani­ma­tor para­me­ters are now synced over the net­work when they change
Non local 3rd per­son enti­ties will imme­di­ate­ly update hold­ing item
Fire sound on the ak to the hunt­ing rifle fire sound
Hunt­ing rifle fire sound to use the sniper rifle sound
Buffs proc chance con­trols buff appli­ca­tion from weapons on both attack­er and defend­er side (Dam­age­PostAr­mor / Max­Health) + Buff­Proc­Cha­nce
Recipes are now unlocked with pas­sive effect RecipeTa­gUn­locked and the recipe tag
Stat bars now have a sol­id bor­der and a ver­ti­cal line indi­cat­ing the mod­i­fied cap
ItemAc­tion­Spawn­Minibike is now ItemAc­tion­Spawn­Ve­hi­cle
Minibike recipe.
Renamed old ModAPI method ChatMes­sage to GameMes­sage (no longer han­dles actu­al chat mes­sages)
Changed ceilingLight07 to use a light mask instead of shad­ows, and cut num­ber of light emit­ters from 2 to 1.
Updat­ed old­er decor light pre­fabs with new light masks.
Reimag­ined waste­land skies spec­trums
Inten­si­fied sun­set in pine for­est
ModAPI Play­er­Login sig­na­ture to dis­al­low the client from con­nect­ing (return false and option­al­ly spec­i­fy a mes­sage string for the rea­son)
Blocks and items.xml no longer use num item IDs
Press­ing E on trad­er now starts dia­log instead of open­ing shop.
Vehi­cle keys. Space to brake and C for hop.
Item hol­ster and unhol­ster times now con­trolled by first per­son anim
Removed GameM­o­des Sur­vivalMP and Sur­vival­SP in favor of a sin­gle com­bined mode Sur­vival. Pause is sup­port­ed as long as no oth­er clients are con­nect­ed to the game
Reor­gan­ised ammo types and descrip­tions
Mod­i­fiers for pas­sives are now base_set, base_add, base_subtract, perc_set, perc_add, perc_subtract, perc is applied to base after all base oper­a­tions
AK47 and MP5 fire sounds now use sin­gle fire sounds and the “fire_start” audio clips
Crosshair now express the cir­clu­ar area on screen that the gun will fire in
Removed ref­er­ences to play­er spe­cif­ic food stat
Cab­i­net Old (top) will ran­dom­ly spawn as an open or closed (lootable) ver­sion.
Same treat­ment for the red cab­i­nets
Changed fists to be a two hand­ed weapon so more bones can ani­mate in new punch­es
Made rag­doll blend hap­pen across ground anim and into stand anim.
Slowed play­er walk down slight­ly to look good with new walk ani­ma­tions.
Enti­ty spawn menu uses a page­able list to acco­mo­date fur­ther enti­ty addi­tions
Hold type sim­pli­fi­ca­tion. Every­thing that can not be used on the hot­bar will now show as a sack mod­el
Forge input now has a timer indi­cat­ing how long until the cur­rent item is fin­ished
UFPS to have smoother/snappier ani­ma­tions while also not mak­ing play­ers sea­sick
Tuned in weapon bob when run­ning and walk­ing for new smooth bob code
Added a note on fire to the water tooltip
Opti­mized all door con­trollers
Bul­lets use the bag mod­el as a drop mesh
Short­ened some material/block names and made the descrip­tions more detailed
Default ren­der­er set to DX11
Drink items pro­vide sta­mi­na regen over a longer dura­tion
Water is twice as hydrat­ing now, and reduced recipes to use one jar of water
All dec­o­ra­tive and advanced wood­en build­ing shapes are now craft­ed at a table saw which is unlocked with advanced engi­neer­ing tier 1.
A hoe is need­ed to start a farm
Increased stream­ing pri­or­i­ty of block moels atlas
Stealth so move speed (not state) increas­es your light lev­el
Stealth so crouch­ing has an increas­ing effect (curve) at low­er light lev­els
Stealth so the self to world light ratio adjusts your self light, so your light will be more detectable in dark­ness
Added move­ment col­li­sion to work light.
Replaced cur­tain tex­tures with high­er res­o­lu­tion source.
Cleaned up Net­Pack­age­Play­er­Stats data, changed bools to flags and don’t send play­er data to non play­ers
Adjust­ed death penal­ty
Take arrow prompt no longer shows on liv­ing enti­ties

Scrap­ping guns does not return the loaded ammo.
Zom­bie dogs have a chance of remain­ing stand­ing on death (pos­si­bly from fatal hit bug)
Cap­ping holes on ac unit bot­tom.
Nre on game rejoin if you have craft­ing and repair items in queue
Added cus­tom stats to show for blocks for item info win­dow.
Rein­forced con­crete has less sup­port than rebar frames and could col­lapse when switch­ing
Con­tain­ers being over­writ­ten by dec­o­ra­tion
ItemAc­tionUseOther now sets Min­Event val­ue Oth­er to the taget
Bleed buff was doing mas­sive amounts of dam­age
“Wood destroyed blocks” leave behind frames
Hold­ing the bow drawn and then scrolling the mouse wheel breaks the tool­bar
Loop­ing issue with Fre­quen­cy man­ag­er
Issue with day elapse on track­ing cooldown/lock times
Pro­gres­sion Val­ues didn’t reload their cached pro­gres­sion class ref­er­ence when xml was reloaded
Run­ning buffs didn’t reload their cached buff class ref­er­ence when xml was reloaded
Way­point track­ing check­mark is block­ing name.
Play­er­DataFile han­dling of time born and new play­er hav­ing a born time of 0
Decreas­ing world time could under­flow the play­er time alive caus­ing a max gamestage bonus
Play­er par­ty lev­el calc used when open­ing loot con­tain­er
Envi­ron­men­tal Dam­age Effects Are Not Being Dis­played
Par­ti­cle emis­sion for smoke and fire for minibike
Pro­jec­tile­Move­Script start­ing at pos 0,0,0 for 1 frame if no par­ent
All Wood Win­dow Trims have UV issue when placed hor­i­zon­tal­ly
Indus­tri­al light bulb switch­ing too fast.
Visu­al issue with flame not fol­low­ing the can­dle
Weath­er Ranges to be more real­is­tic. Inter­nal­ly 70 degrees F is added at parse time
An emp­ty local­iza­tion key will cause any blank local­iza­tion call to use that key’s entry
Sleep­er count/reset bugs with enti­ties or vol­umes despawn­ing and cops explod­ing ( Cop explo­sion caus­es Sleep­er Vol­ume to respawn)
MaxVoic­es­Per­En­ti­ty name changed to maxVoic­es­Per­En­ti­ty val­ue on enti­ty sounds
AttacksPer­Minute anim speed cal­cu­la­tion error
Hunt­ing knife, bone shiv, and flash­light hav­ing block har­vest prop­er­ties set on it
Refac­tored Light edi­tor and fixed copy/paste issue
Bridge dis­ap­pear­ing when look­ing at top
UI Con­trols that show paint tex­ture now only set mate­r­i­al a sin­gle time.
Paint Brush icon does not show cur­rent tex­ture.
EntityAlive not updat­ing block stand­ing on when it changes (like when spikes destroyed)
Exit­ing a vehi­cle not check­ing for glass, tree, large enti­ty and vehi­cle obsta­cles
Door col­lid­ers hit­ting play­er as they move by dis­abling dur­ing anim swing. Par­tial­ly fix­es stand­ing at door hinge side will open and pro­pel play­er upwards
Error scoop­ing water with a buck­et or water jar
Pass­words passed on the com­mand line show­ing in the log
Con­fig options passed on the com­mand line had to be case sen­si­tive
XUi tex­ture views leak­ing mem­o­ry when using with a @file or @http tex­ture
Var­i­ous black play­er facial hair styles and hair
Fix­ing shad­ow cast­ing in some ceil­ing lights.
Fixed UV’s and light­ing issues on stairs rail­ing left and stairs rail­ing right
Snake attack (attack knees instead of chest, added own melee data for short­er range, short­er hit delay, no bleed)
Tool­belt not updat­ing data for held item
Rab­bit and chick­en idle 2 ani­ms instant­ly jump­ing to idle 1 when played
End Table Lamp #548 now has no col­lid­er
Some­times seems that small­er ani­mals are hard­er to kill than the larg­er ones and in-con­sis­tent
Loot place­hold­ers used in pre­fabs spawn con­tain­ers in wrong rota­tions
Warn­ing Ani­ma­tor is not play­ing an Ani­ma­tor­Con­troller
Some dam­age sources had 0 enti­ty id. (A falling zom­bie would attack id 0)
Sg Options­Field­OfView exploit allows play­ers to shoot through ter­rain
AI Approach Dis­trac­tion not reset­ting if had a path val­ue
HUD enti­ty name start delay find­ing ren­der­ers.
HUD enti­ty name only check­ing first ren­der­er.
Replaced tile floor 3 with pavers and delet­ed all ref­er­ences and updat­ed POIS Envi­ron­ment Art Improve­ment Mas­ter Task
Dark­er skinned char­ac­ters have white eyes when wear­ing the nerdy glass­es
Item actions were not updat­ing the tool­belt item val­ues
Play­er­Stealth method for the UI per­cent­age was pass­ing back 0–100 instead of 0–1
Hud stat num­bers not updat­ing cor­rect­ly
Bow draw stick­ing in draw back posi­tion in some cas­es
Issue where weapon anim con­troller wouldn’t update IsF­PV
Miss­ing har­vest on Wood and Met­al Door Frames
Copy­Sleep­er­Vol­umes cre­at­ing dupli­cate vol­umes each time world loaded.
Sleep­ers ray­cast­ing a large area and from player’s feet.
Ray­cast­ing ignor­ing trans­par­ent (went through trap walls and pal­lets).
NRE on leav­ing game while quest item is in player’s inven­to­ry.
Block class “Loot” does not gen­er­ate loot con­tain­er enti­ty on destruc­tion
DoorTrim2m #458 has multi­block issue where you cant repair by focus on top half only bot­tom half works
#170 grey mar­ble paint­ed on small group of tables is miss­ing cement/caulk lines
Low­ered hit points on road signs
Vehi­cle down shift­ing get­ting in lim­bo and made faster.
Star­tRag­doll forc­ing 2 sec­onds when a liv­ing play­er.
Ini­t­Rigid­Bod­ies mass for non 11 bones and added alter­nate spine names.
Vul­ture “hip” bone error.
Set mass val­ues for ani­mals.
Small­Rocks should now dis­tract zom­bies if they don’t have an active tar­get
Vend­ing machine’s rent dura­tion does not update upon chang­ing 24 hour cycle.
Game time and real time in rentable vend­ing machine’s descrip­tion dif­fer from their true val­ues.
Fixed door trim top col­lid­er
Physic­sRB rota­tion stomp­ing net­work rota­tion .
Con­soleCmd­Set­Time descrip­tion.
Con­trols in vend­ing machines are coun­ter­in­tu­itive.
Sell price of weapon/tool with ammunition/fuel and with­out it is the same.
Amount of Duke’s Casi­no Tokens to col­lect in rent­ed vend­ing machine is not updat­ed if the Play­er has it opened.
Paint tool: paint full block mode now also paints block if faced side has tex­ture, replace paint mode is switched off when any oth­er paint mode is cho­sen
Fixed Steel Door 1 set allow­ing viewing\interaction through a small gap.
Enum­Body­PartHit by revert­ing (anim con­trollers didn’t match).
Rag­doll EntityAlive was doing root motion.
EntityAlive DebugDis­play­Hit posi­tion.
Dam­age­Source dam­ageType not being set.
3rd per­son ani­ms (jump) were mul­ti­ple trig­gered.
Play­er­DataFile ToPlay­er stomp­ing on favoriteE­quip­ment, which caus­es MP null error.
Change Loot vol­ume text in sleep­er K menu to read as Pri­or­i­ty Vol­ume
Stop allow­ing turrets/traps to be placed on the door itself
Burnt wood block tex­tures don’t move with the mesh when falling
Stacked doors do not grant own­er­ship
Sym­type in hier­ar­chy caus­ing branch_legacy not to ren­der
Many Sup­port Beams now miss­ing icons and are invis­i­ble in game
Iron­Bar­Centered #558 in cer­tain ori­en­ta­tions can not be paint­ed
Veloc­i­ty input para­me­ter on play­ers is noisy
Plac­ing blocks next to a camp fire can make it dis­s­a­pear and unus­able
Adjust­ed LOD dis­tance on vault doors to make swap less not­i­ca­ble.
Small blocks like poles or land­mines do not blocks sight for zom­bies.
Client on a dedi serv­er can dis­able the fog in a bio­me
Con­trollers cant eas­i­ly close win­dows with an already active search­bar
Noah paint­ing needs new icon
Stair blocks with new rail­ings, block stats and local­i­sa­tion
Degra­da­tion sound is improp­er
Re-enabled menu while on vehi­cles.
Moun­tain pine dead was not get­ting affect­ed by snow
Removed move­ment col­li­sion from aloe vera plants
The more you move away from 0,0 the more the mod­els flick­er
Fixed prob­lem that par­ti­cle for paint brush was nev­er removed and slowed down the game after a lot of uses
Grass tips cut­ting off in snow
Sounds inter­mit­tent­ly go qui­et and/or don’t play at all
Join game from Steam Friends List is not work­ing when game is not already run­ning
Draw­bridges can be used to make float­ing plat­forms
Added Gable 1m and Pyra­mid 1m block vari­ants for lev­el design­ers
Draw­bridges can be used to make float­ing plat­forms
Play­er obtains coal and farm­ing jour­nal tip is trig­gered
Haz­mat Zom­bie has a larg­er inven­to­ry than all the oth­er zom­bies
Trad­er sell­ing cue inter­rupt­ed by fin­ished craft­ing items.
Fixed Ter­rain arti­facts may appear after remov­ing large por­tions of ground
Improve Cre­ative Menu
Fixed Character’s sit­ting ani­ma­tion may per­sist after leav­ing minibike
Fixed Using Repair but­ton in minibike menu does not low­er the qual­i­ty of its parts
When on a slope both bears have dif­fi­cul­ty in attack­ing the play­er
Sleep­er zom­bies have a chance to rotate when they wake up
Play­er is invis­i­ble to oth­ers on death
KeyNot­FoundEx­cep­tion for sleep­er vol­umes
Stair blocks with new rail­ings – block vari­ants, recipes, local­i­sa­tion
Con­cave Gable Under­sides – block vari­ants, recipes, local­i­sa­tion
3D Indus­tri­al Truss­ing – block vari­ants, recipes, local­i­sa­tion
Win­dow trims – block vari­ants, local­i­sa­tion
All XUi Item­Stacks using the same back­ground / high­light col­or
Per­for­mance in recipe search­es
Miss­ing let­ters in preschool alpha­bet
Block place­ment issues in trailer_03
Wrong light fix­ture out­side in per­ish­ton
Wrench har­vest dis­tance is way too close
Wrong rotat­ed light in Per­ish­ton
Craft­ing Arti­facts
Pos­si­ble dupe method “destroy­ing con­tain­er”
Dup­ing with 2 peo­ple using con­tain­ers
Radi­a­tor doesn’t show up in har­vest icons when you har­vest cars.
Being stuck in 1*1 holes and then be cat­a­pult­ed
Bev­er­ages do not restore sta­mi­na prop­er­ly
Wolves dont prop­er­ly attack zom­bies or stags
Client play­er can clone items/resources to des­ti­na­tion pro­cess­ing sta­tions and block source stations/containers from access­ing.
Bears and wolves walk on water
Stag run/walk state in water is not viewed the same between client and host-P2P
Inves­ti­gate delayed sleep­er spawn – spawn­ing in plain sight
Zom­bies not using lad­ders prop­er­ly and float/walk away from the lad­der
Tur­rets play dou­ble sounds for clients
Min­ing hel­met requires two clicks to turn on after being re-equipped on death.
Dou­bled “Thirsty” sta­tus indi­ca­tor.
Roads gen­er­at­ing as Clay, Dirt, Grav­el and Sand
Craft­ing Arti­facts
Rebuilt bul­let on met­al impact par­ti­cle which became bro­ken in new­er Uni­ty ver­sions.
All food items give improp­er amount of Full­ness and Hydra­tion.
Miss­ing Accu­ra­cy and Range stats for cer­tain ranged weapons.
Force quit­ing the game when in respawn stage results in loss of crosshair etc
Plant fiber cloth­ing starter quest can become bro­ken.
Play­er is not prompt­ed with descrip­tion of “White Riv­er Cit­i­zen” quest.
Left­over cor­rupt­ed tex­tures after min­ing heaps of ore in Canyon Gold Mine on Navez­gane Map
Fixed par­ti­cle ren­der­ing issues with emis­sive arti­facts on con­sole.
Solar cells won’t show on trad­er refresh.
Adjust­ed head decap­i­ta­tion gib effect on Zom­bie steve to hide skin­ning issue
Water visu­als dis­ap­pear when Char­ac­ter aims through Sniper Rifle scope under­wa­ter
Land Claim Does not Pre­vent Place­ment of Minibike Chas­sis.
Adjust­ed bed02 col­li­sion to stop play­ers head stuck in low ceil­ings upon spawn
Play­er logs out in build­ing and if bedroll is delet­ed and he logs back in on roof top with mes­sage
SI Exploit for Rock Pre­fab
Player’s char­ac­ter keeps upgrad­ing block after death if killed dur­ing said action
Clubs will not gath­er any resources at all
ERROR: VM.mesh[0].Vertices.Count (65248) has too many ver­tices
Char­ac­ter – Lee’s shirt clips through Col­lege Jack­et
Local­iza­tion for Stay With­in Range objec­tive.
Dis­play of next quest phase objec­tives to be dif­fer­ent than cur­rent objec­tives in quest screen.
NRE on death/teleport with active f3 over­lay when block was focused
Zom­bies can­not climb or break New 3D Lad­ders from the back side
Open garage doors cre­ate a bar­ri­er zom­bies can­not cross.
Scrap­ping car may cause ground defor­ma­tion and leave a hole in the world
Chal­lenge notes for new quests were not in loot or trad­er tables.
Sup­ply Crates do not drop any items when destroyed
Bumpi­er ter­rain need­ed for low res tex­tur­ing, mod­i­fied normal/albedo/AO based on nor­mal map edges
Rain can be heard clear­ly a bedrock lev­el
Sur­face of the water is not vis­i­ble under­wa­ter
Grass is get­ting snow cov­er inside build­ings
Snow­pack shad­ow regres­sion
Jump­ing on active Forge does not set the player’s char­ac­ter on fire
Dura­bil­i­ty val­ue of items that can be assem­bled is equal to their qual­i­ty val­ue.
Flash­light­func­tion­al­i­ty remains after swap­ing guns of the same kind.
Redun­dant sound when break­ing glass with min­ing tools and weapons
Throw­ables clip through trees
Fixed warn­ings about OnLev­el­Loaded in UFPS
Fixed incor­rect pieces dis­play­ing on LOD lev­els of Stage 2 Vault Door
When going under­wa­ter the Can­not Breathe Tooltip shows up
Degra­da­tion sound is improp­er
Wrong sound on met­al reinf. wood­en blocks
Added an onFire jour­nal entry
Pick-up-able blocks can be repaired free but should­nt be
Vul­tures and Chick­ens arti­fact when rag doll rolling down a slope
Sack dis­ap­pears for anoth­er play­er, when is observed from 6 meters or above
RWG high­way con­nec­tion issues
Roads gen­er­at­ing as Clay, Dirt, Grav­el and Sand
Deep road­side hole in RWG
Odd hole in the road
Weird spikes in the road
Both tur­rets are miss­ing fir­ing sound
Check rebuild­ing road cave
Slant­ed blocks going bad when paint­ed by 1×2 tex­tures
No text is dis­played in place­of Sell Price when an item can­not be sold
Descrip­tion of “Snow­ber­ry Poi­son­ing” Active Effect con­tains mis­lead­ing icons.
View dis­tance 5 exchanges imposter very late
Cor­rect­ed sev­er­al fuel val­ues to match the burn time change of wood.
All inside wedge cor­ners when placed beside each oth­er delete adjo­ing block face and can shoot thru
Zom­bies rotate on ground again
All sol­id Wedge Inclines placed togeth­er front to back ren­ders back side invis­i­ble
Con­tain­er Sort­ing – Same items of the same qual­i­ty are not sort­ed by dura­bil­i­ty.
Fur now ren­ders cor­rect­ly and against/in water and just goes flat wet when fog­gy
Ter­rain nor­mals tran­si­tion from near to far smoothed out
Fur light­ing, tonemap­ping, gam­ma, col­or matched, and wet spec­u­lar val­ues
Water in fog ren­der­ing
Sound not in sync when hit­ting bedrock with pick­axe
Vul­tures can fly under water
No ric­o­chet­ing bul­lets effect can be observed when shoot­ing at Ven­dor POI blocks
Uni­ty crash­ing when build­ing. If not using our own Build Dia­log the Asset­Bun­dles have to be cre­at­ed man­u­al­ly before build­ing
Updat­ed for­est ground to match grass bet­ter, whitened fog at sun­set to help black back lit trees look bet­ter. Thick­ened fog in pine for­est
Removed: UNET net­work­ing
Ani­mal Hide (the resource) has been removed
Ani­mal Hide Armor has been removed
Removed qual­i­ty from paint brush / wiring tool
Removed old paint­ings and rebaked atlas
Updat­ed game art for Cre­ate a por­trait for kick­starter backer Ken Lau
Set shad­ow dis­tance to 150 (near mode) and 300 meters (far mode)
Removed: Old per­cent­age based dam­age resis­tance sys­tem
Removed: items.xml entries for iron, barbed, and spiked club, these are now mods
Replaced old radi­at­ed ter­rain with new side­walk tex­ture in POIS
Removed old radi­at­ed blocks from POIs and bio­mes
This also allows us to give each mod a spe­cif­ic icon of their own.
Added satel­lite dish.
Added table lamp and tipped over vari­ant.
Updat­ed orange met­al roof tex­ture to hd and redid
Ter­rain­Filler is not “trans­lat­ed” but that should only be one num­ber changed.
Investigated/Debugging tree hit sounds – added debug info found to tick­et, might be some­thing for so I passed the tick­et to him.
Mod­i­fied: Con­nec­tion­Man­ag­er to include event han­dling for client join and client dis­con­nect
Mod­i­fied: AIDi­rec­tor­Zom­bie­M­an­age­ment­Com­po­nent to cue threat lev­el track­er that the world zom­bie pro­file has changed
Wired up ak47 iron sight aim blend tree
Removed: old and strange loop code, will read­dress if we ever need to use loop­ing and end sounds on an item
Removed: Aut­oFire prop­er­ty as it’s deter­mined by BurstRound­Count and Mag­a­zi­ne­Size
Removed: old sta­minaUsage prop­er­ty as it’s no longer need­ed
Removed: CrosshairMinArea and Crosshair­MaxArea and default to 20 for any­thing that might actu­al­ly still use the old crosshair set­up
Adjust­ed maple tree art
Navez­gane: Moved biomes.png + poi.png into file sys­tem
Fix for trees not falling due to a bug when they have more than max hit points (forum report)
Removed lega­cy green wall­pa­per, base­board and crown tex­ture
Updat­ed all tree bill­boards to match new tree art
Updat­ed for­est flower to match new for­est fall look to the bio­me
Updat­ed: Grass in snow
Pow­er attack stat is list­ed on repair tools
Redun­dant met­al truss­ing recipe
aug­ment­Gun­sTip hooked up
You can not craft vehi­cle­Wheels
Beer does not have the list­ed effect
Cor­rect­ed sev­er­al item stat dis­plays
Some light armor descrip­tions said decrease instead of increase
Some greae mon­key require­ments were not local­ized.
pine for­est fog tran­si­tion from night to morn­ing
It as impos­si­ble to rain in the burnt for­est
Tool­belt item swap delay to 0.3 sec­onds when scrolling the mouse­wheel
Sev­er­al drinks had improp­er amounts of water.
Enti­ties with LODs dis­ap­pear­ing too close when Tree Qual­i­ty reduced
After you place the last an item or block your char­ac­ter pow­er punch­es
Play­er arms become bro­ken after pick­ing up land­claim
Smelt­ed forge mate­ri­als not reg­is­ter­ing in the recipe “HAVE” col­umn
Last item in forge not smelt­ed
Chance to spawn mods along with weapons not work­ing
Mush­rooms not grow­ing when the play­er leaves the chunk and seem to grow slow­er than oth­er plants
Flash­ing jour­nal but­ton when tips are avail­able.
Bet­ter quest local­iza­tion.
Mods Burst,autofire and semi are not work­ing for guns
Wrong delay being ref­er­enced
Stone axe upgrade/repair ani­ma­tion plays extra swing cycle
Loot is dupli­cat­ing some­times
Met­al plate is bleed­ing through wire fence
Weapon mod func­tion­al­i­ty changes when oth­er play­ers use/change mods
Serv­er tem­porar­i­ly spams INF Min­Event­LogMes­sage: Equip ON
light is not removed when remov­ing light­ed head­gear
Broke emis­sive on elec­tric fence post and pow­er switch.
Scrap­ping guns does not return the loaded ammo.
Tak­ing arrow from play­er hold­ing bow
Weapons can be duped while reload­ing
Wan­der­ing hordes can con­tain scream­ers
Play­er back pack is not big enough
Dupli­cate loot in con­tain­ers after wear­ing shades
Stats on press­boy cap
Vit­a­min buff name needs to be fixed
Some of the XML patch meth­ods always log a warn­ing of not being applied even if they were applied fine

Known Issues

  • Guns with a mag­a­zine size of 1 still auto-reload
  • Some mods are in a test­ing phase only and do not work yet.
  • Stealth has some issues that may not get fixed until the next patch.
  • Auger and chain­saw sound­loop in MP games
  • Trad­er Jen has a deep voice
  • Play­ers visu­al­ly dis­ap­pear for anoth­er when look­ing up
  • No lights on vehi­cles
  • Tur­rets tar­get zom­bies through walls
  • Table­saw is not taught by perk