Respawn released a patch for Apex Leg­ends today, which includ­ed the launch of the brand new Iron Crown Col­lec­tion Event. It includes:

  • Lim­it­ed-Time Mode – Solos
  • Octane Town Takeover
  • Dou­ble XP for Top 5 and Wins Week­end
  • A spe­cial Iron Crown Col­lec­tion Pack and Iron Crown Event Store
    • With Blood­hound Heir­loom Set Pre­view
  • Exclu­sive event chal­lenges with free loot

Limited-Time Mode — Solos

This is the first time Solos has avail­able in Apex Leg­ends. While it’s cur­rent­ly only a lim­it­ed time mode, Respawn was quick to men­tion a pos­si­bil­i­ty of per­ma­nence. They’re going to “watch and see what hap­pens,” and want to hear feed­back from the play­ers.

Octane Town Takeover

Octane has tak­en over part of Kings Canyon, bring­ing new ways to elim­i­nate ene­mies. Check out the mega jump pad course and Ring of Fire, which will become per­ma­nent addi­tions to the map, even after the event ends.

Respawn spoke of adding more, “if the com­mu­ni­ty enjoys these types of town takesovers.”

Iron Crown Collection Pack

Like all Apex Leg­ends Col­lec­tion Events, this one brings a set of themed, lim­it­ed-time con­tent. Open Iron Col­lec­tion packs for a 50% chance of get­ting and Epic or Leg­endary item from a set of 24. Com­mons, Rares and dupli­cates will not be includ­ed in these packs.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event Kicks Off Today

Iron Crown Event Store

The new event cur­ren­cy, Crowns, can be earned from chal­lenges and from Iron Crown Col­lec­tion Packs. They can be spent in the lim­it­ed-time event store to unlock Rare Epic and Leg­endary con­tent.

If you unlock all 24 Iron Crown Col­lec­tion Pack items, you’ll be able to get Bloodhound’s Heir­loom Set with Apex Coins. This set will enter the stan­dard Apex Pack bonus pool after the Crown Event ends.

Unspent Crowns will auto­mat­i­cal­ly con­vert to Craft­ing Met­als at the end of the event.

Double Top 5 and Wins XP Weekend

From August 16th to August 19th, Apex Leg­ends play­ers will earn dou­ble XP for Top 5 fin­ish­es and wins. This will affect both Account Lev­el and Bat­tle Pass progress.

Source: EA