Today, the new devel­op­ers of The Walk­ing Dead Final Sea­son made a sur­prise announce­ment. Sky­bound Games, the stu­dio found­ed by Robert Kirk­man, revealed a release date for the next epi­dose.

Bro­ken Toys” will be avail­able across PC, Xbox One, Nin­ten­do Switch and PS4 a lit­tle over a week from now, on Jan­u­ary 15th. The release date was accom­pa­nied by a trail­er for the new epi­dose:

Tell­tale Games just recent­ly shut down pro­duc­tion on all of its titles, includ­ing the final sea­son of The Walk­ing Dead. This is after the com­pa­ny made a rather shock­ing bank­rupt­cy announce­ment, fol­lowed by mas­sive lay­offs.

How­ev­er, Sky­bound Games took over the project and does intend to com­plete the final sea­son. At the 2018 Game Awards, Sky­bound announced the final sea­son would become an Epic Games Store exclu­sive.

Sea­son Pass own­ers are exempt from the exclu­siv­i­ty, so Steam users can still get the episodes they paid for. Any­one who wish­es to pur­chase the episodes now can do so via the Epic Games Store.

The final episode, titled “ Take Us Back”, doesn’t cur­rent­ly have a release date. If Sky­bound sticks with Telltale’s release sched­ule, we should see it with­in the next sev­er­al months.