Dino sur­vival game Ark is cel­e­brat­ing its 2nd birth­day this week, What should be a great time for play­ers is turn­ing in to a night­mare.

Arks offi­cial servers have been get­ting hit by DDoS attacks, caus­ing the servers to lag, freeze up and restart. 

DDoS is a far too com­mon prob­lem for gam­ing. Its used to lag out servers so no one can con­nect, and in the case of it hap­pen­ing in Ark, it is used to dupli­cate items and dinos.

The last time this hap­pened Wild­card rolled the servers back 24 hours, cause play­ers to lose every­thing they got in that 24 hour win­dow. 

With the event going on it sucks miss­ing out on the 2x every­thing that comes rarely on Offi­cial servers.

No word on what Wild­card is going to do to fix this or if they will extend the event. Do you think the event should be extend­ed?