Bungie announced on Twit­ter they need­ed to change the Night­fall strike for the sec­ond time with­in the last two weeks, on Des­tiny 2.

This weeks Night­fall was sup­posed to be Exo­dus Crash on Nes­sus. With the mod­i­fies as Time­warp: Rings — you and your team have to jump through to add 30 sec­onds back onto your count­down, and Prism — which rotates the ele­men­tal burns so you do more dam­age dur­ing the burn that shows up on your screen. Ini­tial­ly, the Prism mod­i­fi­er was bro­ken so the ele­ment would only flash for a sec­ond, mak­ing it very dif­fi­cult to know what ele­ment would do dam­age.

Bungie Changes the Exodus Crash Nightfall Strike, Again

How­ev­er, this time the Night­fall was­n’t suf­fer­ing from a mod­i­fi­er issue, but a prob­lem with the Arc Beams not spawn­ing in the Pres­tige ver­sion.

So the Night­fall has been changed to the Pyra­mid­ion. The mod­i­fiers have been changed as well, Zero Hour: which does­n’t allow you to extend your time at all, and Tor­rent: this increas­es the rate all your skills recharge.