Bethes­da seems to be hard at work improv­ing Fall­out 76, with the lat­est patch adjust­ing almost every­thing in the game. Pow­er Armor has been improved, item descrip­tions are altered and Nuclear Win­ter got some bal­ance changes. Although this patch adjusts quite a bit, it’s not extreme­ly large: 5.5 GB for con­sole and 2.5 GB for PC.

The devel­op­ers also told play­ers that hav­ing, “one or more Pow­er Armor Chas­sis in your Stash before installing Patch 11, your char­ac­ter may have been moved to a Train Sta­tion in the world.” Mean­ing those Chas­sis and Pow­er Armor pieces will be mov­ing to your inven­to­ry. Spew­ing at a Train Sta­tion helps play­ers, “trans­fer those items back into their Stash with­out need­ing to walk home from their cur­rent loca­tion in the world.”

You can see the full patch notes below:

Fallout 76 Patch 11



We’ve reworked the under­ly­ing sys­tems behind Pow­er Armor to address a ton of Pow­er Armor relat­ed bugs, improve per­for­mance, and help the entire sys­tem func­tion more smooth­ly over­all. While most of these are “under the hood” improve­ments, we believe these changes will help you have bet­ter expe­ri­ences, and encounter few­er issues, while wear­ing your favorite set of Pow­er Armor. 

As this brings a sig­nif­i­cant update to our Pow­er Armor sys­tems, some play­ers may notice the fol­low­ing one-time side effects upon log­ging in after down­load­ing today’s patch:

  • Pow­er Armor pieces may have been unequipped from Pow­er Armor Chas­sis you own and moved from your Stash to your inven­to­ry, or vice ver­sa. You will need to re-equip those pieces after log­ging in.
  • Some play­ers may receive an extra Pow­er Armor chas­sis or extra Pow­er Armor pieces in their inven­to­ry or Stash that weren’t present pri­or to Patch 11. These are items that didn’t save cor­rect­ly when you orig­i­nal­ly col­lect­ed them, and the Pow­er Armor improve­ments men­tioned above have restored them. 

If you had one or more Pow­er Armor Chas­sis in your Stash before installing Patch 11, your char­ac­ter may have been moved to a Train Sta­tion in the world. This was done to help play­ers who became over­en­cum­bered due to Pow­er Armor pieces and chas­sis mov­ing into their inven­to­ry trans­fer those items back into their Stash with­out need­ing to walk home from their cur­rent loca­tion in the world.

  • Pow­er Armor: A new ani­ma­tion plays upon enter­ing Pow­er Armor from a Pow­er Armor Sta­tion.
  • Fea­tured Screen Rework: The Atom­ic Shop’s Fea­tured Screen has received a face lift. Many more items and offers will now appear at once, mak­ing it eas­i­er to see the cur­rent set of fea­tured items at a glance.
  • Basic Repair Kits: When pur­chas­ing Basic Repair Kits, play­ers can now select which char­ac­ter they’d like to receive them.
  • Bulk Junk: The “Scrap All Junk” option no longer auto­mat­i­cal­ly scraps Bulk Junk at Work­bench­es. Bulk Junk will con­tin­ue to be auto­mat­i­cal­ly scrapped for nec­es­sary com­po­nents while Craft­ing or Repair­ing.
  • Punch Bowl: Par­ty on! Play­ers can once again add alco­hol to, or drink alco­hol from, Punch Bowls.
  • .44 Pis­tol: Nuclear Mate­r­i­al has been replaced by Gears in the craft­ing require­ments for all .44 Pis­tol mods except the Prime Receiv­er.
  • Ski Sword: The craft­ing require­ments for the Skate Mod have been reduced and the Makeshift War­rior Perk require­ment has been removed.
  • Loot: Leg­endary items dropped as loot by a leg­endary ene­my will now appear much quick­er on that enemy’s corpse.
  • Loot: Death­claws now have a chance to drop Death­claw Hides on death.
  • Loot: Acid can now drop as loot when killing Cave Crick­ets.
  • Respawn: Dying in an inte­ri­or loca­tion, such as The Bur­rows, now auto­mat­i­cal­ly respawns play­ers near where they entered that loca­tion in most cas­es.
  • Spoilage: All raw Food items and Flux­es now last 50% longer before spoil­ing.
  • Spoilage: Fast Trav­el­ing no longer caus­es Food and Drinks to take Con­di­tion loss.
  • Stealth Boys: Can now be used while wear­ing Pow­er Armor.
  • Com­bat: A slight blur­ring effect now appears on screen when tak­ing dam­age to bet­ter indi­cate that the char­ac­ter expe­ri­enc­ing pain.
  • Item Descrip­tions: Addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion is now dis­played in the menus for Leg­endary items, Mods, and Recipes.
    • When select­ing a Leg­endary item in trade, vend­ing, or con­tain­er menus, all of its Leg­endary Attrib­ut­es now appear instead of just the first.
    • When inspect­ing a Recipe or Mod the descrip­tion for the result­ing item now appears under the item’s name.
    • When select­ing a Recipe or Mod in trade, vend­ing, or con­tain­er menus, the descrip­tion for the result­ing item now appears above the item’s stats.
  • Instru­ments: Play­ers can now rotate the game cam­era while play­ing musi­cal instru­ments.
  • Map: Improved Map mark­er order­ing and selec­tion to help address how icons are high­light­ed when sev­er­al mark­ers over­lap each oth­er on the Map.
  • Pur­vey­or: Weapon and Armor mod­el pre­views now appear in the Purveyor’s trade menu when brows­ing item cat­e­gories.
  • Set­tings: An “Enable Pow­er Armor HUD” option has been added to the Dis­play set­tings, which can be tog­gled to decide whether to dis­play the Pow­er Armor HUD or the stan­dard HUD while wear­ing Pow­er Armor.
    • Dis­abling this set­ting will cause the Quick-Boy menu to dis­play when view­ing the Pip-Boy. 


We’ve made a num­ber of changes to the ear­ly-game to help Dwellers who are just step­ping out of Vault 76 bet­ter adapt to life in the Waste­land. 

  • C.A.M.P. Deploy­ment: Rede­ploy­ing a camp short­ly after a deploy­ment no longer incurs a Caps penal­ty.
  • Chal­lenges: The rewards for many ear­ly-game Chal­lenges have been reworked and now award items that will help a new play­er sur­vive, such as Aid, Weapons, Armor, and etc., instead of Atoms.
  • Dis­eases: Play­ers must now be lev­el 15 or high­er to receive a dis­ease. 
  • Ene­mies: Some ene­my dif­fi­cul­ties have been adjust­ed: 
    • Ash Heap: The lev­el range for crea­ture spawns has been reduced from 15 – 35 to 15 – 20 in the fol­low­ing loca­tions: 
    • Belch­ing Bet­ty, Ash­forge, and The Rusty Pick.
    • Sav­age Divide: The lev­el range for crea­ture spawns has been reduced from 15 – 99 to 15 – 25 in the fol­low­ing loca­tions:
    • Top of the World, Pleas­ant Val­ley Ski Resort, Pleas­ant Val­ley Cab­ins, Pleas­ant Val­ley Train Sta­tion, NAR Region­al, Fis­sure Site Tau, Clif­fwatch, South Cut­throat Camp, and Beck­with Farm.
    • Tox­ic Val­ley: The lev­el range for crea­ture spawns has been reduced from 10 — 25 to 10 – 15 in the fol­low­ing loca­tions:
    • Cob­ble­ton Farm, Beck­er Farm, Grafton, Clarks­burg, East­ern Region­al Pen, and Smith Farm.
  • Events: Fer­tile Soil now trig­gers in a small­er area and is con­fined to the Vault-Tec Agri­cul­tur­al Research Cen­ter.
  • Fast Trav­el: Cap costs when Fast Trav­el­ing have been reduced for play­ers under lev­el 25.
  • Holotapes: Gov­ern­ment Sup­ply Req­ui­si­tion Holotapes will no longer spawn in Flat­woods and can­not be loot­ed by play­ers who have not yet reached lev­el 10 or high­er.
  • Ran­dom Encoun­ters: Removed a ran­dom encounter that could cause a large group of Lev­el 5 Pro­tec­trons to spawn for low lev­el play­ers on the road to Flat­woods.


  • Frog Legs: Jump­ing in rapid suc­ces­sion now tem­porar­i­ly reduces max­i­mum jump height and requires a short rest to recu­per­ate.
  • Mas­ter Perk Cards: Select Mas­ter Perk Cards have received bonus dam­age reduc­tions. 
    • Com­man­do Mas­ter
    • Heavy Gun­ner Mas­ter 
    • Guer­ril­la Mas­ter
    • Rifle­man Mas­ter 
    • Shot­gun Mas­ter 
    • Demo­li­tion Expert 
    • Dev Note: In gen­er­al, these Perk Cards were too pow­er­ful and began to feel more like required picks than options. So, we’ve bal­anced them out to bet­ter reflect their cost val­ue. 
  • Explo­sive Weapons: Great­ly increased the dam­age that explo­sive weapons deal against C.A.M.P. objects and Struc­tures.
  • Laser Auto Pis­tol: The Laser Auto pis­tol no longer fires mul­ti­ple beams per shot.
  • Scoped Hunt­ing Rifle: Reduced the size Scoped Hunt­ing Rifle’s mag­a­zine from 5 to 1.
    • Dev Note: This change will help the scoped gun­play of this weapon feel smoother and does not neg­a­tive­ly affect its DPS.


  • Envi­ron­ment: Fixed sev­er­al loca­tions where ene­mies could become stuck.
  • Envi­ron­ment: Adjust­ed a few objects that could clip into the ter­rain or oth­er envi­ron­ment objects inside Aban­doned Mine Shaft Elaine.
  • Envi­ron­ment: Adjust­ed objects in sev­er­al loca­tions where play­ers could become stuck.
  • Envi­ron­ment: Fixed an issue that could cause a play­er to clip through a table in a garage in Sut­ton.
  • Envi­ron­ment: The secu­ri­ty door latch on a shed across the street from Mama Dolce’s is no longer float­ing.
  • Graph­ics: Trac­er rounds fired by a Hunt­ing Rifle with the Scorched Killer’s mod now dis­play the cor­rect visu­al effects.
  • Graph­ics: The art for the Can­ni­bal Perk no longer flick­ers when it is not active­ly being high­light­ed by the play­er in the Perk menu.
  • Graph­ics: Eye­bots in the Ark­tos Phar­ma Bio­me Labs have received updat­ed paint to match oth­er bots in the area.
  • Light­ing: Replaced a light­bulb above one of the bath­room stalls in Wato­ga High School.
  • Blue­prints: Fixed an issue that would cause some “float­ing errors” while try­ing to place a blue­print.
  • Blue­prints: Addressed a rare issue that could pre­vent the play­er from build­ing in their C.A.M.P.
  • Blue­prints: C.A.M.P and Work­shop Blue­prints names are now sort­ed alpha­bet­i­cal­ly in the list.
  • Cook­ing Stove: The Red Enam­el vari­ant of the Cook­ing Stove now cor­rect­ly indi­cates that it is an Atom­ic Shop item in the Build Menu.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit allow­ing play­ers to place a C.A.M.P. in an unin­tend­ed area in Charleston.
  • Fas­nacht Objects: Adjust­ed sev­er­al Fas­nacht-themed C.A.M.P. objects to reduce instances that could result in clip­ping.
  • Foun­da­tions: Can no longer be placed entire­ly under­ground.
  • Foun­da­tions: Fixed sev­er­al issues relat­ed to Foun­da­tions that could result in errors like “Part of this struc­ture would be inac­ces­si­ble”.
  • Key­pads: Fixed an issue that would some­times pre­vent cer­tain key­pads from being inter­ac­tive.
  • Locks: Play­ers can now cor­rect­ly change the Lock­pick­ing dif­fi­cul­ty of a locked object with­out need­ing to first remove the Lock.
  • Mod­i­fy: Repeat­ed­ly select­ing and des­e­lect­ing objects in the Mod­i­fy menu no longer some­times caus­es the play­er to become stuck edit­ing an object.
  • Radios: Now play audio imme­di­ate­ly after they are pow­ered on.
  • Repair: Pio­neer Scout Posters and Ban­ners can now be repaired.
  • Wall Décor: Fixed an issue that could cause Wall Décor items to appear to float in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions.
  • Wall Décor: Addressed an issue that could pre­vent objects from being placed on Walls cor­rect­ly.
  • Walls: Fixed a bug pre­vent­ing to place a half-wall on top of anoth­er half-wall when it’s placed on a foun­da­tion.
  • Wav­ing San­ta: No longer con­tin­ues to play sound effects after it has been tog­gled off or becomes unpow­ered.
  • Work­shops: Fixed an issue where resource amounts in the UI would not update after repair­ing a work­shop item out­side of build mode.
  • Gen­er­al: To earn cred­it for Chal­lenges that require play­ers to kill crea­tures, like the “Kill Dif­fer­ent Types of Tough Ene­mies” Chal­lenge, they no longer need to land the killing blow.
    • When a crea­ture is killed, play­ers who dealt enough dam­age to earn expe­ri­ence will now receive Chal­lenge cred­it, even if anoth­er play­er scores the final hit.
  • Com­bat: The rewards dis­played after com­plet­ing the “Craft Some Ammo” chal­lenge now cor­rect­ly list “Gun­pow­der”.
  • World: The Met­al­work­er Pos­sum Badge sub­chal­lenge “Vis­it New Riv­er Gorge” has been removed.
  • World: Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing sev­er­al Musi­cian Pos­sum Badge sub­chal­lenges from com­plet­ing cor­rect­ly when play­ing var­i­ous Instru­ments.
  • World: Removed sev­er­al Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Pos­sum Badge sub­chal­lenges that were dif­fi­cult to com­plete.
  • World: Changed the word “Col­lect” to “Acquire” in the Col­lec­tor Pos­sum Badge sub­chal­lenge descrip­tions.
  • A.I.: Imple­ment­ed an improve­ment to help reduce cas­es where crea­tures could become stuck in a non-respon­sive state.
  • Anglers: Fixed an issue that could cause Anglers to flee from play­ers it could not reach rather than using its ranged attack.
  • Robo­brains: Can no longer spawn stuck inside Pro­tec­tron Pods in Atlas Obser­va­to­ry.
  • Sen­try Bots: Leg­endary Sen­try Bots no longer explode twice on death.
  • Ticks: Ticks no longer are full of blood of blood­less ene­mies or struc­tures.
  • Blood­ied: Weapons with the Blood­ied Leg­endary Mod now dis­played the cor­rect amount of dam­age in the Pip-Boy as the play­er takes or heals dam­age. This was a visu­al issue and the Mod’s actu­al dam­age val­ues have not been changed.
  • Brain Bombs: Brain Bombs now cor­rect­ly have a Con­di­tion bar and can spoil like oth­er Food items.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could cause a Mag­a­zine or Bob­ble­head to become dupli­cat­ed.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could pre­vent the play­er from being killed by Radi­a­tion dam­age.
  • Gauss Rife: The Shield­ed Bar­rel mod descrip­tion now cor­rect­ly states that it pro­vides “Supe­ri­or Range” when applied.
  • Hand­made Rifle: The Drum Mag­a­zine Mod for the Hand­made rifle now cor­rect­ly increas­es the Hand­made Rifle’s ammo capac­i­ty by 50%, which is con­sis­tent with Drum Mag­a­zine mods for oth­er weapons.
  • Igua­na Soup: Igua­na Bits are now required to craft Igua­na Soup, rather than Squir­rel Bits.
  • Marine Armor: The recipe for the “Dense Marine Armor Tor­so” mod is now prop­er­ly labeled.
  • Plas­ma Weapons: Fixed an issue that could some­times cause Plas­ma Weapon attacks to pass through a tar­get with­out deal­ing dam­age.
  • Pow­er Armor: The Tar­get­ing HUD mod for X‑01 Pow­er Armor will no longer appear as an option in the Pow­er Armor Sta­tion menu if the play­er has not yet learned the required Plan.
  • Pow­er Armor: When the Stealth Boy Pow­er Armor mod’s Stealth Field is active, its effect descrip­tion in the Pip-Boy’s Effects tab now cor­rect­ly lists that it drains Action Points.
  • Pow­er Armor: Bro­ken pieces of Armor will now remain equipped when exit­ing Pow­er Armor.
  • Pow­er Armor: Repeat­ed­ly enter­ing and exit­ing a set of Pow­er Armor in a Pow­er Armor Sta­tion no longer some­times caus­es the play­er to become stuck in their Pow­er Armor.
  • Pow­er Armor: Stim­paks can no longer be used if the player’s health is already full while wear­ing Pow­er Armor.
  • ProS­nap Deluxe Cam­era: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent the play­er from trans­fer­ring their Cam­era into their Stash.
  • Pump Action Shot­guns: Apply­ing the Responder’s paint to a Pump Action Shot­gun now cor­rect­ly adds “Responder’s” to the weapon’s name.
  • Scorched Ash­es: Removed two piles of Scorched Ash­es from the church in Hel­ve­tia that could be con­sumed but had no oth­er func­tion.
  • Ultra­cite Laser Gun: No longer appears to fire Plas­ma pro­jec­tiles after apply­ing the Auto­mat­ic mod.
  • Weapons: Oil Spills can now be ignit­ed by a wider vari­ety of weapons.
  • Defend Monon­gah Pow­er Plant: Adjust­ed ene­my spawns when defend­ing the Monon­gah Pow­er Plant Work­shop so that attack­ers will approach from the out­skirts of the Work­shop.
  • Free Range: Addressed sev­er­al issues that could block Brah­min move­ment dur­ing the Free Range event.
  • Line in the Sand: Scorched no longer begin attack­ing Alleghe­ny Asy­lum before the event begins.
  • Line in the Sand: Adjust­ed a Scorch­beast spawn loca­tion dur­ing the event.
  • Line in the Sand: Scorched that are spawned dur­ing the event now more reli­ably receive quest objec­tive mark­ers.
  • Pos­sum Junior Roboti­cist Tour: Log­ging out before vis­it­ing the first tour stop no longer caus­es voiceover lines to replay when log­ging back in.
  • Project Par­adise: Fixed an issue caus­ing ene­mies to spawn con­tin­u­ous­ly dur­ing the Project Par­adise Event.
  • Project Par­adise: Fixed an issue that could cause Moist Rad­kelp to per­sist indef­i­nite­ly the player’s inven­to­ry after com­plet­ing “Rad­kelp in Habi­tat C” objec­tive.
  • Safe for Work: Removed a copy of the “Patrol 4: Med­ical Cen­ter” Holotape that did not work cor­rect­ly.
  • The Order of the Tad­pole: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent the play­er from restart­ing or com­plet­ing the “Lis­ten to Scout Leader Jag­gy” objec­tive cor­rect­ly if they died while Scout Leader Jag­gy was speak­ing.
  • Unsolved: Pic­nic Pan­ic: Removed an extra copy of Mary’s Diary Page.
  • Unsolved: Pic­nic Pan­ic: Addressed issues that could result in lost Quest progress or dupli­cate Quest items.
  • Load­ing: Attempt­ing to report a play­er while load­ing into a world no longer some­times caus­es an infi­nite load­ing screen.
  • Per­for­mance: Reduced the time it takes to return to the Main Menu after leav­ing a world.
  • Per­for­mance: Addressed a per­for­mance issue relat­ing to Quest items.
  • Pain Train: The effects of Pain Train no longer hit NPCs or crea­tures who are not hos­tile to the play­er.
  • Frog Jar: Attempt­ing to inter­act with an emp­ty Frog Jar in the player’s inven­to­ry no longer cause frog sound effects to play.
  • Gun­fire: Fixed an issue in all game modes that could cause gun­fire sound effects to loop end­less­ly.
  • Leg­endary Exchange Machine: Reduced the vol­ume of Leg­endary Exchange Machine sound effects.
  • Pio­neer Scouts Swim­ming Test: Voiceover pro­cess­ing has been added to the Swim­ming Instructor’s line that plays when the play­er attempts the test with­out a swim­suit.
  • Scout Leader Jag­gy: Voiceover pro­cess­ing has been added to Scout Leader Jaggy’s first line of dia­logue.
  • Weapon Impacts: The Rolling Pin, Bone Club, and Ski Sword now play sound effects that more close­ly match their weapon types when strik­ing ene­mies.
  • Work­bench­es: Tinker’s and Brew­ing Work­bench­es no longer play sound effects end­less­ly if the Work­bench own­er leaves the world while it’s being used by anoth­er play­er.
  • Gen­er­al: Fixed typos across sev­er­al areas of the game.
  • Atom­ic Shop: The Atom­ic Shop’s top nav­i­ga­tion bar no longer remains vis­i­ble behind the pur­chase con­fir­ma­tion screen when pur­chas­ing Atoms.
  • Atom­ic Shop: On Xbox, the left-hand cat­e­go­ry list no longer dis­plays incor­rect­ly after scrolling to the bot­tom of the list and then back up.
  • Atom­ic Shop: Fixed an issue where the “Need Atoms” prompt in the Atom­ic Shop could remain vis­i­ble when try­ing to back out of the prompt.
  • Change Appear­ance: Addressed an issue pre­vent­ing skin col­or from apply­ing to a char­ac­ter’s face in the Change Appear­ance menu.
  • Com­bat: Using the Quick Swap but­ton now more con­sis­tent­ly switch­es to an alter­nate weapon, and no longer swaps to bro­ken or unus­able weapons.
  • Com­bat: Dam­age indi­ca­tors now appear on-screen when hit by a mis­sile launch­er, plas­ma gun, or oth­er weapon pro­jec­tiles.
  • Com­bat: Hit mark­ers will now cor­rect­ly appear when dam­ag­ing destruc­tible objects, such as the Stran­gler Heart dur­ing the Heart of the Ene­my Dai­ly Quest.
  • Con­trols: On Xbox, reset­ting the con­trols to default set­tings and then join­ing a Sur­vival mode world no longer some­times pre­vents the play­er from access­ing Con­tain­ers or Work­bench­es.
  • Con­trols: Fixed an issue that could cause the con­trols to become unre­spon­sive when inter­act­ing with a Pow­er Armor Sta­tion while sprint­ing with a ranged weapon equipped.
  • Dropped Loot: The objec­tive to “Retrieve your dropped loot” that appears on death now only com­pletes once all dropped loot has been tak­en.
  • Fer­menter: Con­di­tion bars are no longer dis­played on items that have been assigned to a Vend­ing Machine when view­ing the item list from a Fer­menter.
  • Fer­menter: Attempt­ing to assign a ful­ly fer­ment­ed drink to the Fer­menter no longer caus­es a C.A.M.P. bud­get-relat­ed error mes­sage to dis­play.
  • HUD: Removed a series of dash­es that could appear in the top-left cor­ner of the screen when play­ing in 16:10 res­o­lu­tions.
  • Inspect: Weapons that have alter­nate appear­ances from their base mod­els, such as Enclave and Ultra­cite weapons, now dis­play cor­rect­ly in the Inspect menu.
  • Local­iza­tion: The word “Free!” is no longer trun­cat­ed on free items in the Atom­ic Shop when run­ning the game client in lan­guages oth­er than Eng­lish.
  • Map: Adjust­ed Want­ed icons so they are less like­ly to pre­vent inter­ac­tions with near­by Map mark­ers.
  • Map: A large Nuke Zone indi­ca­tor will no longer appear over a nor­mal Nuke Zone indi­ca­tor on the Map after switch­ing to Adven­ture mode from Nuclear Win­ter.
  • Paci­fist Mode: No longer appears enabled for char­ac­ters below lev­el 5 in Adven­ture Mode after play­ing a Nuclear Win­ter match.
  • Per­son­al Ter­mi­nal: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent cur­rent­ly avail­able Dai­ly Quests from appear­ing under the Biv entry in the Per­son­al Ter­mi­nal.
  • Pip-Boy: Junk item com­po­nent counts no longer dis­play 0 in the Pip-Boy’s Com­po­nent View after join­ing a world.
  • Respawn: Play­ers can now cor­rect­ly respawn at their C.A.M.P.s when they are over­en­cum­bered.
  • Rewards: Ammo and oth­er items are no longer some­times split into mul­ti­ple entries in the rewards list that appears after com­plet­ing a Quest or Event.
  • Scrap­ping: When choos­ing “Scrap All Junk” at a work­bench, the com­po­nent list is now sort­ed alpha­bet­i­cal­ly.
  • Sort­ing: Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed the sort-by-spoil option from work­ing cor­rect­ly in Con­tain­er, Ven­dors, and Trade menus. Addi­tion­al­ly, the sort-by-spoil option now places the low­est-con­di­tion items at the top of the list, so it’s eas­i­er to find items that are near­ly expired.
  • Trade: The “Request­ed” label now cor­rect­ly dis­plays in the Trade menu.
  • Tuto­ri­als: The Brew­ing Sta­tion tuto­r­i­al no longer reap­pears after dis­con­nect­ing and log­ging back in.
  • Vend­ing: If a play­er buys the same type of item mul­ti­ple times from anoth­er player’s Vend­ing Machine, like stacks of .308 Ammo, the sell­er will now cor­rect­ly receive sep­a­rate noti­fi­ca­tions dis­play­ing the amount sold each time, rather than the total amount sold across all of those trans­ac­tions.
  • Vend­ing: When using a Vend­ing Machine, the items assigned to that machine now cor­rect­ly sort to the top of the list.
  • Vend­ing: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent play­ers from scrolling through their inven­to­ry to mark addi­tion­al items for sale in a Vend­ing Machine.
  • Vend­ing: Fix an issue where vend­ing infor­ma­tion is incor­rect­ly cleared when the char­ac­ter is loaded. 
  • Vend­ing: Fixed an issue where some­times play­ers would remain in the play­er vend­ing menu if the camp was moved or the vend­ing machine was scrapped or stored.


  • Graph­ics: Smoke visu­al effects in the Storm no longer move in the wrong direc­tion the first time the play area con­stricts.
  • Graph­ics: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent nuclear blast visu­al effects from appear­ing in third per­son view.
  • Graph­ics: Clouds in the Storm no longer occa­sion­al­ly change col­ors or flick­er.
  • Grass: Now visu­al­ly burns after the Storm pass­es over the play­er.
  • Lamps: When placed in play­ers’ C.A.M.P.s, lamps can no longer be acti­vat­ed dur­ing Nuclear Win­ter match­es.
  • Stat­ues: Hero of the Waste­land Stat­ues in play­ers’ C.A.M.P.s can no longer be acti­vat­ed dur­ing Nuclear Win­ter match­es.
  • Tur­rets: Can now cor­rect­ly deal dam­age to ene­my struc­tures that were built using a Quick Kit.
  • Duf­fle Bags: Play­ers can now walk through Duf­fle Bags dropped by oth­er play­ers on death.
  • New Riv­er Gorge: Adjust­ed objects in a loca­tion in New Riv­er Gorge where play­ers could become stuck.
  • Auto­mat­ic Laser Rifles: Auto­mat­ic Laser Rifles now cor­rect­ly ben­e­fit from Com­man­do Perks rather than Rifle­man Perks.
  • Duf­fle Bags: Play­ers will now drop a duf­fle bag if dis­con­nect­ed.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit affect­ing an issue of Grog­nak the Bar­bar­ian Mag­a­zine.
  • Mini­gun: The Shred­der mod can no longer be used to dam­age or kill oth­er char­ac­ters dur­ing Nuclear Win­ter match­es.
  • Pow­er Armor: Adjust­ed a Pow­er Armor spawn loca­tion at New Riv­er Gorge Resort to pre­vent a poten­tial ani­ma­tion issue.
  • Pow­er Armor: Play­ers no longer some­times appear to slide or float when enter­ing Pow­er Armor.
  • Pow­er Armor: Addressed an issue that could cause cer­tain Pow­er Armor paints to be replaced by the War Rid­er paint dur­ing Nuclear Win­ter match­es.
  • West­ern Revolvers: Fixed an issue that could cause a Scoped West­ern Revolver to incor­rect­ly spawn as an unmod­ded West­ern Revolver.
  • Login: Fixed an issue that could cause some play­ers to become logged out after every Nuclear Win­ter match.
  • Sta­bil­i­ty: Addressed an issue that could cause play­ers to become dis­con­nect­ed dur­ing Nuclear Win­ter match­es when build­ing in their C.A.M.P.s.
  • Per­for­mance: Imple­ment­ed an improve­ment affect­ing mem­o­ry usage.
  • Bul­let Shield: No longer dis­plays its bonus resis­tance noti­fi­ca­tion every time the play­er fires a heavy weapon in Nuclear Win­ter.
  • Ground Pounder: Fixed an issue caus­ing Ground Pounder to not work with Auto­mat­ic Com­bat Rifles.
  • Last Laugh: Grenades dropped when a play­er with Last Laugh is downed can no longer dam­age the play­er that dropped them.
  • Lock Detec­tor: Has been renamed “Hack Detec­tor” to reduce con­fu­sion about this Perk Card’s func­tion­al­i­ty.
  • Vault 51: The vol­ume of impact sound effects has been reduced for punch­es thrown by can­di­dates inside Vault 51.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit relat­ed to Reviv­ing anoth­er play­er.
  • Local­iza­tion: Fixed an issue that caused three-dig­it Over­seer Ranks to dis­play incor­rect­ly in Chi­nese and Kore­an. 
  • Local­iza­tion: Fixed an issue in Chi­nese ver­sions that would cause The Storm’s move­ment timer to dis­play incor­rect­ly while in Spec­ta­tor mode.
  • Match Sum­ma­ry: Team Place­ment text no longer flick­ers when open­ing and clos­ing the Spec­ta­tor menu on the Match Sum­ma­ry screen.
  • Match Sum­ma­ry: Upcom­ing rewards are no longer miss­ing icons on the match sum­ma­ry screen.
  • Name­plates: Ene­my name­plates and health now only appear to play­ers who have dam­aged them with­in the last 5 sec­onds.
  • Name­plates: Team­mate name­plates will no longer fol­low play­ers when they are spec­tat­ing.
  • Revive: Fixed an issue that could cause a revive attempt to fail even though it appeared suc­cess­ful.
  • Revive: Fixed a rare issue where play­ers could be revived with incor­rect amounts of health.
  • Select Deploy­ment: The “Select Deploy­ment Loca­tion” but­ton will no longer dis­play after the spawn count­down timer con­cludes.
  • Social: On PS4, dis­con­nect­ing and recon­nect­ing while queu­ing for a Nuclear Win­ter match no longer caus­es issues with sign in or Social Menu func­tion­al­i­ty.
  • Sort­ing: The sort-by-spoil option no longer incor­rect­ly appears, and Aid items can now only be sort­ed by weight.
  • Ter­mi­nals: Can no longer be acti­vat­ed in the same moment that the “Select Deploy­ment Loca­tion” screen appears.

Source: Bethes­da