Every week, Epic makes some sort of adjust­ment to Fort­nite, be it Bat­tle Roy­al or Save the World. Well, this week’s update brought a new LTM with a wild west theme. How­ev­er, it seems Fort­nite is suf­fer­ing com­pli­ca­tions from this patch.

So far, Epic has tem­porar­i­ly dis­abled Dyna­mite (which they just put in today), while they “inves­ti­gate an increase in client crash­es.” That was an hour after they released patch notes. They also stat­ed they would update us with more infor­ma­tion, once it came avail­able.

Short­ly after the tweet above, they also tweet­ed about the removal of the Mini­gun from the Wild West LTM. How­ev­er, that’s all that was said. No rea­son was giv­en and no men­tion if they plan on enabling Dyna­mite again. 

Hope­ful­ly, the issues will be resolved rel­a­tive­ly short­ly.