This week’s For­nite patch is live and brings the usu­al week­ly con­tent refresh, a new LTM for Bat­tle Royale, A new hero in Save The World, Saved Sprays in Cre­ative mode and some bug fix­es. The full patch notes are post­ed below:

Save The World


High­land War­rior Wild­cat
There can only be one! Pull the Pin and snag this Sol­dier while it’s avail­able in the Week­ly Store.


Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed hero load­out infor­ma­tion some­times show­ing place­hold­er data.
  • Fixed the col­lec­tion book unslot but­ton being unavail­able if you have a free unslot but do not have enough cur­ren­cy to unslot like you would reg­u­lar­ly. It nev­er charged cur­ren­cy for free slots, but would not be acces­si­ble with­out hav­ing enough cur­ren­cy.


Bug Fix­es

  • Cor­rect­ed an issue which caused Bul­let­storm Jonesy’s abil­i­ties to be unlocked in the incor­rect order. He should now gain War­cry at 1 star, Goin’ Com­man­do at 2 stars, and Frag Grenade at 3 stars as intend­ed.
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue which reset the cooldown of Man­tis Leap mid-air dur­ing cer­tain weapon inter­ac­tions.
    • Stay­ing air­borne for min­utes at time is fun, how­ev­er,  this was an unin­tend­ed inter­ac­tion. We want to make sure we’re respon­si­ble about how we imple­ment ver­ti­cal game­play and after see­ing such a strong pos­i­tive response we’ll be look­ing for more ways to intro­duce this type of game­play in the future.
  • Fixed an issue where Keen Eyes cre­at­ed col­li­sion with some ene­mies


Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed wall some­times being built when using mouse to pick a trap from the trap pick­er.


Bug Fix­es

  • When motion blur is turned on for con­soles that sup­port it (Xbox One X or the Playsta­tion 4 Pro), it will now prop­er­ly take effect.

Creative Mode


Saved Sprays
Give your island even more per­son­al­i­ty using sprays! The lim­it of 3 per island is a thing of the past.


  • Sprays are now saved! Use your sprays to dec­o­rate.
    • Removed the 3 spray lim­it, now each spray has a small cost on the mem­o­ry ther­mome­ter.


Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed issue where Nin­ten­do Switch Con­soles can Desync with 16 play­ers on a Cre­ative Serv­er.


  • Added the Drum Gun
  • Added the Tac­ti­cal Sub­ma­chine Gun


  • Added All New Ele­men­tal Cube Gallery — begin­ning with 4 vari­a­tions of water.
  • Added new Bridge and Gird­er Gal­leries in a vari­ety of col­ors.
  • Added new Obsta­cle Course Gal­leries in a vari­ety of col­ors.
  • Added new Visu­al­iz­er Gallery XL — now you can go big with your music!


Bug Fix­es

  • Bill­board Device will now update imme­di­ate­ly when changes are made.
  • Bill­board Device will no longer be able to bypass the Lan­guage Fil­ter.
  • Play­er Spawn Pads will no longer be removed when destroy­ing the sup­port­ing floor tile.

Battle Royale


Buried Trea­sure
Fol­low the map to uncov­er hid­den loot across the island! Find the X that marks the spot and get to dig­ging.


  • Increased the angle at which you can slide down ter­rain with­out tak­ing dam­age from 65 degrees to 75 degrees.


Ice blocks on everyone’s feet, infi­nite ammo Grap­plers in everyone’s inven­to­ry — a recipe for a slip­pery good time!

Mode Details

  • Fric­tion great­ly low­ered.
  • Max run speed great­ly raised.
  • Falling dam­age removed.
  • Infi­nite ammo Grap­plers added to everyone’s inven­to­ry.


  • Buried Trea­sure
    • It’s a map that is used to track down buried chests on the map.
      • Chests con­tain a trove of leg­endary loot.
      • X marks the spot! The chest must be dug up using a pick­axe.
    • There is a lim­it of one map held at a time.
    • Leg­endary Rar­i­ty.
    • Can be found from Floor Loot and Chests.
  • Reduced Infantry Rifle avail­abil­i­ty
    • Reduced the chance of receiv­ing an Infantry Rifle from Chests from 14.41% to 13.39%
    • Reduced the chance of receiv­ing an Infantry Rifle from Floor Loot from 2.41% to 2.24%
  • Reduced Clinger avail­abil­i­ty
    • Reduced the chance of receiv­ing Clinger’s from Chests from 9.42% to 5.52%
    • Reduced the chance of receiv­ing Clinger’s from Floor Loot from 1.27% to 1.02%
  • Vault­ed
    • Bot­tle Rock­ets


  • New Tour­na­ment: Gaunt­let Solo Test Event & Gaunt­let Duo Test Event
    • We are run­ning a new type of tour­na­ment as a test of sev­er­al for­mat updates.
    • Extend­ed Hours: This event con­sists of a sin­gle ses­sion which lasts until March 9th 00:00 GMT.
      • Due to the extend­ed hours for this event, Duo play­ers will each have their own score that remains when chang­ing part­ners.
      • Note: Due to the playlist fea­tur­ing match­mak­ing based on your score, the qual­i­ty or avail­abil­i­ty of match­es may dif­fer at cer­tain times of day.
    • Updat­ed Scor­ing:
      • Match Lim­it: None
      • Bus Fare: -2 Points
        • Each match played will reduce your score by two points in the form of a ‘Bus Fare’ at the start of the match.
        • Tour­na­ment scores can­not go into the neg­a­tives — at the end of a match, if a play­er has a neg­a­tive score for the tour­na­ment then their score will be reset to zero points.
      • Vic­to­ry Royale: +3 Points (+10 Total)
      • 2nd — 5th: +2 Points (+7 Total)
      • 6th — 10th: +2 Points (+5 Total)
      • 11th — 25th: +3 Points (+3 Total)
      • Each Elim­i­na­tion: +1 Point
    • Match­mak­ing:
      • Play­ers are still match­made against oppo­nents with sim­i­lar point totals.
      • Match­mak­ing will wait for up to 8 min­utes before cre­at­ing a match with the clos­est play­ers avail­able.
      • Match­mak­ing will search in a con­sid­er­ably wider points range after 4 min­utes of search­ing.
    • At the con­clu­sion of the Gaunt­let Test Event, the Top 5% of play­ers based on their final score will unlock the ‘Gaunt­let Finals’ tour­na­ment.
  • New Tour­na­ment: Gaunt­let Solo Finals & Gaunt­let Duo Finals
    • Sched­uled 3-hour event, check tour­na­ment in-game for your local time.
      • Note: NA East and NA West are now sep­a­rate for sched­uled tour­na­ments, and no longer share a leader­board. 
    • Scor­ing:
      • Match Lim­it: 10 Games
      • Vic­to­ry Royale: +3 Points (+10 Total)
      • 2nd — 5th: +2 Points (+7 Total)
      • 6th — 10th: +2 Points (+5 Total)
      • 11th — 25th: +3 Points (+3 Total)
      • Each Elim­i­na­tion: +1 Point
    • Top 3000 play­ers in each serv­er region will advance to Round 2 on Sun­day dur­ing same time block.


  • Improve­ment to the stan­dard AR sound so that it’s not over­bear­ing on the shoot­er.
  • The sound made when a play­er destroys a struc­ture is now loud­er when insti­gat­ed by ene­mies.
  • Foot­step audio blends in the above/below lay­ers, rather than bina­ri­ly switch­ing between them.
  • Foot­step occlu­sion traces from the head of ene­mies when they’re above or below.
  • Reduced the vol­ume of the Sea­son 8 Vic­to­ry Umbrel­la.
  • The Sea­son 8 Vic­to­ry Umbrel­la now uses the cor­rect sound on Mobile/Switch.


Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue when press­ing the fire but­ton with 2 fin­gers caus­es fire action to con­tin­u­ous­ly loop.

Fort­nite is avail­able for the Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, iOS and Android