DICE launched the sec­ond update for Chap­ter 2: Light­ning Strikes of Bat­tle­field V’s Tides of War today. It’s quite a large update and con­tains a new vehi­cle and sev­er­al changes to the Panz­er­storm map. It also adds more func­tion to the Prac­tice Range.

Aside from the major changes, DICE also made plen­ty of oth­er fix­es and tweaks with some com­ing straight from the com­mu­ni­ty feed­back. You can see the update notes below or see the full details, here.

Battlefield V -Tides of War — Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes Update #2

New Vehicle — Strumgeshutz IV

The StuG IV’s low sil­hou­ette makes it great for ambush tac­tics, and the tur­ret­less design makes it less vul­ner­a­ble to ene­my tanks. Not hav­ing a tur­ret is a bit of a draw­back of course. StuG IV dri­vers have to align the hull of their tank in the direc­tion of the ene­my, in order to over­come the lim­it­ed move­ment of their main can­non.
The StuG IV is well equipped for self-defense, hav­ing both a top gun­ner posi­tion and a remote­ly con­trolled machine­gun tur­ret that can be oper­at­ed by a pas­sen­ger safe­ly from with­in the tank.
The Spe­cial­iza­tion tree for the StuG IV pro­vides fur­ther options for improv­ing the sur­viv­abil­i­ty and the anti-infantry capa­bil­i­ties of the tank, for those dri­vers who want to get into the thick of the

action. Or alter­na­tive­ly, dri­vers might want to go for a longer bar­rel and armor-pierc­ing shells, to achieve much improved shell veloc­i­ty and long-dis­tance anti-tank capa­bil­i­ties.

Practice Range Improvements and Features

• Gad­get prac­tice: Prac­tice shoot­ing the Panz­er­faust and oth­er gad­gets against sta­tion­ary and mov­ing tar­gets.
• Skeet shoot­ing: Improve your accu­ra­cy in the skeet shoot­ing are­na with var­i­ous dif­fi­cul­ty lev­els.
• Grenade prac­tice: Learn how to accu­rate­ly toss grenades at ran­dom­ly spawn­ing bar­rels. Again, with dif­fer­ent lev­els of dif­fi­cul­ty
• Bul­let drop: Var­i­ous modes will now offer you the abil­i­ty to tog­gle bul­let drop, a visu­al­iza­tion of where your bul­lets will land.
• Updat­ed ini­tial spawn posi­tions to suit play­ers want­i­ng to go to the open range more quick­ly. Var­i­ous bug fix­es relat­ing to pre­vi­ous con­tent.
• Open range mini modes now fea­ture, one-star, two-star, and three-star Prac­tice Range rib­bons that can be obtained by scor­ing streaks in easy, nor­mal, and hard, respec­tive­ly.
• Prac­tice Range rib­bons can be viewed, in the score­board for solo play or co-op play sep­a­rate­ly.

Soldier Fixes and Tweaks

• The vol­ume atten­u­a­tion of third-per­son foot­steps over dis­tance has been increased. It is now at a point between the orig­i­nal shipped val­ue and the pre­vi­ous update. At 25m from the play­er, the foot­step vol­ume will now drop to 28% (11dB drop) of the vol­ume heard when com­pared to some­one next to the play­er. This com­pares with a pre­vi­ous update val­ue of 71% (3dB drop), and an orig­i­nal shipped val­ue of 10% (20dB drop).
• Foot­step sounds on snow have had their per­ceived vol­ume reduced slight­ly.
• Fixed a bug where play­ers were unable to rede­ploy if they had been killed by Dyna­mite and
then almost got revived by a medic.
• Made mul­ti­ple bipod deploy detec­tion improve­ments on dif­fer­ent sur­faces that would pre­vi­ous­ly be ignored or tend to eas­i­ly not con­nect.
• Tran­si­tion­ing to prone is no longer pos­si­ble if there is not enough space to fit the play­er. This means that play­ers will no longer attempt to prone if there isn’t enough space to begin with. The fea­ture is cur­rent­ly miss­ing mes­sag­ing that will come into a lat­er patch.
• Fixed an issue where it wouldn’t be pos­si­ble to dam­age play­ers per­form­ing a high vault.

• Increased the min­i­mum vault height when play­ers are mov­ing for­ward with a min­i­mum for­ward veloc­i­ty of 1m/s. This improve­ment will reduce sit­u­a­tions where play­ers will vault over small height obsta­cles (rub­ble etc.) instead of sim­ply jump­ing.
• Gen­er­al vault­ing improve­ments.
• Play­ers are no longer vault­ing stairs when try­ing to jump while run­ning.
• Added a faster ledge-grab ani­ma­tion that can be trig­gered when falling for a short dura­tion.
• Improved the slow ledge-grab ani­ma­tion to make it less jar­ring.
• Made the detec­tion of ledge grab con­tin­u­ous when press­ing and hold­ing the vault key while falling. Mash­ing but­tons is no longer required to grab a ledge while falling.
• Improved track­ing of ene­my sol­diers by reduc­ing the lean­ing on turns and sharp direc­tion changes ani­ma­tion. This will keep the soldier’s upper body stead­ier and bring more con­sis­ten­cy to com­bat (most­ly with rifles and pis­tol pos­es).
• Fixed an issue where the ene­my soldier’s head would be turn­ing towards the wrong direc­tion when some near­by events would be play­ing, cre­at­ing sit­u­a­tions where play­ers could feel like they got killed by play­ers not look­ing at them.
• Fixed an issue where the tran­si­tion between kill­card and bleed out would be delayed for a min­i­mum of three sec­onds.
• Fixed an issue where the revive icons seen above downed friend­lies would not deplete pre­vent­ing play­ers from under­stand­ing the time left for a revive.


• Blenheim pas­sen­gers will no longer be able to see the pilot’s crosshairs with­in their view.
• Fixed the third-per­son bomb sight on the Stu­ka B-1 which was miss­ing.
• Fixed a bug with the Spit­fire MK VB where the plane could no longer fire its guns once the ammo count was below 50 bul­lets.
• The Staghound will now play all of its col­li­sion sound effects.
• The Flak 38 now shows the cor­rect ammo name.
• Improved the behav­ior of the flares on the Panz­er 38t.
• Moved the The Last Tiger emblem on the Tiger tank, so that it’s no longer hid­den behind the camp gear attached to the tank.
• Added a horn to the Uni­ver­sal Car­ri­er. Honk away!
• The Blenheim Sup­plies Spe­cial­iza­tion will now drop both health and ammo.
• Fixed an issue where the vehi­cle repair process would not reset if the repair­ing play­er would exit the vehi­cle.
• Fixed an exploit where play­ers could skip the reload­ing process for weapons.
• A sub­stan­tial sys­tem improve­ment in AA behav­ior has been made to make the expe­ri­ence for shoot­ing at air­planes more con­sis­tent. Play­ers should notice that shells that det­o­nate in prox­im­i­ty to an air­plane do dam­age more con­sis­tent­ly, and also that shots that are clos­er to the tar­get do more dam­age than shots that are fur­ther from the tar­get. This is espe­cial­ly obvi­ous when planes are fly­ing direct­ly at or away from an AA, with high­er dam­age for fly­ing at an AA and low­er when try­ing to escape an AA. We have adjust­ed dam­age val­ues on all AA guns to com­pen­sate for this improve­ment, and the dif­fer­ent kinds of AA guns should now be clear­er choic­es. Fast-fir­ing AA is now bet­ter against high­ly maneu­ver­able, small tar­gets like fight­ers. Slow-fir­ing AA is now bet­ter against larg­er tar­gets like bombers.
• Tweaked the pro­jec­tile fir­ing posi­tion on all Sta­tion­ary and tow­able AA guns, which no longer caus­es play­ers to fire into sand­bags or into the ground when aim­ing low.
• Fixed an issue where using a con­troller for move­ment and mouse for aim­ing simul­ta­ne­ous­ly could ran­dom­ly cause vehi­cle tur­rets to break and not rotate any­more.


• Fixed an issue where the repair tool would some­times not work when attempt­ing to repair the Uni­ver­sal Car­ri­er.
• Can­celling an armed grenade can now be done by either press­ing reload or any of the inven­to­ry switch but­tons.
• Aim­ing Down Sight (ADS) ani­ma­tions with all weapons and all sights have been revamped to bet­ter reflect the cor­rect point of aim while straf­ing and walk­ing. All rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and shot­guns now have improved visu­al sta­bil­i­ty across all scopes and fir­ing a first shot will be much more accu­rate.
• The tran­si­tion ani­ma­tion from stand to crouch while in ADS has been improved to bet­ter match the accu­ra­cy changes.


• Removed the float­ing bul­lets when get­ting ship­ments to the Armory for the Bren Gun.
• Fixed an issue where SMG mag­a­zine parts would some­times dis­ap­pear when swap­ping from
the smoke grenade launch­er back to the pri­ma­ry weapon.
• Fixed an issue where the M1907 SF iron sight was obstruct­ed by some muz­zle cus­tomiza­tions.
AT Mines should no longer appear as float­ing in the air for play­ers join­ing after those mines have been placed.

Maps and Modes

• Front­lines: Fixed sev­er­al issues with Front­lines that were caus­ing the game mode to be played with the wrong num­ber of play­ers, the HUD to be miss­ing, and some text strings not show­ing the cor­rect infor­ma­tion.
• Fixed an issue where play­ers could be noti­fied that their “deploy point is no longer avail­able” when attempt­ing to spawn.
• Removed any traces of Rein­force­ments from the Dom­i­na­tion and Team Death­match game mode, as Rein­force­ments are not intend­ed for these modes.
• Fixed an issue on Aero­drome that would let play­ers get into an unin­tend­ed area with­in the air­plane hangar.
• Improved the paint­ed floor tex­tures on Hama­da near Objec­tive F when play­ing Con­quest. They were pre­vi­ous­ly very blur­ry.

Panzerstorm-Specific Fixes and Changes

• Fixed an issue where it was pos­si­ble to see below the ground in an area where game­play often takes place.
• Some bush­es are no longer bul­let­proof.
• Mul­ti­ple graph­i­cal fix­es.
• When play­ing Con­quest, play­ers can now cap­ture flags while stand­ing on the roof of build­ings that are with­in the cap­ture radius.
• The F flag (Swine Farm) got a com­plete rework.
• An oak alley got added between flags D and G.
• The ter­rain received a lot of small height adjust­ments to improve con­cealed infantry move­ment.
• More bush­es and trees between flags A and D were added to improve tank and infantry move­ment.
• The infantry lanes between flags D and E got improved.
• The area between flags B and C has been inte­grat­ed into the tank defense line to improve
infantry move­ment between those points.


• Added sup­port for sep­a­rate aim-assist options for sol­diers and vehi­cles. The aim-assist strength can also be adjust­ed smooth­ly instead of the old on/off switch­es.
• Added a freelook decou­ple option for pilots so that they can rebind the freelook con­trols, sep­a­rate from pitch/roll and have them active with­out press­ing a but­ton.
• Play­ers can now assign a but­ton for tak­ing screen­shots.
• The heal but­ton now gets high­light­ed when the play­er should use a health pack.
• The UI for health now turns yel­low when heal­ing, to bet­ter show the amount of health that has been healed.
• The bleed out cir­cle is now prop­er­ly show­ing the state of downed sol­diers, so that Medics can once again bet­ter pri­or­i­tize who to revive. San­itäter!!!
• In Squad Con­quest, play­ers will now be able to give objec­tive orders, even if the flags are in a neu­tral state.
• Var­i­ous text fix­es in the Ara­bic local­iza­tion.
• Fixed an issue that would dis­play unsup­port­ed char­ac­ters on the rec­om­men­da­tion cards
when play­ing in either French or Kore­an.
• Updat­ed the tool tips to be more up to date with cur­rent design.
• Var­i­ous Tides of War text fix­es.
• Added a “watch tuto­r­i­al” but­ton for Squad Con­quest. The video that is shown is the reg­u­lar Con­quest tuto­r­i­al as the rules are basi­cal­ly iden­ti­cal.
• Fixed an issue where the back­ground in the in-game weapon cus­tomize screen was miss­ing, mak­ing it very dif­fi­cult to see the text on snow lev­els.
• Added a bay­o­net icon for the kill­cam and kill feed.
• The pre­vi­ous map load­ing screen will no longer show for a few sec­onds when load­ing into a
new map.
• Fixed the require­ments for the “MP28 Pro­fi­cien­cy II” Spe­cial Assign­ment which were pre­vi­ous­ly incor­rect.
• Play­ers should no longer get the mes­sage “The class you have select­ed is vio­lat­ing the serv­er rules” when select­ing a new weapon that was unlocked in the pre­vi­ous round.
• Fixed a bug that made play­ers unable to spawn using the ran­dom spawn after a squad wipe.
• Fixed an issue that some­times caused play­ers to not be able to spawn with a tank, even
though there are tanks avail­able for spawn­ing.
• Tides of War: Only nodes com­plet­ed pri­or to the end of round should be shown, and not nodes that have been pre­vi­ous­ly com­plet­ed in oth­er past rounds.
• The Bat­tle­field Vet­er­an dog tag should now be selec­table for those play­ers that meet the require­ment.
• The top rank class icon should now show the cor­rect class icon, and not always Assault.
• The Out­stand­ing Field Gal­lantry rib­bon is now award­ed after each round if the require­ments
are met.
• The Out­stand­ing Marks­man­ship rib­bon is now award­ed after com­plet­ing the require­ments.
• The Out­stand­ing Explo­sive Ord­nance Deploy­ment rib­bon is now award­ed after com­plet­ing the cri­te­ria.
• Fixed an issue which could make a play­er try­ing to join a friend on a full team end up in an infi­nite join­ing loop.
• Fixed a bug which could result in squads get­ting kicked from a serv­er by a team bal­anc­ing script that runs between match­es.

Netcode-Related UI Improvements

HUD aim lead indi­ca­tor has been imple­ment­ed. This will help play­ers under­stand when and how much they need to lead their shots, should they have a bad ping. It cur­rent­ly appears once play­ers have a high­er ping than 162.
• Improved the dam­age round­ing on the HUD health counter to avoid mis­lead­ing sit­u­a­tions where health could be shown as “0” or the round­ing could lead the play­ers to believe that they could get hit by more dam­age than they real­is­ti­cal­ly could take.
• Added an option that lets play­ers select the net­work per­for­mance graph to show if there are prob­lems.
• Added the abil­i­ty to resize and repo­si­tion the net­work graph.


• Mul­ti­ple crash fix­es and sta­bil­i­ty improve­ments.

Single Player

• The sin­gle play­er menu now tracks the pro­gres­sion after the user com­pletes the require­ments for the chal­lenge named Stay Unde­tect­ed in the Storm.
• The sin­gle play­er menu now reflects the pro­gres­sion after the user com­pletes the require­ments for the chal­lenge named Play Onslaught.

PC-Specific Improvements

• Play­ers join­ing on friends that are on a full serv­er will now be placed in the queue instead of being prompt­ed by the “squad is full” error mes­sage.
• Improved how the sin­gle play­er loads on cer­tain AMD GPUs. Play­ers should no longer have 20 sec­onds of black screen and should see a load­ing cin­e­mat­ic much faster.

Xbox One-Specific Improvements

• Fixed an issue which could result in a black screen if play­ers resumed the game from stand­by mode after hav­ing played sin­gle play­er.
• The “chat” win­dow is once again vis­i­ble.

PlayStation 4-Specific Improvements

• The “chat” win­dow is once again vis­i­ble.
• The game will now show the player’s PSN Pro­file when press­ing the L3 but­ton while nav­i­gat­ing pla­toon mem­bers in the “find pla­toon” screen.

Source: EA