Des­tiny 2’s: For­saken has been out for over a month now and Bungie appears to be ded­i­cat­ed to fix­ing all the prob­lems with the game. Today’s update has plen­ty of cor­rec­tions for issues that def­i­nite­ly affect how you enjoy it. 

Some­times pow­er­ful gear would drop at the same lever or low­er, not being able to com­plete the “Trust­ed Right Hand” Tri­umph, peo­ple not get­ting rewards for fin­ish­ing week­ly Flash­points and the list goes on. Thank­ful­ly, all of these, and more, have been changed in the update:

Update 2.0.4


  • Titan
      • Now Throw­ing Ham­mers can be picked only if your own Throw­ing Ham­mer abil­i­ty is not ful­ly charged
      • Fixed an issue in which Burn­ing Maul’s slam attack was unin­ten­tion­al­ly trig­ger­ing melee-based perks
      • Ban­ner Shield can no longer be over­pen­e­trat­ed by weapons with perks such as Armor-Pierc­ing Rounds
      • Resup­ply can now also ben­e­fit allies behind obsta­cles
  • Hunter
      • Fixed an issue in which Kill Clip would not trig­ger if play­ers reloaded their weapon using Marksman’s Dodge while hav­ing the Dragon’s Shad­ow Exot­ic chest armor equipped
  • War­lock
      • Fixed an issue where Heal­ing Rift and Well of Radi­ance could pre­vent weapon perks such as White Nail and Mag­nif­i­cent Howl from work­ing prop­er­ly
          • Note: This intro­duced a bug where White Nail may occa­sion­al­ly acti­vate after 2 hits. This will be addressed in a future update.
      • Fixed an issue where Hand­held Super­no­va could deal dam­age to allies
      • Fixed an issue where Hand­held Super­no­va kills would some­time appear as “Killed by the Archi­tects” in the obit­u­ary and where the abil­i­ty was incon­sis­tent in trig­ger­ing the Dark Mat­ter perk
      • Play­ers will no longer per­form the Atom­ic Breach melee abil­i­ty when using the heavy attack of the Esca­la­tion Pro­to­col Sword
      • Fixed an issue in which using the Phoenix Pro­to­col Exot­ic chest with Well of Radi­ance could result in weapons not ren­der­ing
      • Cast­ing Chaos Reach with your back up against a wall will no longer block the beam
      • Fixed an issue in which Chaos Reach was deal­ing less dam­age at low­er fram­er­ates; as a result, play­ers may now notice an increase in total dam­age out­put
  • Lucky Pants will no longer reload Hand Can­nons that are not stowed
  • Fixed an issue where ammo scav­enger perks would give cer­tain weapons less ammo than intend­ed
  • Prodi­gal Grasps and Drag­on­fly Regalia Grasps will no longer block the player’s view when they are using a Bow
  • Increased Scout Rifle dam­age against com­bat­ants
  • Repo­si­tioned the scope on the Fight­ing Lion’s Lupus Vis­age orna­ment for bet­ter vis­i­bil­i­ty while play­ers are aim­ing down sights
  • Decreased Fight­ing Lion dam­age to be brought in line with oth­er breach-load Grenade Launch­ers 
  • Reduced aim assist on Sleep­er Sim­u­lant
  • Buffed aim assist on Lin­ear Fusion Rifles (not includ­ing Sleep­er Sim­u­lant)
  • Fixed an issue where Dynam­ic Sway Reduc­tion and Zen Moment perks would not func­tion prop­er­ly when com­bined with Lunafac­tion Boots or Ral­ly Bar­ri­cade
  • Fixed an issue where the Tak­en Spec mod descrip­tion was dis­played twice in weapon tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where the Between Breaths orna­ment for Whis­per of the Worm would not dis­play prop­er­ly
  • The charge bar on com­pound Bows now fills in two stages to direct­ly reflect the two stages of the draw­ing ani­ma­tion
  • Fixed an issue where visu­al effects on some weapons were some­times still vis­i­ble next to a char­ac­ter using Super abil­i­ties
  • Fixed an issue where being shot by an allied Guardian’s Telesto could result in a crash
  • Fixed an issue where One Thou­sand Voic­es would some­times speak at the vol­ume of One Hun­dred Thou­sand Voic­es
  • Fixed an issue where Bows were not equipped prop­er­ly when char­ac­ters were sprint­ing
  • Fixed an issue where the Bad­lan­der Shot­gun was miss­ing reload audio
  • Updat­ed the ATC Rex Häkke scope to align with oth­er weapon scopes
  • Fixed an issue where parts of Bore­alis did not dis­play the cor­rect ele­ment
  • Fixed exces­sive perk acti­va­tion audio for Redrix’s Broadsword when play­ers acti­vat­ed the Des­per­a­do perk
  • Fixed exces­sive perk audio for Trin­i­ty Ghoul’s Light­ning Rod perk when the weapon is stowed
  • Updat­ed the draw ani­ma­tion on Trin­i­ty Ghoul
  • Updat­ed the descrip­tion of Ion­ic Return on Bore­alis to more accu­rate­ly reflect its bonus dam­age behav­ior


  • Fixed an issue where Gam­bit clan engrams were not func­tion­ing prop­er­ly
  • Fixed an issue where shield walls would not spawn at the begin­ning of a match
  • Fixed an issue where match­mak­ing for Gam­bit would some­times take longer than intend­ed, some­times result­ing in play­ers being removed from the match
      • Gam­bit Quit­ter Penal­ties have been reen­abled
  • Fixed an issue where the inva­sion por­tal would some­times not open through­out the match


Iron Ban­ner
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Engram dis­played a high­er Pow­er lev­el than intend­ed
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Ban­ner token rewards from match­es were dou­bled
  • All Iron Ban­ner boun­ties will now reward pow­er­ful gear
  • Iron Ban­ner boun­ty require­ments have been reduced:
      • Light­bear­er: Super kills reduced to 20 from 25
      • Iron in the Blood: Match com­ple­tions reduced to 15 from 30
      • Shine On: Orbs gen­er­at­ed reduced to 50 from 100
      • Iron Vic­to­ry: Match wins reduced to 7 from 10
      • To Be Pre­cise: Pre­ci­sion kills reduced to 50 from 100
      • All in a Week’s Work: Kills reduced to 150 from 250
  • Fixed an issue where the kill feed would no longer dis­play under cer­tain cir­cum­stances
  • Cap­ture Zone way­points no longer pulse when progress state changes or when in a Pow­er Play in Iron Ban­ner
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed audio cues from play­ing when play­ers are revived in Count­down
  • In Break­through, fixed an issue where the “Quick Strike” medal could be award­ed for a short time after deploy­ing the Break­er
  • Fixed an issue where the Sur­vival medal “Lone Gun” was fir­ing for all play­ers when win­ning a round
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue where the new “Perime­ter Con­trol” medal in Con­trol did not prop­er­ly replace the dep­re­cat­ed “I Live Here Now” medal
  • Updat­ed quest step “The Can­di­date” in “Forg­ing the Broadsword” to new require­ments: “In the Cru­cible, rapid­ly defeat oppo­nents in groups of two or more.” 
      • This step will now track indi­vid­ual play­ers defeat­ed in a mul­ti­kill instead of count­ing only “Dou­ble Play” medals 
      • Before, “Triple Play” reward­ed +1 progress for 1 Dou­ble Play. Now, “Triple Play” will award +2 progress for “Dou­ble Play” and +1 for “Triple Play.”

Items and Economy

  • Fixed an issue where pow­er­ful gear could some­times drop at the same Pow­er lev­el as a char­ac­ter or below
  • Raised the low end of pow­er­ful gear, which slight­ly increas­es the aver­age Pow­er upgrade per pow­er­ful drop
  • Edge Tran­sit has some com­pa­ny; added Through Fire and Flood, Zeno­bia D, and Crooked Fang-4fr to world Leg­endary pool
  • Fixed an issue where Prime Engrams were going straight to the post­mas­ter at the end of Cru­cible match­es; they will now show along­side oth­er end-of-match rewards
  • Fixed an issue where the Cat­a­loguer emblem was repeat­ed­ly sent to post­mas­ter for some play­ers
  • Fixed an issue where Offer­ing to the Ora­cle was not being prop­er­ly con­sumed on use for some play­ers
  • Fixed an issue where the Last Wish Ghost and Spar­row were not drop­ping at the intend­ed drop rates
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons did not dis­man­tle into the prop­er mate­ri­als
  • Removed “Trace Rifle Mas­tery” Cru­cible Tri­umph for play­ers on all plat­forms
  • Added Tri­umphs for com­plet­ing Exot­ic badges in Col­lec­tions
  • Trust­ed Right Hand” Tri­umph is now pos­si­ble to com­plete
      • It no longer requires more week­ly boun­ties than are avail­able in a week
  • Tri­umphs to find all Ascen­dant chests in the Dream­ing City no longer lose progress on the week­ly reset if play­ers have com­plet­ed, but not yet claimed them
  • Trans­mat effects added to Col­lec­tions, under the Flair cat­e­go­ry
      • Trans­mat effects gained (inven­to­ry or post­mas­ter), used, or dis­man­tled after Sep­tem­ber 4, 2018 will be unlocked in Col­lec­tions
      • Trans­mat effects are unlocked when added to play­er inven­to­ry, NOT when gain­ing ships that have them pre-sock­et­ed
  • Added event Ghosts to Col­lec­tions
  • Added For­sak­en emblem vari­ants to Col­lec­tions
  • Added miss­ing emblems to Col­lec­tions
  • Source updat­ed for the Grenade Launch­er Through Fire and Flood: Obtained through Leg­endary drops and rank-up pack­ages
  • Fixed an issue where boun­ties could expire in a play­ers Post Mas­ter and cause WEASEL errors
  • Fixed an issue where Kore­an IGR boun­ties did not have an Aban­don option
  • Added a recov­ery state for play­ers who aban­doned IGR boun­ties to acquire a week­ly rotat­ing IGR boun­ty for 250 Glim­mer
      • This recov­ery state per­sists until the next week­ly reset
  • Fixed an issue where the Ever­verse Boun­ty “Rise to the Chal­lenge” did not have an Aban­don option
      • Play­ers who Aban­don “Rise to the Chal­lenge” will be able to recov­er it from Ever­verse for 250 Glim­mer until the week­ly reset.
  • Fixed an issue where boost­ed play­ers could not receive Des­tiny 2 achieve­ments for the boost­ed class
      • Play­ers will now receive the achieve­ment when unlock­ing the first node of a new sub­class
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could not receive cred­it for the Des­tiny 2 achieve­ment for com­plet­ing the week­ly Flash­point
  • Sturm quest will now incre­ment when pick­ing up Leg­endary and Exot­ic engrams
  • Pin­na­cle want­ed boun­ties from Spi­der will now com­plete for all mem­bers of the fireteam
  • Bakken, the Relent­less can now be sum­moned in the Divalian Mists
  • Fixed an issue where the Blind Well could become locked if mul­ti­ple play­ers tried to acti­vate it at once
  • Hero­ic com­ple­tion on the Rift Gen­er­a­tor pub­lic event now con­sis­tent­ly grants the appro­pri­ate rewards and prop­er­ly counts toward Hero­ic pub­lic event com­ple­tions
  • Fixed an issue where some play­ers were unable to access the Strike playlist
  • Fixed an issue where ene­mies would not spawn dur­ing Kalli, the Cor­rupt­ed raid encounter

Source: Bungie