Bethes­da released yet anoth­er patch for Fall­out 76. It includes the new Meat Week Sea­son­al Event (end­ing August 8th), as well as numer­ous bug fix­es. It’s about 6 GB for con­sole play­ers and 1.5 GB for PC.

Claim Prime Meat from Pri­mal Cuts Events and bring it to Grahm’s Meat-Cook Event to earn Leg­endary Scrips. Help­ing Grahm throw a suc­cess­ful Meat-Cook will grant spe­cial loot as well in this week long event.

You can see the full patch notes below:

Fallout 76 — Patch 11.5


  • Rock Out! Tune in to Appalachia Radio to catch the cov­er of “Ring of Fire” from the Nuclear Win­ter trail­er.


Grahm is host­ing a bar­beque for all his human friends dur­ing the Meat Week Sea­son­al Event, and you’re invit­ed! How­ev­er, he’s going to need a whole lot of meat and a few help­ing hands to make sure every­one has a great time and can eat their fill.

Meat Week starts today at 12:00 p.m. EDT, lasts until 12:00 p.m. EDT on August 8, and is made up of two sep­a­rate but relat­ed events: Pri­mal Cuts and Grahm’s Meat-Cook. 

  • Prime Beasts are on the prowl, and cuts of meat from these crea­tures make for some of the finest bar­beque fare a friend­ly Super Mutant could ask for. 
    • You’ll receive some Prime Meat every time you com­plete a Pri­mal Cuts Event. Bring it to Grahm’s Meat-Cook Event and add it to the grill for a spe­cial reward.
  • Three Pri­mal Cuts Event loca­tions will appear on the Map simul­ta­ne­ous­ly about every 15 min­utes. 
    • Dif­fi­cul­ty is tuned dif­fer­ent­ly at each loca­tion so that adven­tur­ers of all lev­els can join the hunt for Prime Beasts. 
  • Grahm’s got his hands full man­ning the grill all week long at his Meat-Cook Event, which begins every hour in the For­est region.
    • Join oth­er Meat-Cook atten­dees to com­plete var­i­ous activ­i­ties that will ensure every­one has a blast, like play­ing musi­cal instru­ments, roast­ing meat, and putting out fires, among oth­ers.
    • If the Meat-Cook is a suc­cess, you’ll receive some bar­beque-themed rewards. The bet­ter the par­ty, the high­er your chances at bet­ter loot.
  • Remem­ber to place any Prime Meat you’ve col­lect­ed on the grill, and Grahm will give you a few Leg­endary Scrips as a “thank you” for your efforts.

Pri­mal Cuts and Grahm’s Meat-Cook can be repeat­ed as often as they’re avail­able on the Map. Revis­it them reg­u­lar­ly to max­i­mize your rewards dur­ing Meat Week.


  • Radio: The cov­er of “Ring of Fire” from the Nuclear Win­ter trail­er has been added to the Appalachia Radio playlist.


  • Ani­ma­tion: The Car­di­nal Wind­chime now ani­mates cor­rect­ly when placed.
  • Graph­ics: Light­ning visu­al effects that appear when acti­vat­ing Pylons dur­ing the Encryp­tid Event no longer appear on the player’s screen.
  • Pow­er Armor: The Elder rank Broth­er­hood of Steel Pow­er Armor Paint has received an updat­ed paint job, fea­tur­ing a more metal­lic fin­ish.
  • Pow­er Armor: Added an Offi­cer insignia to the Offi­cer rank Broth­er­hood of Steel Pow­er Armor Paint.
  • Tex­tures: While wear­ing the Nuka Girl Rock­et­suit, the character’s midriff no longer dis­plays tex­ture issues.
  • Fer­til­iz­er Pro­duc­ers: No longer con­sume more C.A.M.P. bud­get than intend­ed.
  • Bill­board: Length­ened the legs of the Bill­board so they appear to sink into the ground when placed on sloped ter­rain.
  • Head­wear: The Waste­land Trap­per Mask now cor­rect­ly offers resis­tance to envi­ron­men­tal haz­ards.
  • Mini­gun: Apply­ing the Chrome Plat­ing Mini­gun Paint now cor­rect­ly adds “Chrome” to the Minigun’s name in menus.
  • Pow­er Armor: The Hell­fire Pow­er Armor Paint’s Head­lamp no longer appears to the side of the hel­met when acti­vat­ed.
  • Pow­er Armor: Head­lamp lights no longer appear near the player’s feet when using a Pow­er Armor Paint in Adven­ture Mode that was unlocked by rank­ing-up in Nuclear Win­ter.
  • Pow­er Armor: The Inspect menu now cor­rect­ly dis­plays the select­ed item when inspect­ing items equipped to a Pow­er Armor Chas­sis.
  • Pow­er Armor: Addressed a rare issue that could pre­vent a play­er from exit­ing Pow­er Armor on lev­el ter­rain.
  • Ene­mies: Fixed an issue that could cause a ghoul to spawn inside an inac­ces­si­ble build­ing in Sut­ton.
  • Weapons: The Cow­boy Perk now cor­rect­ly increas­es Laser Auto Pis­tol dam­age when equipped. 
  • Sta­bil­i­ty: Imple­ment­ed an improve­ment for serv­er sta­bil­i­ty.
  • Vend­ing Machines: Music will no longer play when attempt­ing to access a Vend­ing Machine that’s cur­rent­ly in use by anoth­er play­er.
  • Atom­ic Shop: Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing PC play­ers in Chi­na, Latin Amer­i­ca, and Tai­wan from pur­chas­ing Atoms.
  • Atom­ic Shop: On PC, the “Con­firm” but­ton that appears when inspect­ing an item in the Atom­ic Shop can now be clicked to pur­chase that item.
  • Atom­ic Shop: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent the Atom­ic Shop from visu­al­ly updat­ing when switch­ing cat­e­gories after enter­ing the Atom­ic Shop from loca­tions oth­er than the Main Menu.
  • Noti­fi­ca­tions: When attempt­ing to assign an item to a Vend­ing Machine or Fer­menter that is full, an error mes­sage will now appear to indi­cate that the item could not be assigned.