Rock­star has been rather busy late­ly with Red Dead Online. They had a large update recent­ly, which actu­al­ly brought the online mode out of its beta peri­od and brought a bunch of new con­tent to the game. This week has no PS4 exclu­sive ear­ly access items or modes.

There’s a new Chal­lenge, a new Show­down Mode, new cloth­ing items, anoth­er Care Pack­age, bonus­es and a free item for Rockstar’s 2‑Step Ver­i­fi­ca­tion on your Social Club account:

Wild Animal Kills Challenge

Check Out What’s New This Week For Red Dead Online

This new Free Roam Event revolves around the hunt. Offen­sive attacks against oth­er play­ers has been dis­abled, so play­ers can focus sole­ly on the chal­lenge.

Points are award­ed based on the size of the ani­mal. Small ani­mals are worth one point, medi­um size worth two and the large ani­mals worth three. As the chal­lenge con­tin­ues, prized and dan­ger­ous preda­tors like wolves, cougars and bears, will make an appear­ance. You can take them down for bonus points.

Head for the Hills

Check Out What’s New This Week For Red Dead Online

This lat­est Show­down Mode where play­ers take turns mak­ing a run for it across “no-man’s‑land” to their safe house, while ene­mies chase you down. You can use any tac­tic that suits you, but you can’t let them get to safe­ty.

Rock­star plans on adding two more Show­down Modes over the next two weeks, Pub­lic Ene­my and Sport of Kings.

A Land of Opportunities Bonuses

This week, new play­ers will earn a bonus RDO$50 for fin­ish­ing the first mis­sion, Hon­or Among Horse Thieves. Earn a bonus RDO$75 for com­plet­ing Each and Every One and Kill Them. You can also get a bonus 10 Gold Bars for com­plet­ing Destroyed by Grief.

Care Package

Pick up this care pack­age at your Camp Lock­box or any Post Office:

  • 5x Potent Mir­a­cle Ton­ic
  • 5x Potent Snake Oil
  • 5x Potent Health Cure
  • 5x Potent Bit­ters
  • 120x Express Revolver Ammo

New Clothing

Check Out What’s New This Week For Red Dead Online

Some of the lat­est addi­tions to the Wheel­er, Raw­son and Co. Cat­a­logue include a cou­ple of tops, lim­it­ed sup­ply items and a new emote:

  • Flo­ra Corset­ed Chemise
  • Pad­don Shirt
  • Plaid Cap — lim­it­ed sup­ply
  • Rac­coon Hat — lim­it­ed sup­ply
  • Shaf­fer Chaps — lim­it­ed sup­ply
  • How Dare You — emote

2‑Step Verification Bonus

Check Out What’s New This Week For Red Dead Online

Rock­star is giv­ing away an exclu­sive tint of the Rac­coon Hat to any­one who has 2‑Step Ver­i­fi­ca­tion on their Social Club account, includ­ing those who enable it dur­ing this week (they’ll also be get­ting 10 Gold Bars for RDO and GTA$500,000 for GTA Online).

You can switch on 2 Step Ver­i­fi­ca­tion, here.

Source: Rock­star