A new com­mu­ni­ty event is now live in Call Of Duty WWII. Titled Blitzkrieg, Run­ning April 17th May 8th Blitzkrieg brings Ground War (9v9), Ground War War (9v9), 4 new guns (ITRA Burst, the Ster­ling, Type 38 Sniper, and Base­ball Bat.) Cap­tain Butch­er returns with new con­tracts and col­lec­tions to help you get all the new weapons.

A new, free, per­ma­nent map was also added, Head­quar­ters. Head­quar­ters fea­tures Gun Game, Free For All and Prop Hunt and is free for every­one.

This event will go well with the recent­ly released Divi­sion Over­haul and bet­ter drop rates.

Check out the trail­er below