Xbox, Square Enix and Best Friends Ani­mal Soci­ety, have part­nered up to cel­e­brate Nation­al Dog Day. For the occa­sion, Microsoft has cre­at­ed a one of kind Xbox One X Shad­ow of the Tomb Raider con­sole. 

Check Out This Crazy Customized Xbox One X, That You Can only Bid On to Own

How­ev­er, there is only one way for you to own it. Take a chance in a bid­ding war on Ebay. Right now, it cur­rent­ly sits at $3,175, which is quite a pret­ty pen­ny. It has a lit­tle over six days left to bid on, so any­thing could hap­pen.

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Not to wor­ry, if you are no where near being able to bid on the cus­tom Xbox One X, you still have a chance to get an auto­graphed Shad­ow of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X Bun­dle. It’s signed by the per­for­mance artist who plays Lara Croft: Camil­la Lud­ding­ton.

The bids on the bun­dles are not as high as the cus­tom con­sole, the high­est being $530 as of right now. There are three auto­graphed bun­dles to bid on. 

All of the pro­ceeds from the four auc­tions go to the Best Friends Ani­mal Soci­ety, a nation­al ani­mal wel­fare orga­ni­za­tion ded­i­cat­ed to end­ing the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shel­ters. You can check out the bid­ding (or bid your­self), here.