Part 3 of Fortnite’s 9.30 patch is live now and it brings a cou­ple of new things to each of the game modes. Save The World gets The Atom­iz­er 9000 to destroy all those pesky husks. Bat­tle Royale gets the Air Strike Grenade and Cre­ative mode gets some new pre-fabs. Check Out the Full update notes below.

Save The World


  • New Wargames sim­u­la­tion: Dou­ble Trou­ble
  • Take two Gold­en Smash­ers with cycling mod­i­fiers, make them inde­struc­tible, and set them loose on your fort.
  • If that doesn’t sound hor­ri­fy­ing enough, their ill tem­pera­ment switch­es between attack­ing Heroes and the fort.
  • A new Wargames sim­u­la­tion means more chances for Event Tick­ets, a new ban­ner, and more vari­ety to the Dai­ly Wargames Chal­lenges.


Fortnite 9.30 Update #3 Notes
  • De-Atom­iz­er 9000 launch­es into the Week­ly Store!
    • Launch­es an ener­gy pro­jec­tile that explodes and shoots 15 sub-pro­jec­tiles out in all direc­tions. Dec­i­mates crowds of weak ene­mies… and build­ings!
    • Avail­able from July 10 at 8 PM East­ern Time until July 17 at 8 PM East­ern Time.


Fortnite 9.30 Update #3 Notes


  • Added 4 New Gal­leries:
    • Car Gallery B — which has more car col­or vari­ants
    • Snow & Mud Floor Gallery
    • Grass & Sand Floor Gallery
    • Lava Floor Gallery

Bat­tle Royale


  • Air Strike
    • A thrown can­is­ter of col­ored smoke that calls in a flur­ry of mis­siles from above.
    • Once the can­is­ter comes to rest, mis­siles will spawn after a short delay.
    • Mis­siles spawn about 120 meters above the smoke can­is­ter.
    • Mis­siles aim for ran­dom points with­in a 9 meters radius of the thrown object.  
    • A total of 20 mis­siles are spawned.
    • Each mis­sile has an explo­sion radius of 3.5 meters.
    • Each mis­sile deals 75 dam­age to play­ers and 200 dam­age to struc­tures.
    • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Sup­ply Drops, Vend­ing Machines, and Lla­mas.
    • Drops in stacks of 1.
    • Max stack size of 2.
    • Leg­endary vari­ant.

Fort­nite is avail­able now for the Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS and Android.