Pop­u­lar space adven­ture game Elite: Dan­ger­ous is final­ly get­ting an offi­cial release and com­ing to PS4. The game will release on June 27th and priced at $29.99. A Com­man­der Deluxe Edi­tion will be avail­able for $59.99. A retail copy for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 will be out by the end of June. 

The base game ($29.99) will not include the “Hori­zons” sea­son pass. This include being able to land and trav­el across plan­ets, expand­ed mis­sion sys­tem, new game loot and more. Addi­tion­al­ly PS Plus will be required to play with oth­ers how­ev­er it will not be need­ed for sin­gle play­er. More detailed infor­ma­tion on the PS4 ver­sion of the game can be found in Fron­tier Devel­op­men­t’s FAQ.

The PC ver­sion of Elite: Dan­ger­ous does sup­port VR on the HTC Vive and Ocu­lus Rift. PlaySta­tion VR sup­port is being looked into, but will not be sup­port­ed at launch.