I have put in some major time in the Des­tiny Uni­verse, Both Des­tiny 1 and Des­tiny 2. Among the many changes that D2 brought they removed any skill from their PVP mode, not much was required before but now there is none required.

All end game PVP activ­i­ties used to require that you at least played through end game activ­i­ties to be able to com­pete in PVP. In D2 PVP no longer takes your pow­er lev­el in to account, at all. All the raid­ing and night­falls you did to get strong gear and weapons no longer mat­ter, A per­son with almost no game time and shit­ty blue qual­i­ty weapons can kill you, in fact they will do the same dam­age as your end-game gear.

So what is the point in pro­gress­ing in PVE activ­i­ties if you can get gear of the same pow­er from Cru­cible events. This hon­est­ly makes me want to just give up Des­tiny all togeth­er. When I use my time to grind out gear and pow­er lev­els I expect my work to give me an advan­tage over those who cant or refuse to com­plete end game activ­i­ties.

This arti­cle start­ed out as just an arti­cle to out­line the Des­tiny 2’s upcom­ing Iron Ban­ner. As I read the press release and saw the changes they made it made me angry, angry for those of us who work and play hard just so peo­ple who don’t put as much effort in can be on the same lev­el as us.

Bungie is acti­vat­ing D2’s first Iron Ban­ner on Octo­ber 10th and it runs until Octo­ber 17th. Looks like all the part timers will have some­thing to do.