Appalachia is get­ting a bit more crowd­ed soon. Human NPCs are com­ing to the waste­land in a huge new update. The Waste­landers update not only marks the return of Human NPCs to Fall­out, it also brings new quest, dia­log trees, choic­es and con­se­quences “and a lot of mem­o­rable char­ac­ters with unique sto­ries for you to inter­act with.”

Nuclear Win­ter is a 52 play­er PVP Bat­tle Royale done Fall­out style. “Scav­enge for weapons, sup­plies and nukes as you face off against your fel­low play­ers in the fight for the right to become the Over­seer of Vault 51.”

In Nuclear Win­ter you will have to fight and sur­vive not only oth­er play­ers. Crea­tures will also be around to destroy your day. Crea­tures have been re-bal­anced so they are not as tough to take on. Slain crea­tures drop loot and high­er tier ene­mies drop high­er tier loot. Fight wild crea­tures will reveal your loca­tion to near­by play­ers on the map.

You will be able to import your char­ac­ters visu­al appear­ance includ­ing cos­met­ics and emotes pur­chased from the atom­ic shop. Nuclear win­ter fea­tures new perks exclu­sive to the mode. Items and perks do not cross over between modes. There will be chal­lenges to com­plete in Nuclear Win­ter that unlock new cos­met­ics and work­shop items that can be used in any mode.

Think of Nuclear Win­ter as the entire Fall­out 76 expe­ri­ence, tight­ly con­densed into about 20 min­utes.

f you don’t own Fall­out 76 and want to try it out you can now play a week long free tri­al. Start­ing June 10th and run­ning until June 17th, play­ers on PC, Xbox One and Playsta­tion 4 can down­load and play Fall­out 76 and Nuclear Win­ter for free.

You can find out more about Nuclear Win­ter here.

The Waste­landers update will be avail­able in Fall 2019. No release date was giv­en for Nuclear Win­ter after the free tri­al week ends.

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