Respawn just released the Iron Crown Col­lec­tion Event today, along­side a patch. It includes changes to a lit­tle bit of every­thing; weapon bal­ance, Leg­end adjust­ments and var­i­ous bug fix­es. You can see the full patch notes below:

Apex Legends Patch Notes — August 13th, 2019


  • Fixed issue where assigned chal­lenges not reset­ting prop­er­ly and giv­ing rewards.
  • Fixed bug caus­ing incor­rect cal­cu­la­tion of Kill/Death Ratio in play­er stats.
  • Fixed an issue where some­times a Care Pack­age would clip into map geom­e­try.
  • Fixed a bug that was some­times show­ing Apex Preda­tor ranked play­ers RP as zero when view­ing the badge in the Lob­by.
  • Fixed issue with play­ers hav­ing con­nec­tion issues when try­ing to join a squad that has already played a match.
  • Fixed issue where Dai­ly and Week­ly Chal­lenges would reset ear­li­er than com­mu­ni­cat­ed in the game.
  • [Xbox Only] Fixed bug where play­ers would some­times not receive “The Play­er” achieve­ment when hit­ting lev­el 50.
  • Fixed a bug where some­times Arc Stars would attach to play­ers and some objects at a dis­tance and appear to float off of them.
  • Fixed bug where some­times Arc Stars would not explode or do no dam­age when it det­o­nates.
  • Fixed issue with play­ers some­times unable to unlock the “Dou­ble Duty” Badge.
  • Fixed bug where some­times using a heal­ing item while expe­ri­enc­ing bad ping would cause them to heal for twice as much.


  • Added a Death Recap to the end of match sum­ma­ry that will dis­play a dam­age sum­ma­ry of your last bat­tle.
  • Improved the UI dur­ing the Match Sum­ma­ry to bet­ter show Bat­tle Pass pro­gres­sion.
  • Added In-game Sur­vey
    • While play­ing you may get a prompt that will pop up ask­ing if you enjoyed the last match. This data will be help­ful to us so please pro­vide your input when you see it.

Weapon Balance

Dis­rup­tor Rounds with Alter­na­tor:

  • Reduced Shield­ed dam­age mul­ti­pli­er 1.7 -> 1.55.
    • Design­er Notes: Dis­rup­tor rounds on the alter­na­tor are shred­ding shields a bit too quick­ly and still prov­ing to be stronger than intend­ed, so we’re reduc­ing the dis­rup­tor rounds mul­ti­pli­er on shield dam­age.


  • Increased Mag­a­zine Size for all tiers to the fol­low­ing:
    • Base: 16
    • Com­mon: 19
    • Rare: 22
    • Epic: 25
    • Design­er Notes: We’re giv­ing the RE-45 a small boost in pow­er by giv­ing it one more round for every mag size. Down­ing a non-for­ti­fied ene­my with the RE-45 with 0, 50, 75, and 100 shields requires 10, 14, 16, and 19 shots respec­tive­ly, so this extra round gives the gun the abil­i­ty to one-mag more armored ene­mies instead of leav­ing them bare­ly alive.


  • Increased ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal recoil. Slight­ly increased recoil pat­tern ran­dom­ness.
    • Design­er Notes: We’ve made these changes as we’ve seen that the R301 is a bit stronger than intend­ed at long range. We’ve adjust­ed recoil to bal­ance keep­ing it effec­tive at medi­um to close range–which is the orig­i­nal intent–but it should be more dif­fi­cult for play­ers to auto fire and still laser ene­mies at long dis­tances.



  • Made adjust­ments to Pathfinder’s and Low-Pro­file Leg­ends hit­box­es.
    • Tak­ing shots to the hip now does tor­so dam­age instead of leg dam­age. This should more close­ly match the behav­ior of the oth­er Leg­ends.
  • Fixed a bug where acti­vat­ing a heal­ing item would can­cel the Ulti­mate for Leg­ends that need to prime it [Ban­ga­lore / Pathfind­er / Caus­tic / Gibral­tar / Blood­hound]
  • Fixed an exploit where play­ers would some­times be able to still shoot while downed.


  • Increased the dis­tance that Blood­hound can see tra­ver­sal clues left by oth­er play­ers [but not oth­er kinds of clues] to 25 meters.
  • Adjust­ed the area of effect for Bloodhound’s Tac­ti­cal to 125 fov.


  • Based on play­er feed­back, we’ve reduced the “hum” audio that’s play­ing while using Wraith’s Kunai.
  • Fixed issue where actions for Wrath would have a slight delay when her weapon is hol­stered and crouch­ing or slid­ing while the kunai is equipped.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed play­ers to remove the cooldown for Wraith’s Tac­ti­cal Abil­i­ty.


  • Fixed bug where Mirage was able to stay invis­i­ble and still be able to shoot and melee when using his Ulti­mate on a zipline.


  • Fixed bug where some­times Octane’s Jump Pad would not launch the play­er.

Source: Red­dit