Ubisoft tweet­ed on The Divi­sion’s Twit­ter today there would be a dou­ble week­end event start­ing today. They do not hap­pen often on The Divi­sion, so if this is your game you bet­ter check it out.

It runs today through the week­end until Mon­day the 10th. It’s grant­i­ng play­ers dou­ble rewards from your dai­ly assign­ments.

The Division is Having a Double Weekend Event

 This appears to be a month­ly event for the game, but should be a week­ly one. 

The Divi­sion had a very small main­te­nance yes­ter­day that changed one thing:

  • Fixed an issue which made it pos­si­ble for agents to glitch into a wall in DZ02