Bethesda E3 2019 Round Up

E3 is hap­pen­ing and Bethes­da has shown us what they have com­ing next in their E3 show­case. Doom Eter­nal got a lengthy game­play seg­ment, Fall­out 76 is get­ting two huge updates and much more. Check out every­thing that was shown at Bethes­da’s E3 show­case below.

Doom Eter­nal

Bethes­da gave us a good long look at the next entry in the Doom series. Doom Inter­nal launch­es in Novem­ber 2019. You can read more about Doom Eter­nal here.

Fall­out 76

Bethesda E3 2019 Round Up

Two huge FREE updates are com­ing to Fall­out 76. The Waste­landers update marks the return of Human NPCs to Fall­out and much much more. Fall­out 76 also gets a new, free bat­tle royale mode called Nuclear Win­ter and a free tri­al week­end for every­one who does­n’t own Fall­out 76. You can read more about Fall­out 76 and its updates here.


Tan­go Game­works gave a very brief look into their new action-adven­ture game, Ghost­Wire: Tokyo. You can read more about Ghost­wire: Tokyo here.


Arkane Lyon showed off a lit­tle bit about their upcom­ing first per­son Deathloop. You can read more about Deathloop here.


Elder Scrolls Online devel­op­er Zen­i­Max Online Stu­dios announced their next game, Com­man­der Keen. This is their first attempt at a mobile game. Check out the trail­er above. You can read more about Com­man­der Keene here


Zen­i­Max Online Stu­dios showed off the lat­est Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Elsweyr and announced two new upcom­ing expan­sions, Scale­break­er and Drag­onhold. You can find out more about The Elder Scrolls Online here.

Rage 2

Rage 2 is get­ting a ton of free new con­tent and DLC.

Wolfen­stein: Young­blood 

Wolfen­stien: Young­blood got a new game­play trail­er and a release date of July 26th 2017. Wolfen­stien: Cyber­pi­lot was also announced as an upcom­ing VR game. You can find out more about Wolfen­stien: Young­blood and Cyber­pi­lot here.

Elder Scrolls Blades

Bethesda E3 2019 Round Up

The Elder Scrolls Blades lands on the Nin­ten­do Switch lat­er this year and gets a new update. You can find out more about The Elder Scrolls Blades com­ing to the switch here. You can find out more about the future update here.