Wild­card is giv­ing offi­cial serv­er play­ers a great rea­son to play this week­end. Active now through August 21st all offi­cial servers will have 3x mat­ing (Faster) breed­ing, tam­ing, XP and har­vest­ing. Hope­ful­ly those lega­cy servers can han­dle the increased amount of dinos with this breed­ing event hap­pen­ing.

Hope­ful­ly this sig­nals maybe a change to a per­ma­nent 2.0 rate on offi­cials at launch, giv­ing lega­cy sur­vivors a rea­son to move to new­er servers and start over.

The recent launch of PC host­ed rent­ed servers from Nitra­do, has more and more sur­vivors mov­ing to the now sta­ble unof­fi­cial serv­er envi­ron­ment. Increased rates on offi­cial serv­er may keep some peo­ple play­ing one them. Hope­ful­ly this sig­nals a good change toward a more healthy Ark. Ivana wrote a great piece about how Ark can be health­i­er for play­ers. Check the out here.

What will you be breed­ing or tam­ing this week­end if you play on offi­cial?