Bungie released a large update for Des­tiny 2, which includes numer­ous fix­es across the board. It hap­pens to coin­cide with the release of the lat­est event, Arc Week.

Qual­i­ty of life has been great­ly improved with this big update and most of these fix­es dealt with the Guardians them­selves. There were many weapon bug fix­es, quests/bounties adjust­ments and Gam­bit updates. You can see the full patch notes below:

Destiny 2 — Update 2.2.1



Striker—Code of the Jug­ger­naut

  • Frontal Assault:
    • Buff dura­tion increased from 10 to 16 sec­onds 
    • Buff timer is now dis­played on the HUD 
    • Buff now increas­es weapon dam­age
      • 25% in PvE
      • 20% in PvP
  • Knock­out:
    • Buff dura­tion increased from 3 to 5 sec­onds
    • Buff is no longer dis­abled after a melee attack
    • In addi­tion to break­ing a shield, buff now trig­gers once you deal 60% dam­age to a tar­get
      • Any dam­age dealt after 60% refresh­es the timer
    • Increased bonus melee dam­age from 25% to 60%

Gen­er­al bug fix

  • Fixed an issue where Titans using Code of the Mis­sile could per­form the wrong melee


Arcstrider—Way of the War­rior

  • Com­bi­na­tion Blow:
    • Bonus melee dam­age can now be stacked 3 times
      • Buff increas­es melee dam­age by 60% per stack in PvE 
      • Buff increas­es melee dam­age by 22.7% per stack in PvP
      • This abil­i­ty was pre­vi­ous­ly 1 stack and increased melee dam­age by 50%
    • Kills with this abil­i­ty now heal 40 health in addi­tion to start­ing health regen 
  • Dead­ly Reach:
    • Increased buff dura­tion from 6 to 8 sec­onds 
    • Buff is no longer con­sumed by a melee hit

Arcstrider—Way of the Wind

  • Dis­ori­ent­ing Blow:
    • Increased the melee dis­ori­ent dis­tance from 4 meters to 6 meters
    • Increased dura­tion of dis­ori­ent on play­ers from 1.5 to 2 sec­onds
  • Focused Breath­ing:
    • Increased dodge recharge bonus while sprint­ing from 50% to 100%
  • Com­bat Med­i­ta­tion:
    • Increased bonus grenade and melee regen­er­a­tion while blood­ied by 25%
  • Light­ning Reflex­es:
    • Increased dam­age resis­tance while dodg­ing from 25% to 40% in PvP
    • Increased dam­age resis­tance while dodg­ing from 63% to 70% In PvE


Gen­er­al Arc Changes

  • Storm­caller Super
    • Dam­age scales up to 150% over 5 sec­onds of con­tin­u­ous use of the attack
    • Updat­ed FX and audio to sup­port this func­tion­al­i­ty

Stormcaller—Attunement of Con­duc­tion

  • Chain Light­ning Melee
    • Can now chain up to 5 times, up from 1, and each indi­vid­ual tar­get can be hit twice
    • Chain dam­age decreased from 50 to 31 dam­age per hit
  • Arc Web
    • Increase chain range from 10 meters to 12 meters
    • Can now chain to many more tar­gets, and back and forth between tar­gets
    • Chain­ing Arc dam­age now reduces the cooldown of your grenade
      • Works with Arc Web chains and chains from Chain Light­ning melee
      • Earn 3% ener­gy per instance of dam­age in PvE
      • Earn 10% ener­gy per instance of dam­age in PvP

Stormcaller—Attunement of the Ele­ments

  • Elec­tro­sta­t­ic Surge:
    • Increased bonus regen­er­a­tion rate of Rift by 600% per near­by friend­ly Guardian
    • Added a UI noti­fi­ca­tion when the buff is active
    • Now extends Rift dura­tion from 15 to 20 sec­onds
  • Arc Soul:
    • Extend­ed dura­tion from 8 to 12 sec­onds.

Void­walk­er Nova Warp

  • Reduced ini­tial charged det­o­na­tion ener­gy cost by 20%
  • Reduced ener­gy cost of hold­ing the charged det­o­na­tion by 7%
  • Reduced time required to ful­ly charge the charged det­o­na­tion from 0.9 sec­onds to 0.7 sec­onds
  • Reduced Dark Blink cost by 20%
  • Increased base Super dura­tion from 18 sec­onds to 22 sec­onds

Dawn­blade Ever­last­ing Fire

  • Tuned the amount of Super gained from Ever­last­ing Fire
    • Ini­tial return increased from 10% to 13%
    • Return then decays lin­ear­ly over the course of 30 kills from 13% to 0.75% returned per kill

Abil­i­ties Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where the War­lock abil­i­ty “Bloom” was not deal­ing any dam­age
  • Improved con­sis­ten­cy of Hand­held Super­no­va
  • Fixed a bug in which can­cel­ing Blade Bar­rage allows play­ers to tra­verse across the map


Weapon Changes

  • The Last Word
    • Added a timer to the Fan Fire perk
  • The Ward­cliff Coil
    • Reduced PvE dam­age by 25% against boss­es and vehi­cles

Gen­er­al Weapon Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed a mate­r­i­al on Cold­heart that was no longer shiny
  • Fixed an issue where ready audio on Veist Sub­ma­chine Guns was not play­ing on PS4
  • Updat­ed the Mega­neu­ra perk’s descrip­tion to be more accu­rate
  • Fixed an issue where Grenade Launch­er ini­tial ammo had been unin­ten­tion­al­ly reduced
  • Fixed an issue bug where the Pow­er­ful State­ment orna­ment was vis­i­ble in Loaded Question’s orna­ment sock­et before it had been obtained
  • Fixed an issue where Thorn dis­man­tled faster than oth­er Exot­ic weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the ATB Long Range scope was erro­neous­ly high­light­ing ene­mies when equipped on the Long Shad­ow Sniper Rifle
  • The Recluse now appears in Col­lec­tions only when it has been obtained to match the behav­ior of oth­er pin­na­cle PvP weapons
  • Fixed an issue that caused poor scope behav­ior on the Prospector’s orna­ment “Cau­tion: Heavy Machin­ery”
  • Fixed an issue where Wish-Ender did not high­light tar­gets while user was invis­i­ble
  • Fixed an issue where Jötunn was record­ed as a Scout Rifle
  • Fixed an issue where the Vow could not be infused above 650
  • Fixed an issue where the accu­ra­cy ring was not vis­i­ble on the ret­i­cle of Lin­ear Fusion Rifles when using a con­troller on PC


Armor Bug fix­es

  • Using Get­away Artist with Storm Grenades now cor­rect­ly spawns a super-charged Arc soul
  • Crown of Tem­pests once again works with Ball Light­ning
  • Strong­hold will no longer drain heavy ammo while guard­ing with Black Talon



  • Increased drop rate of items in the Last Wish Raid
    • One Thou­sand Voic­es: 5% → 10%
    • Glit­ter­ing Key: 5% → 20%
      • Used to acquire Last Wish ship “Ermine TAC-717
    • Wish-Mak­er Shell (Last Wish Ghost Shell): 2% → 20%
    • Cleans­ing Knife (Last Wish Spar­row): 5% → 20%
  • Increased drop rate of items in the Dream­ing City
    • Pal­las Gal­liot (Dream­ing City Ship): 2% → 20%
    • Starlight Shell (Dream­ing City Ghost Shell): 2% → 20%
    • Sil­ver Ter­cel (Dream­ing City Spar­row): 5% → 20%
  • Increased drop rate of Lore Books
    • Cayde’s Stash Lore
      • Cayde trea­sure map chests: 40% → 100%
      • Plan­e­tary chests: 4% → 50%
    • Dream­ing City Lore
      • Pub­lic event com­plet­ed: 2.5% → 50%
      • Ascen­dant chal­lenge com­plet­ed: 2.5% → 100%
      • Blind Well com­plet­ed (Tier 1–3): 5% → 50%
      • Lost Sec­tor com­plet­ed: 1.25% → 100%
      • The Marasen­na lore book was miss­ing two entries: Revanche I and Palin­ge­n­e­sis III; these entries now unlock after you unlock all oth­er entries. 
    • Tan­gled Shore Lore
      • While Tan­gled Shore is the Flash­point
      • Pub­lic event com­plet­ed: 6.5% → 50%
      • Hero­ic adven­ture com­plet­ed: 16% → 50%
      • Lost Sec­tor com­plet­ed: 3% → 50%
  • Gun­smith rep­u­ta­tion pack­ages now only reward Gun­smith Weapons
  • Four new Exot­ic weapon cat­a­lysts are now avail­able to drop in Night­fall, strikes, and the Cru­cible
    • Prospec­tor (Night­fall, strikes)
    • Rat King (Night­fall, strikes)
    • Hard Light (Night­fall, strikes)
    • SUROS Regime (Cru­cible)
  • Xûr’s inven­to­ry now offers ran­dom rolled perks for armor
  • Fat­ed Engrams from Xûr now have the chance to reward For­sak­en Exotics
  • Added abil­i­ty to pre­view Ghost pro­jec­tions when inspect­ing Ghosts


  • Pow­er Surge Boun­ties that have expired or been delet­ed are now avail­able on the Drifter, though each boun­ty can still be com­plet­ed only once per char­ac­ter
  • Pow­er Surge Boun­ties now spec­i­fy “Requires Annu­al Pass and Lev­el 50” if either require­ment is not met
  • Reap­ing in the Wilds Gam­bit Prime boun­ty now pro­gress­es from all high-val­ue tar­gets in free roam
  • Play­ers who sided with the Van­guard on the Alle­giance quest can now also bank Motes in nor­mal Gam­bit to progress on the Prime Research quest step
  • Quest progress for the Sur­vival Guide or Hid­den Mes­sages quest steps will now re-ini­tial­ize prop­er­ly; if you are stuck on these quest steps, you should aban­don them and pick them up again from the Drifter to update the “tapes dis­cov­ered” count
  • The week­ly lock­out reset for Invi­ta­tions of the Nine has been moved to Thurs­day Reset (1700 UTC); play­ers will now have two extra days to com­plete them before being locked out of a new Invi­ta­tion the fol­low­ing Fri­day
  • Lost Sec­tor Gam­bit Prime boun­ty now pro­gress­es from all Lost Sec­tors
  • All four week­ly role boun­ties for Gam­bit Prime now grant pow­er­ful head rewards
  • Yes Sir, I’m A Clos­er week­ly Gam­bit Prime boun­ty now awards 4 points for a win and 2 points for a loss, with a com­ple­tion val­ue of 20 points


  • Ada-1 will now offer all sev­en weapon frames each week
  • Play­ers can still com­plete only two pow­er­ful frames each week, at which point remain­ing frames are removed until week­ly reset
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could acquire pin­na­cle weapons once per char­ac­ter; pin­na­cle weapons are meant to be acquired only once per account
  • Drifter’s week­ly role boun­ties will now prop­er­ly count Motes wagered in the Reck­on­ing when the Mote is a low­er tier than the activ­i­ty itself
  • Gam­bit Prime now counts to unlock the week­ly Gam­bit clan engram
  • When recy­cling Synths at the Drifter, the error “Your Glim­mer is full” will now be prop­er­ly dis­played on all four Synths
  • Fixed an issue with the Sen­try emblem where killing Giant Block­ers wasn’t incre­ment­ing the “Block­ers killed” stat
  • Fixed an issue where the Gam­bit Prime week­ly chal­lenge didn’t dis­play com­ple­tion in the UI


  • Fixed an issue where Tri­umphs from pre­vi­ous sea­sons were count­ing Glo­ry Win Streaks in the cur­rent sea­son
  • Fixed an issue where the Tri­umph “The Best Offense” was not giv­ing cred­it for all orbs gen­er­at­ed
  • The Haul Tri­umphs “Greater Pow­ers” and “IX” can now be com­plet­ed and will ini­tial­ize for play­ers who have already com­plet­ed them as soon as they enter Orbit


  • Arsenic Bite now drops with ran­dom rolls; removed Ves­t­ian Dynasty from the gen­er­al loot pool
  • Fixed an issue where the BrayTech RWP Mk. II could not be infused above 600
  • Increased drop rate of Polestar II Ghost Shell from 1% to 4%
  • Fixed an issue where Obsid­i­an Crys­tal would some­times not drop from the Uniden­ti­fied Frame quest step



  • Reck­on­ing Tier 2 and Tier 3 boss kills now always have a chance to award a Gam­bit Prime weapon
  • Chances for weapon rewards increase each time a boss is killed with­out a weapon drop
  • Play­ers near the bank should no longer be able to see way­points until they jump through the por­tal
    • When play­ers jump through the por­tal, they should be placed in one of three active loca­tions:
      • Any­time before play­ers begin cap­tur­ing the bridge: over the horde mode area
      • Any­time after play­ers begin cap­tur­ing the bridge, before they ful­ly cap­ture the bridge: at the begin­ning of the bridge
      • After play­ers ful­ly cap­ture the bridge and begin the boss fight: at the end of the bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the Tier 1 Deceived Nokris was not sum­mon­ing its Tak­en War­beasts

Gambit Prime

  • Some Reck­on­ing weapons now have a chance to drop as match com­ple­tion rewards from Gam­bit Prime
  • Chances increase after each Gam­bit Prime match with­out a weapon drop
  • An inva­sion kill now heals 8% of the Primeval’s health, down from 12%
  • The inva­sion por­tal cooldown time dur­ing the Primeval phase has been increased to 40 sec­onds, up from 30 sec­onds
  • This cooldown trig­gers after a play­er has been killed or suc­cess­ful­ly returns from an inva­sion
  • Fixed an issue where all Gam­bit medals that shipped in For­sak­en were not dis­play­ing in the HUD when play­ers earned them in Prime
  • Fixed an issue where the Primeval Hob­gob­lin was not func­tion­ing prop­er­ly in Gam­bit Prime
  • Boss rein­tro­duced to Gam­bit Prime
  • Fixed an issue where killing play­ers in sub­se­quent Wells of Light would unin­ten­tion­al­ly count towards earn­ing the “Well Well Well” medal
  • Fixed on issue on Deep Six and New Arca­dia where the Ascen­dant Primeval Servi­tor wasn’t sum­mon­ing Immu­ni­ty Blights
  • The Bur­row front on Deep Six had some minor adjust­ments to reduce combatant/environment col­li­sions


  • High-val­ue tar­gets now have a chance to spawn dur­ing the first round of a Gam­bit match; the chance for the HVT to spawn in the sec­ond round has been increased
  • Pri­vate Match­es: Sud­den Death can now be enabled or dis­abled via the Rounds to Win options
  • Fixed an issue where the “Open 24/7” medal could be acquired dur­ing a Sud­den Death round of Gam­bit
  • Fixed an issue where the “Rain­mak­er” medal could be acquired dur­ing a Sud­den Death round of Gam­bit
  • Gam­bit intro cin­e­mat­ics now run at unlocked fram­er­ates on PC
  • Fixed an issue where Scorn Captain’s immu­ni­ty totems were not prop­er­ly shield­ing com­bat­ants
  • Fixed an issue where Drifter was announc­ing “Portal’s Up” after the round had end­ed
  • Reduced the num­ber of required Block­ers to send for the Tak­en Herder, Shep­ard, and Whis­per­er Tri­umphs
  • Reduced the num­ber of required num­ber of Motes to bank in order to achieve the Pro­tect the Run­ner Tri­umphs
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers who are restrict­ed from the Crucible/Gambit due to poor net­work qual­i­ty were unable to launch Gam­bit Pri­vate Match­es
  • Fixed an issue where Infamy ranks could be repeat­ed­ly reset with­out need­ing to progress through the ranks between each reset


  • Fixed an issue where the gravlift would some­times be miss­ing in the War­den of Noth­ing strike
  • Night­fall tick­ets now have min/max and +-25 for incre­ment­ing pow­er reduc­tion; this will allow play­ers to get to the +100 pow­er reduc­tion eas­i­er to increase the score mul­ti­pli­er



  • Fixed an issue where play­ers who are dis­con­nect­ed from Des­tiny servers could not rejoin games in the Com­pet­i­tive Cru­cible playlist.

Iron Ban­ner

  • The curat­ed roll “Wiz­ened Rebuke” Fusion Rifle award­ed from com­plet­ing the “Atlas, Unbound” Tri­umph will now appear in Lord Saladin’s inven­to­ry so that play­ers can inspect it pri­or to acqui­si­tion
    • Once earned, the weapon may be viewed in Col­lec­tions
  • The curat­ed roll “Wiz­ened Rebuke” Fusion Rifle can now be reac­quired from Col­lec­tions for the same cost as oth­er Mas­ter­worked, curat­ed roll weapons
  • The Heavy as Iron emblem may be earned when secur­ing 2500 kills under the effects of the Iron Bur­den
  • Removed ship “Volk-CER” from Col­lec­tions due to an issue impact­ing the ship
    • Expect this to return in a future Sea­son


  • Fixed an issue where the archi­tects would some­times kill Guardians for absolute­ly no rea­son in a very spe­cif­ic area of the Dream­ing City 



  • Fixed an issue where the Tak­en Hydra rotat­ing shield would flick­er when shield­ed by Tak­en Gob­lins
  • Fixed an issue where the Ultra Tak­en Hob­gob­lin was using the Swarm attack more fre­quent­ly than intend­ed



  • Play­er will now always see equipped titles when inspect­ing anoth­er play­er
  • The weapon orna­ment “Pow­er­ful State­ment” is no longer vis­i­ble in the sock­et pre­view for Loaded Ques­tion before being obtained
  • Post­mas­ter “open bun­dle con­fir­ma­tion” dia­logue now shows appro­pri­ate strings when it pops up; would pre­vi­ous­ly cause occa­sion­al crash­es
  • Mate­r­i­al cost no longer appears red on ven­dor tooltips if the item is not pur­chasable, but you have enough mate­r­i­al
  • Fixed the descrip­tion on some boun­ties to cor­rect­ly read ” abil­i­ty kills” instead of ” kills”
  • Added abil­i­ty to inspect gear for oth­er class­es



  • Fixed an issue where per­for­mance on PC would slow­ly degrade over time

Source: Bungie