The upcom­ing Crash Bandi­coot remake has been pre­sumed a PS4 exclu­sive since its announce­ment at Sony’s 2016 E3 press con­fer­ence. That assump­tion may have been false. 

PlaySta­tion Ire­land had stat­ed that Crash Bandi­coot: N. San­i­ty Tril­o­gy is a PlaySta­tion 4 exclu­sive in response to a fan ques­tion. The orig­i­nal tweet has since been delet­ed, but a pic­ture remains on Neogaf.  

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sanity Trilogy Coming To PlayStation 4 First, May Not Be Exclusive

In a lat­er tweet PlaySta­tion Ire­land clar­i­fied that the remas­tered tril­o­gy will come to PS4 and PS4 Pro first and is not an exclu­sive title.

There has been no com­ment from pub­lish­er Activi­sion or devel­op­er Vic­ar­i­ous Visions. Sony has also not made anoth­er com­ment on the exclu­siv­i­ty of the game, but they have also not delet­ed the new clar­i­fi­ca­tion. It is like­ly that the game will be a timed exclu­sive and lat­er launch on oth­er plat­forms. 

Crash Bandi­coot: N. San­i­ty Tril­o­gy launch­es June 30th.