Tre­yarch is hav­ing anoth­er Quad Feed this week­end, mean­ing you can take advan­tage of dou­ble XP for every­thing on Black Ops 4.

Get 2XP and 2X Weapon XP in MP and Zom­bies, 2X Mer­its in Black­out and 2X Neb­u­li­um Plas­ma in Zom­bies. It all starts tom­mor­row on Valentine’s Day.

The game modes have already been changed for the week and includes:

  • TDM score lim­it raised to 100
  • Kill Con­firmed score lim­it raised to 80
  • Arms Race TDM (PS4)
  • Endurance Chaos Mosh­pit (Xbox One/PC)
  • Close Quar­ters Fren­zy LTM in Black­out (PS4)
  • Ambush LTM week 2 in Black­out (Xbox One and PC)

The Quad Feed arrives right before Oper­a­tion: Absolute Zero ends, which is in a lit­tle under 6 days away. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, you won’t be receiv­ing dou­ble points for Tier rewards.