Bethes­da just released it’s largest patch yet for Fall­out 76 and it appears they’re ready to add a new ven­dor next week. The team was going to ini­tial­ly release the NPC on May 23rd, but have man­aged to push the date up to Thurs­day, May 16th.

This “leg­endary” ven­dor, known as the Pur­vey­or, is more for sea­soned play­ers of Fall­out 76. She is a Mole Min­er and, the first of her kind to sur­face, will be sell­ing leg­endary weapons and armor only. Trad­ing with her requires Leg­endary Scrip, which you acquire by break­ing down leg­endary items.

A New Vendor is Coming to Fallout 76

She’s be locat­ed at the pre­vi­ous­ly aban­doned Train Sta­tion in Berke­ley Springs. The Pur­vey­or has a vast col­lec­tion of leg­endary items, includ­ing armor and melee or ranged weapons. You can also pick whether your item will have one, two, or three leg­endary attrib­ut­es. How­ev­er, all items will receive ran­dom attrib­ut­es upon pur­chase. Leg­endary Scrip prices vary based on the type of item and star-rat­ing you select.

A New Vendor is Coming to Fallout 76

If you haven’t had the chance to vis­it any of the Leg­endary Exchange Machines, don’t fret, they’re not going any­where. They are avail­able for use right now.

Patch 9.5 Coming Later This Month

Bethes­da also men­tioned an update arriv­ing to Fall­out 76 on May 21st. It includes bug fix­es and will be bring­ing a new repeat­able event to the game, called Project Par­adise. More details about this event will be avail­able next week.

Patch 9.5 will not include the C.A.M.P. dis­play cas­es. It seems they’re not com­plete­ly con­fi­dent it’s ready for release, stat­ing their “work­ing to ensure this fea­ture will pro­vide the best expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble.”

Source: Bethes­da