Bioware has laid out its plan to fix Mass Effect: Androm­e­da. Many of the prob­lems that will be addressed are the ones voiced most often by fans such as ani­ma­tion and tech­ni­cal bugs.

The first patch will come this Thurs­day and will fix some of the most com­mon com­plaints. All fix­es includ­ed in the patch can be viewed here.

  • Allow­ing you to skip ahead when trav­el­ling between plan­ets in the galaxy map
  • Increas­ing the inven­to­ry lim­its
  • Improv­ing the appear­ance of eyes for humans and asari char­ac­ters
  • Decreas­ing the cost of rem­nant decryp­tion keys and mak­ing them more acces­si­ble at mer­chants
  • Improv­ing local­ized voice over lip sync
  • Fix­ing Ryder’s move­ments when run­ning in a zig zag pat­tern
  • Improv­ing match­mak­ing and laten­cy in mul­ti­play­er

Bioware has stat­ed they will con­tin­ue to release patch­es over the next two months that address the most crit­i­cized parts of the game. These areas were specif­i­cal­ly called out and will be improved:

  • More options and vari­ety in the char­ac­ter cre­ator
  • Improve­ments to hair and gen­er­al appear­ance for char­ac­ters
  • Ongo­ing improve­ments to cin­e­mat­ic scenes and ani­ma­tions
  • Improve­ments to male romance options for Scott Ryder
  • Adjust­ments to con­ver­sa­tions with Hain­ly Abrams

Dur­ing the same time­frame mul­ti­play­er updates will con­tin­ue. Thurs­day will see the release for the first chap­ter of three cen­tered around The Rem­nant Inves­ti­ga­tion.