Epic Games has released anoth­er update for Fort­nite. This patch brings improve­ments and bug fix­es to both Bat­tle Royale and Save The World modes. Get ready to fly with some bal­loons in Bat­tle Royale and to Save the world with the new Dim Mak Igor, the plague doc­tor nin­ja. Check out the full patch notes below:

Save The World


  • All rar­i­ties of Perk-UP and RE-Perk mate­ri­als are now dis­trib­uted start­ing in mid-Planker­ton and beyond.
    • This applies to mis­sion rewards and Mini­boss Mis­sion Alerts.
  • Perk Caches
    • New Cache type that can drop both RE-Perk and Perk-UP.
    • Will start appear­ing in mid-Planker­ton.
    • These can drop from Mini-boss­es and trea­sure chests.
  • The Vol­canic and Vor­tex mod­i­fiers can now appear on mini-boss­es.
    • The Vor­tex mod­i­fi­er allows the ene­my to use a bolt of ener­gy to pull heroes towards it.
    • The Vol­canic mod­i­fi­er caus­es the ground to rup­ture under a play­er, explod­ing for huge dam­age.
  • Adjust­ed the Mutant Storm mis­sion table to assure only one of the three mod­i­fiers could pos­si­bly appear in a mis­sion.
    • Acid Pools, Smoke Screens, and Slow­ing Pools.
  • The Fren­zied Death­burst mod­i­fi­er now applies an increase to ene­my attack dam­age as well as a speed increase.


  • Dim Mak Igor — Plague Doc­tor Nin­ja.
    • Avail­able on Novem­ber 1 at 8 PM East­ern Time.

Bug Fix­es

  • Goin’ Commando’s perk Boom­stick now prop­er­ly deals ener­gy dam­age.


Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where upgrad­ed Adren­a­line Rush would not revive allies.
  • When plac­ing traps or using BASE with perks or attrib­ut­es that increase max health to build­ing pieces, the build­ing pieces no longer get stuck with “Repair 1” instead of let­ting you Upgrade.
  • Fixed a pos­si­ble crash leav­ing the zone on Xbox
  • Cor­rect mis­sion info now dis­plays for par­ty mem­bers in zone lob­by.
  • Defens­es built around storm trap are destroyed when storm trap is placed after­ward.


Bug Fix­es

  • Tak­er now prop­er­ly push­es play­ers out of the way with swoop attack.
  • The out­line for pump­kin head­ed Husks now appears prop­er­ly.


Bug Fix­es

  • The zone select­ed by the par­ty leader is now prop­er­ly repli­cat­ed to the oth­er play­ers in the lob­by.
  • The Hal­loween-themed back­ground is now prop­er­ly appear­ing on the Fort­nitemares quest map on the Play Tab.


  • Added sound updates for vote sys­tem with Mis­sion Con­trol.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed issue with Dis­in­te­gra­tor explo­sion sounds not play­ing con­sis­tent­ly.
  • Fixed issue with com­bat music per­sist­ing when com­plet­ing Fight the Storm mis­sions.
  • Fixed issue with Husk Bee Hive dam­age sounds not play­ing con­sis­tent­ly.

Battle Royale


Bug Fix­es

  • Updat­ed Port-A-Chal­lenge grenade names.
  • Improved clar­i­ty of where to throw Port-A-Chal­lenge grenades.


  • Bal­loons added
    • Epic rar­i­ty
      • Comes with 20 deploy­able bal­loons.
        • Allows the play­er to defy grav­i­ty by hold­ing up to 6 bal­loons at a time.
        • Pri­ma­ry fire but­ton to inflate a bal­loon, sec­ondary fire but­ton to let go of a bal­loon.
      • Can be found from floor loot, chests, Sup­ply Drops, Sup­ply Lla­mas, and Vend­ing Machines.
      • NOTE: Don’t float too high for too long, bal­loons only last so long at max build height.
  • Grap­pler
    • When grap­pling as a vehi­cle pas­sen­ger, the veloc­i­ty of your vehi­cle is fac­tored into the grap­ple force.
      • Only occurs in instances where vehi­cle veloc­i­ty will be a net gain to grap­ple force.
    • Grap­pling as a vehi­cle pas­sen­ger will now cause the vehi­cle to trav­el in a straight line to its des­ti­na­tion rather than trav­el­ing in an arc.
  • Vault­ed
    • Semi-Auto Sniper
    • Guid­ed Mis­sile
    • Dual Pis­tols
      • These items will remain avail­able in Play­ground Mode.
  • 25% of explo­sive dam­age will now pen­e­trate through struc­tures and the envi­ron­ment.


Glid­er Re-deploy
We’ve fin­ished our first week of Glid­er Re-deploy being avail­able in all modes. Dur­ing this time we’ve been col­lect­ing inter­nal data and mon­i­tor­ing con­struc­tive feed­back from all of you. We under­stand that not all play­ers agree with this change, but we would like to con­tin­ue with this func­tion­al­i­ty in the game based on the pos­i­tive results we’ve been see­ing.

As this fea­ture remains avail­able, we’ll begin mak­ing qual­i­ty of life changes to its func­tion­al­i­ty. First of which will be pri­or­i­tiz­ing Glid­er audio over weapon audio with­in cer­tain ranges, this will begin in v6.21. We also plan on adding addi­tion­al changes in future updates.

Thanks for the dis­cus­sion and feed­back you’ve pro­vid­ed. Please con­tin­ue let­ting us know how we can improve this fea­ture, your thoughts on its effect in match­es, and any oth­er feed­back you may have as we con­tin­ue to work on Glid­er Re-deploy.

Addi­tion­al Game­play Changes

  • Grass updates more fre­quent­ly result­ing in smoother ani­ma­tion.
  • Added sup­port for Nin­ten­do Switch Pro Con­troller and new­er ver­sions of PS4 and Xbox One con­trollers on Mac

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where pick­ing up a trap could cause a hitch.
  • Cer­tain bind­ings will no longer over­ride the abil­i­ty to use the fullscreen map and spec­tat­ing actions.
  • Fixed the delay between using mul­ti­ple Small Shields.
  • Fixed an issue where inven­to­ry could get stuck when using the Grap­pler while pick­ing up an item.
  • Map zoom­ing with trig­ger but­tons works on Switch again.


  • Inten­si­fied Fiend Hunter Cross­bow fire sounds.
  • Reduced vol­ume of Cube Mon­sters and dynam­ic spawn­ers.
  • It’s now eas­i­er to hear glid­ers while shoot­ing or har­vest­ing.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed sniper pro­jec­tiles play­ing the wrong impact sounds when hit­ting Cube Mon­sters.
  • Fixed Boo­gie Bomb music not play­ing for Cube Mon­sters.


Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed a bug caus­ing Quad Launch­er rock­et explo­sions to reset when scrub­bing replays.


  • Opti­miza­tion to reduce hitch­ing on Android phones using Vulkan.
  • Snap-to-val­ue slid­er added to the HUD Lay­out tool.

Bug Fix­es

  • Wid­gets that should not have had editable vis­i­bil­i­ty shown will now be prop­er­ly hid­den.

Fort­nite is avail­able now on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android and the Switch