Bethes­da has released patch 12 for Fall­out 76. Patch 12 brings a lot of bug fix­es, increased cap lim­it, Dis­play cas­es and Nuclear Win­ter’s choose your perk sys­tem. This update also opens Vault 94 to PC play­ers will have to wait for a bit, you can read more about that here. Check out the full note for patch 12 below.

Fall­out 76 Patch 12

August 20 2019


  • The open­ing of Vault 94 marks the arrival of our first Vault Raid, which is a chal­leng­ing dun­geon expe­ri­ence designed to be com­plet­ed by a team of up to four lev­el 50+ char­ac­ters.
    • Vault 94 uti­lizes instanc­ing tech­nol­o­gy, which will pre­vent play­ers who are not on your team from affect­ing or inter­rupt­ing your team’s expe­ri­ence.
    • Please note: We are cur­rent­ly plan­ning to open Vault 94 first on PC start­ing today, August 20. If Vault Raids on PC run smooth­ly over the next cou­ple of days, we will then open the Vault for con­soles. If sig­nif­i­cant issues are dis­cov­ered, we may fur­ther delay con­sole release or dis­able the Raid on PC until we’ve imple­ment­ed the nec­es­sary fix­es.
  • Tune in to begin: Start a Vault Raid by lis­ten­ing to the Vault 94 Emer­gency Broad­cast radio sta­tion.
  • Three mis­sions to com­plete: Vault 94 fea­tures three dif­fer­ent mis­sions: Dead in the Water, Melt­down, and Washout.
    • Each mis­sion lasts for one week, repeats every three weeks, and only one mis­sion at a time will be avail­able for play.
    • Vault 94 will become tem­porar­i­ly inac­ces­si­ble for around three hours when one mis­sion rotates to the next each week.
  • Three dif­fi­cul­ty modes: You can choose Novice, Stan­dard, or Expert mode every time you play a mis­sion.
    • Novice mode is untimed. Stan­dard and Expert mode have quest timers and fea­ture more dif­fi­cult encoun­ters. More dif­fi­cult modes also award bet­ter loot and more XP.
    • If time runs out or your entire team is downed, you will need to start the mis­sion over.
  • Claim new rewards: Com­plete Vault 94 mis­sions to earn XP, Caps, Improved Repair Kits, Leg­endary Scrips, craft­ing mate­ri­als, and items, like Weapons, Armor, and Plans.
    • Com­plet­ing a mis­sion on any dif­fi­cul­ty will also award Vault 94 Steel, which is used to craft unique new Vault Armor sets, which grant spe­cial bonus­es to the wear­er.
    • Vault Armor sets are award­ed via Plans by com­plet­ing Stan­dard or Expert mode mis­sions. Vault Armor can be craft­ed at Armor Work­bench­es.
    • Vault 94 Steel, Vault Armor, and Vault Armor Plans can­not be dropped, trad­ed, or sold.
    • Vault mis­sion rewards can be earned once per dif­fi­cul­ty mode, per mis­sion, per day.


  • Dis­play Cas­es are new C.A.M.P. objects that you can use to show off the Weapons, Mag­a­zines, Bob­ble­heads, and oth­er items you’ve col­lect­ed.
    • Use the new “Dis­plays” tab in the C.A.M.P. Build menu found between “Stash Box­es” and “Floor Décor” to con­struct a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent dis­plays.
  • Once built, you can assign items to your Dis­plays direct­ly from your Stash.
    • Items you assign will remain in the Stash, and a new icon will appear next to their names to indi­cate which items in the list are cur­rent­ly on dis­play.
    • You can place up to 30 Dis­plays at once, and each type of Dis­play has a max­i­mum num­ber of items that can be assign to it.


  • Atom­ic Shop: A standee has been added to the Berke­ley Springs Train Sta­tion that can be acti­vat­ed to vis­it the Atom­ic Shop while play­ing in an Adven­ture or Sur­vival Mode world.
  • Caps: Increased the max­i­mum num­ber of Caps per char­ac­ter from 25,000 to 30,000.
  • Grafton: The Grafton Fast Trav­el Point has been moved far­ther from the Grafton Train Sta­tion across the city’s east bridge.


  • Armor: All Enclave Scout Armor mods are always avail­able for pur­chase at the Enclave Armory.
  • Ammo: Flamer Fuel can now be craft­ed using the Tinker’s Work­bench.
  • Ammo: Dou­bled the Ultra­cite Ammo pro­duced by all Ultra­cite Ammo Recipes and increased the non-Flux ingre­di­ent costs by rough­ly 50%.
  • Junk: Burnt Books and Mag­a­zines can now be scrapped and pro­duce 1 Raw Cloth.
  • (Added Aug 20) Main­frame Cores: Increased the weight of Main­frame Cores and Dam­aged Main­frame Cores to 1.5 lbs.
    • Devel­op­er Note: Pre­vi­ous­ly, there was no down­side to hoard­ing as many Main­frame Cores as pos­si­ble. Now that they can be acquired in both Nuke Silos and Vault 94, we want­ed to pre­vent them from feel­ing triv­ial to acquire. This change was missed dur­ing the orig­i­nal patch note cre­ation process but has been added for clar­i­ty.
  • Pow­er Armor: Jet­pack Mods have been added for Ultra­cite and Raider Pow­er Armor.
  • Weapons: Recon Scopes can no longer be used to mark oth­er play­ers.


  • Perk Card Packs: No longer award Perk Cards that only have a sin­gle rank.
    • Devel­op­er Note: This change is intend­ed to safe­guard against play­ers receiv­ing dupli­cate Perk Cards that can­not be ranked up. Specif­i­cal­ly, the fol­low­ing Cards will no longer appear in Perk Card Packs: Aquaboy/Aquagirl, Aware­ness, Chemist, Cura­tor, Dry Nurse, Escape Artist, Field Sur­geon, For­tune Find­er, Good Dog­gy, Green Thumb, Hack­er, Expert Hack­er, Mas­ter Hack­er, Heal­ing Hands, Last Laugh, Light Foot­ed, Night Eyes, Pan­napic­ta­graphist, Per­cep­ti-bob­ble, Pick­lock, Expert Pick­lock, Mas­ter Pick­lock, Pro­fes­sion­al Drinker, Quack Sur­geon, Radi­cool, Scrap­per, Strange in Num­bers, Trav­el Agent, and Wood­chuck­er.


  • We’ve reworked the inte­ri­or lay­out and design of the Charleston Capi­tol Cour­t­house to bet­ter sup­port the Key to the Past quest­line.
    • Key to the Past objec­tives in the Cour­t­house have not changed, but the updat­ed space should pro­vide a rich­er expe­ri­ence for those play­ing through the quest.
    • Sev­er­al new Notes have been added, pro­vid­ing more lore to be dis­cov­ered.
  • The Cour­t­house and the main Capi­tol Build­ing have been split into two dif­fer­ent inte­ri­or cells, and ene­my lev­el ranges have been adjust­ed in both loca­tions:
    • The Cour­t­house lev­el range now match­es the Top of the World.
    • The Capi­tol Build­ing lev­el range now match­es The Mire region.
  • Please Note: The “Office of the Reg­is­trar” that must be accessed dur­ing the Recruit­ment Blues quest­line has been relo­cat­ed from the Cour­t­house to the main Capi­tol Build­ing
  • We’ve made sig­nif­i­cant updates to Mor­gan­town Airport’s exte­ri­or to fur­ther improve on ear­ly game quest­ing expe­ri­ences for new play­ers.
    • Encoun­ters in this area have been reworked to offer bet­ter com­bat expe­ri­ences.
    • The Med­ical Hut has received lay­out and design updates to bet­ter sup­port the Final Depar­ture quest.
    • The Ten­ta­tive Plans and Safe for Work Quests are now giv­en by a Ter­mi­nal locat­ed across from the Med­ical Hut.
    • The “Advanced Respon­der Train­ing” entry has been removed from the Airport’s inte­ri­or Ter­mi­nal and the objec­tive now appears auto­mat­i­cal­ly after com­plet­ing Ten­ta­tive Plans.
  • Col­li­sion Course: This Event no longer begins auto­mat­i­cal­ly when play­ers enter the event area. Instead, play­ers must choose to start Col­li­sion Course by fir­ing a Flare from a new mor­tar that has been added to the Event loca­tion.
    • We’ve also made some con­sis­ten­cy updates to the Col­li­sion Course objec­tives and improved the Vertibot’s pathing and deliv­ery method when it drops off its car­go at the end of the Event.
  • Dai­ly Quests: All Dai­ly Quests now per­sist when log­ging out and back in. Addi­tion­al­ly, some Dailies check­point your progress to make it eas­i­er to resume where you left off.
    • We’ve also sub­stan­tial­ly increased the Caps and XP award­ed by many Dai­ly Quests. Dailies are meant to be some­thing fun to do every day, so the rewards have been increased to make them more entic­ing to com­plete.
    • Please Note: We are cur­rent­ly aware of an issue that pre­vents some Dai­ly Quests in The Mire region from start­ing again after the first time you com­plete them. We are inves­ti­gat­ing and plan to address this in an upcom­ing update.


  • Music: The exist­ing music in the Atom­ic Shop has been replaced with three new tracks.


  • Press and Hold Acti­va­tors: Play­ers must now hold down the “Acti­vate” but­ton to enter Fur­ni­ture, start play­ing an Instru­ment, or to drink from an open water source. This has been imple­ment­ed to reduce the like­li­hood of per­form­ing these actions by acci­dent.
  • Quest Mark­er Descrip­tions: Quest mark­ers that appear in the world now dis­play objec­tive text for the Quests they belong to.
    • You can enable or dis­able these objec­tive descrip­tions, or adjust their dis­play dis­tance, using in the Dis­play Set­tings menu.
  • Throw­able Weapons Counter: The num­ber of throw­able weapons (grenades, mines, throw­ing knives, etc) the play­er has equipped now tem­porar­i­ly appears when un-hol­ster­ing a weapon, or reload­ing ranged weapons, and dis­ap­pears imme­di­ate­ly when hol­ster­ing a weapon.



  • In response to com­mu­ni­ty feed­back, we’ve added the Choose Your Perks sys­tem to Nuclear Win­ter, which will give you more free­dom to decide which Perk Cards you’d like to unlock.
    • Dupli­cate Perk Cards that you earn from Perk Card Packs now award a cur­ren­cy called Over­seer Tick­ets.
    • Over­seer Tick­ets can be redeemed in the Perk Menu to pur­chase Perk Cards of your choice that you do not already own.
    • The num­ber of Over­seer Tick­ets need­ed to unlock new Perk Cards varies from card to card.
  • Addi­tion­al­ly, Perk Card Packs are now award­ed at each new Over­seer Rank you reach, rather than at vary­ing inter­vals.
    • Perk Packs will be award­ed retroac­tive­ly for Over­seer Ranks play­ers reached pri­or to this change. These Perk Packs will be unlocked the next time the play­er ranks up.
  • Head to to learn more about these changes direct­ly from ZAX!


  • Ter­mi­nals: The “Request Stim­pak” Ter­mi­nal option has been reworked and renamed “Request Aid Pack­age”
    • Choos­ing this option now pro­vides 3 Stim­paks, 1 Super Stim­pak, 2 Rad­Away, and a ran­dom Serum. Pre­vi­ous­ly, this option grant­ed 4 Stim­paks or 2 Super Stim­paks.
    • Devel­op­er Note: Pre­vi­ous­ly, this Ter­mi­nal option was not as desir­able as the oth­ers. Increas­ing how much Aid you receive and adding in Rad­Away and a Serum great­ly increas­es the val­ue of this choice. This also helps to boost the avail­abil­i­ty of Rad­Away.
  • Vault 51: Rebal­anced the Over­seer Rank require­ments to access cer­tain areas with­in Vault 51.
  • Fury: No longer applies a dam­age bonus to fist weapons or unarmed attacks.
  • Rad­Away: Great­ly increased the effec­tive­ness of Rad­Away.
    • Devel­op­er Note: Rad­Away was­n’t as effec­tive as it should be for how rare it is, so we’ve great­ly increased its effect.
  • Quick Kits: Added a Stair­case Quick Kit that you can use to tra­verse steep ter­rain or gain the high ground.
  • Weapon Weights: Rebal­anced weights of ranged weapons.
    • Devel­op­er Note: Weapon weights were incon­sis­tent, and it was some­times hard to tell exact­ly what was weigh­ing you down the most. We’ve changed ranged weapon weight val­ues to stream­line them. Ranged weapon weights gen­er­al­ly fol­low these prin­ci­ples:
    • Pis­tols: 5 lbs
    • Rifles, Shot­guns, and Sub­ma­chine Guns: 10 lbs
    • Heavy Weapons: 20 — 30 lbs
  • Auto­mat­ic RAD Rifle: Slight­ly reduced recoil when fir­ing the Auto­mat­ic RAD Rifle.
  • Auto­mat­ic Hand­made Rifle: Increased the Ammo spawned with the weapon from 60 to 90.
  • Auto­mat­ic Assault Rifle: Increased the Ammo spawned with the weapon from 60 to 90.
    • Devel­op­er Note: The Auto­mat­ic Hand­made and Assault Rifles are the only two weapons that use the 5.56 ammo type. We want­ed to make sure play­ers could actu­al­ly use these weapons for more than a fight or two, since this ammo is rar­er than oth­ers.
  • Com­bat Sniper Rifle: Reduced the Com­bat Sniper Rifle’s ammo capac­i­ty from 10 to 8.
  • Gatling Gun: Reduced the Gatling Gun’s accu­ra­cy at long range.
  • Lever Action Rifle: Increased the Lever Action Rifle’s reload speed and increased Ammo capac­i­ty from 5 to 8.
    • Devel­op­er Note: The basic Lever Action Rifle was under­per­form­ing com­pared to oth­er weapons in its tier. These changes will help make it a more viable choice.
  • Mini­gun: Reduced the Minigun’s reload speed.
  • Tes­la Rifle: Great­ly reduced the Tes­la Rifle’s area of effect range.
    • Devel­op­er Note: The Tes­la gun’s AoE attack was too pow­er­ful and too lenient, which made play­ing against it unfun. Reduc­ing its AoE range will bring its pow­er back down to a more man­age­able lev­el.


  • Match Sum­ma­ry: Added more visu­al fan­fare for sec­ond and third place teams on match sum­ma­ry screens.
  • Perk Menu: Play­ers can remain on the same screen when open­ing Perk Card Packs to open them more quick­ly.


  • Ani­ma­tion: Stim­pak ani­ma­tions no longer fail to play when return­ing to Adven­ture or Sur­vival Mode after a Nuclear Win­ter match.
  • Graph­ics: Flame visu­al effects now cor­rect­ly appear while using a Pow­er Armor Jet­pack.
  • Blue­prints: Fixed an issue that could cause objects to be stored indi­vid­u­al­ly rather than in a Blue­print if a play­er moved C.A.M.P. loca­tions with­out first mod­i­fy­ing any­thing in their C.A.M.P. dur­ing that play ses­sion.
  • Bud­get: Fixed an issue that could cause the C.A.M.P. Bud­get bar to briefly dis­play an incor­rect val­ue upon open­ing the Build menu.
  • Bulb Signs: The Wel­come Friends sign and Light Bulb Let­ters set are now eas­i­er to read when lit.
  • Green­house: Is now cor­rect­ly marked as a pre­mi­um item in the Build menu.
  • Locks: After lock on a door in a player’s C.A.M.P. has been picked, the lock will now be removed.
  • Mr. Fuzzy Ride: Char­ac­ter mod­els no longer clip into the Mr. Fuzzy Ride when exit­ing the Ride.
  • Pow­er: Fixed an issue in which cor­rect­ly pow­ered items some­times did not receive pow­er when they were placed or moved.
  • Pow­er Armor Sta­tion: Fixed an issue that could allow play­ers to move a Pow­er Armor Sta­tion that was in use by anoth­er play­er.
  • Scrap: The “Scrap All Junk” but­ton is now cor­rect­ly dis­abled at Work­bench­es if the play­er does not have any Junk in their inven­to­ry that can be scrapped.
  • Stat­ues: The Bronze and Iron ver­sions of the Hero of the Waste­land Stat­ue can now be cor­rect­ly moved or stored after they have been built.
  • White Pick­et Fences: Increased the max­i­mum amount of White Pick­et Fence objects that can be built in a C.A.M.P. from 16 to 32.
  • Gen­er­al: “Learn Cook­ing Recipes” and “Dis­cov­er Loca­tion” that had already been com­plet­ed by a play­er but did not progress cor­rect­ly in the Chal­lenges menu will now be marked com­plet­ed and their rewards will be grant­ed retroac­tive­ly.
  • Week­ly: The “Kill a Sheep­squatch” sub­chal­lenge for the “Kill Huge Crea­tures” Chal­lenge can now progress prop­er­ly when com­plet­ed.
  • World: Many “Dis­cov­er Loca­tion” Chal­lenges now progress prop­er­ly when com­plet­ed.
  • World: Loca­tions dis­cov­ered via Quests now cor­rect­ly count toward “Dis­cov­er Loca­tion” Chal­lenge progress.
  • World: The Chemist Pos­sum Badge sub­chal­lenge to “Shoot a Yao Guai with a Syringer” now cor­rect­ly com­pletes after hit­ting a Yao Guai with any type of Syringer.
  • Brah­min: Now cor­rect­ly take increased dam­age from head­shots.
  • Corpses: Ene­my corpses that con­tain no loot no longer dis­play a load­ing sym­bol indef­i­nite­ly in the trans­fer menu.
  • Corpses: Trav­el­ing Mer­chant corpses now cor­rect­ly spawn as human corpses, rather than Death­claw or oth­er crea­ture corpses.
  • Crit­ters: Reduced Health for sev­er­al crit­ters, such as Chick­ens, that had more Health than low lev­el crea­tures that can attack.
  • Flat­woods Mon­ster: The Flat­woods Monster’s melee attacks now cor­rect­ly deal dam­age to play­ers.
  • Gulpers: Fixed an issue caus­ing Gulpers to regen­er­ate Health dur­ing com­bat.
  • Lib­er­a­tors: Can no longer turn into Goo Piles when destroyed.
  • Rad­toads: Now have a more diverse pool of pos­si­ble loot drops and have greater odds of award­ing more loot the high­er lev­el they are.
  • Rad­toads: Egg mines placed by a Rad­toad can now be dis­armed.
  • Loot: 2- and 3‑star Leg­endary melee weapons that drop as loot no longer always spawn with the
    “+50% Limb Dam­age” attribute.
  • Armor: Updat­ed the Anti­sep­tic leg­endary armor attribute descrip­tion to cor­rect­ly list that it pro­vides “+25% envi­ron­men­tal dis­ease resis­tance”, not “+25% Rad resis­tance.”
  • Cry­ola­tor: The Stan­dard Stock mod no longer incor­rect­ly states that it pro­vides bet­ter recoil.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could cause issues affect­ing the Pow­er Armor mod­el.
  • Mods: The error mes­sage that appears when attempt­ing to craft the Moth­man Head­lamp for Pow­er Armor that lacks the Moth­man Paint no longer dis­plays place­hold­er text.
  • Sledge­ham­mer: The “No Upgrade” Mod has been removed from the Sledge­ham­mer.
  • The Pur­vey­or: Fixed an issue in which unin­tend­ed types of Com­bat Armor could be received from the Pur­vey­or.
  • Trea­sure Maps: Cor­rect­ed the title of Ash Heap Trea­sure Map #02, which was pre­vi­ous­ly list­ed as #07.
  • Weapons: The Furi­ous Leg­endary Weapon attribute now cor­rect­ly applies increased dam­age out­put on con­sec­u­tive hits against the same tar­get.
  • Chameleon: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent the Stealth effect grant­ed by the Chameleon Muta­tion from dis­play­ing cor­rect­ly to oth­er play­ers.
  • Sta­bil­i­ty: Addressed an issue that could cause a crash when exit­ing to the Main Menu.
  • Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed an issue that could cause a crash while wait­ing to join a Nuclear Win­ter match from the Main Menu.
  • Per­for­mance: Imple­ment­ed an improve­ment for serv­er per­for­mance.
  • It’s a Trap: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent a Scorch­beast from reach­ing the Event area in The Mire.
  • Mis­sion: Count­down: Play­ers now cor­rect­ly earn expe­ri­ence after com­plet­ing each sec­tion of each Mis­sile Silo, sub­ject to the once-per-day Mis­sion Quest lim­it.
  • The Order of the Tad­pole: Trum­pet sound effects at Camp Lewis now only play until the play­er speaks to Scout Leader Jag­gy for the first time, and no longer play con­tin­u­ous­ly.
  • Trick or Treat: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent progress from being saved cor­rect­ly dur­ing the Trick or Treat Dai­ly Quest.
  • Tad­pole Swim­ming Test: Play­ers now receive a quest mark­er instruct­ing them where to find a Swim­suit if they attempt­ed to start the Swim­ming Test with­out one.
  • Wolf in Sheep’s Cloth­ing: The Quest mark­er to “Find and Recov­er Wolf’s Cache” now dis­plays con­sis­tent­ly while attempt­ing to com­plete the objec­tive.
  • Atom­ic Shop: New items on the Fea­tured page in the Atom­ic Shop now cor­rect­ly dis­play a “New” tag.
  • Con­trols: On PC, the game con­trols no longer become unre­spon­sive after open­ing the Social menu while nam­ing a char­ac­ter or renam­ing an item.
  • Hotkeys: On PC, press­ing the “M” key to close the Map Menu now cor­rect­ly clos­es sub­menus.
  • HUD: The expe­ri­ence bar no longer occa­sion­al­ly per­sists on-screen.
  • Leg­endary Exchange: When sell­ing an item to a Leg­endary Exchange Machine, oth­er leg­endary items in the player’s inven­to­ry list can no longer be high­light­ed if the sale con­fir­ma­tion prompt is vis­i­ble.
  • Mark­ers: Fixed an issue that could cause direc­tion mark­ers to appear incor­rect in the Com­pass and on the Map after using an Emote.
  • Sur­vival Mode: The “Top 3” leader­board wid­get has been removed from the Map in Sur­vival Mode to match pre­vi­ous changes that dis­abled Map high­lights for the Top 3 ranked play­ers in a Sur­vival World.
  • Sur­vival Mode: Removed men­tion of Map high­lights for the Top 3 ranked play­ers on the Sur­vival Mode More Info page.
  • Vend­ing: If a Vend­ing Machine is stored or scrapped, the items it pre­vi­ous­ly con­tained will no longer per­sist in the list of items for sale on the Map.
  • Water: Open water sources now cor­rect­ly indi­cate whether they are Dirty or Tox­ic Water.
  • Lucky Hole Mine: Fixed a num­ber of Ore veins that were pre­vi­ous­ly inac­ces­si­ble.


  • Ani­ma­tion: The Storm’s visu­al effects now ani­mate cor­rect­ly pri­or to the Storm’s first con­stric­tion dur­ing a match.
  • Graph­ics: Grass­es beyond the Storm wall now cor­rect­ly dis­play burnt and ash visu­al effects.
  • Graph­ics: Smoke clouds and debris visu­al effects cre­at­ed by a Nuke blast are now more trans­par­ent and have more nat­ur­al col­or­ing.
  • C.A.M.P.: The C.A.M.P. mod­ule now remains acces­si­ble after a Foun­da­tion placed under­neath it has been removed.
  • Posters: The Nuclear Win­ter Poster Set is now dou­ble-sided.
  • Spawn­ing: Play­ers can no longer take Radi­a­tion dam­age while the spawn-in effect is active at the begin­ning of a match.
  • Pow­er Armor: The descrip­tions for Pow­er Armor Paints unlocked via Over­seer Ranks now cor­rect­ly indi­cate that they can be applied to all types of Pow­er Armor.
  • Weapons: Fixed a num­ber of weapons that had incor­rect dam­age out­put fol­low­ing Patch 11.
  • Ten­der­iz­er: Adjust­ed descrip­tion text to clar­i­fy how the Ten­der­iz­er Perk func­tions: “Tar­gets take 20% more weapon dam­age for 10 sec­onds after an armed attack.”
  • HUD: Dam­age resis­tance num­bers no longer dis­ap­pear after pick­ing up high­er-qual­i­ty Armor than the Armor the play­er had pre­vi­ous­ly equipped.
  • HUD: Nuke “Blast Zone” indi­ca­tors no longer hang on the edge of the screen after a play­er has left the area.
  • Match Sum­ma­ry: Fixed an issue in which Adven­ture Mode XP was dis­played incor­rect­ly on the Match Sum­ma­ry screen.
  • Match Sum­ma­ry: The edges of the back­ground are no longer vis­i­ble on end of match screens.
  • Perk Menu: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent the Perk Pack open­ing ani­ma­tion from appear­ing cor­rect­ly.
  • Perk Menu: Open­ing the Perk Menu just as the Deploy­ment Map appears no longer caus­es an “Unopened Perk Pack” prompt to appear on top of the Map.
  • Acti­vat­able Objects: Fixed var­i­ous in-world and C.A.M.P. objects that were not intend­ed to be acti­vat­able dur­ing Nuclear Win­ter match­es.
  • Nuclear Brief­cas­es: Adjust­ed a Nuclear Brief­case spawn near Wixon Home­stead that was pre­vi­ous­ly inac­ces­si­ble.
  • Vault 51: Made adjust­ments to col­li­sion in sev­er­al loca­tions with­in Vault 51.
  • Weapons: Removed an unin­tend­ed Com­bat Knife spawn in a lodge in Hel­ve­tia.

Fall­out 76 is avail­able for the Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC now