Rock­star has been steadi­ly adding new modes, cos­met­ic items and bonus­es since the launch of the Red Dead Online Beta. How­ev­er, this week has no new modes or cloth­ing, but will have a few bonus­es and a Care Pack­age.

There are sev­en items return­ing to the Wheel­er, Raw­son & Co Cat­a­logue:

Check Out What’s New For Red Dead Online This Week
Left: Gator Hat and Orte­ga Vest; Right: Morn­ing Tail Coat, Con­cho Pants and Furred Gloves
  • Gator Hat
  • Orte­ga Vest
  • Hitched Skirt (Female only)
  • Morn­ing Tail Coat
  • Strick­land Boots
  • Furred Gloves
  • Con­cho Pants


All Show­down Modes, Races and Gun Rush are giv­ing out 1.5X the RDO$ and Gold. This includes recent­ly added modes like Plun­der, Tar­get Races, Up In Smoke and Spoils of War. Expect 1.5X Gold in A Land of Oppor­tu­ni­ties Mis­sions, and all Free Roam Mis­sions and Events.

All ammu­ni­tion has a 25% dis­count for this week and also has a tem­po­rary lim­it­ing of all ammo rank require­ments.

Care Package

The new care pack­age, avail­able at your Camp’s Lock­box or any Post Office, includes:

  • 3x Potent Mir­a­cle Ton­ic
  • 3x Potent Snake Oil
  • 3x Potent Health Cure
  • 3x Potent Bit­ters

Source: Rock­star