It seems the bat­tle royale trend isn’t slow­ing down and game devel­op­ers all over are attempt­ing to stick theirs hands in the pie. How­ev­er, since all of these games feel extreme­ly sim­i­lar, it nice to see a stu­dio put a twist on this “genre”.

Hi-Rez Stu­dios, the peo­ple behind games like Smite and Pal­adins (a game few will prob­a­bly remem­ber), devel­oped this wack­ie bat­tle royale. It was in closed beta for quite some time and is now free-to-play for PlaySta­tion 4 and Xbox One users.

For those who are not aware of what Realm Royale is all about, it’s a fan­ta­sy-themed bat­tle royale that allows you to choose a class and then loot, or craft, weapons and abil­i­ties dur­ing your time in a match. There’s also “trusty steeds” for a faster form of trav­el around the map.

Fantasy-Themed Battle Royale Game, “Realm Royale”, Gets an Open Beta Today

Today didn’t just sig­ni­fy the release of the games Open Beta, but it also brings along some new updates. The stu­dio added a new mas­tery sys­tem, allow­ing play­ers to unlock new tal­ents for each class. Two new weapons have also been added: the Assu­alt Rifle and the SMG.

A sec­ond Bat­tle Pass is launch­ing along­side the updates and Open Beta. The pass, titled “Steel and Shad­ow”, is free to all PlaySta­tion Plus mem­bers. That’s 80 lev­els of rewards themed around nin­jas and pirates.

Fantasy-Themed Battle Royale Game, “Realm Royale”, Gets an Open Beta Today

You can down­load Realm Royale now from the Playstaiton and Xbox store today.

Source: PlaySta­tion