Epic released a patch today that adds a new weapon to Bat­tle Roy­al and a new Myth­ic Out­lander for those who play Save the World. It also vaults the Drum Gun in Bat­tle Royale, and it seems play­ers are unhap­py with this deci­sion. 

Fort­nite play­ers have tak­en to Twit­ter, let­ting Epic know their dis­taste for vault­ing the Drum Gun. Most peo­ple tweet­ing R.I.P and oth­ers try­ing to under­stand why it was tak­en out in the first place.

Oth­er­wise, this update is rather small, most­ly fix­ing issues with the Lim­it­ed Time Mode. 

Fortnite v5.40 Update

Sup­pressed Assault Rifle (Bat­tle Royale)

Fortnite Content Update v5.40 Brings a New Weapon to Battle Royale

Field Agent Rio (Save the World)

New Myth­ic Out­lander

Fortnite Content Update v5.40 Brings a New Weapon to Battle Royale

Week­ly Horde Chal­lenge 6 (Save the World)

Accord­ing to Epic, shield won’t help for this weeks Horde Chal­lenge. 

Fortnite Content Update v5.40 Brings a New Weapon to Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Limited Time Mode: The Getaway

Bug Fix­es

  • Play­ers in the Get­away LTM can no longer land on the van with­out build­ing.
  • Reduced the Vic­to­ry music at the end of a match.
  • Jew­el will no longer appear in inven­to­ry hot­bar after being put in the Down-But-Not-Out state.
  • Play­er mod­els will no longer get stuck under the van after win­ning a match.
  • Play­er mod­els and items will no longer fall to the ground after win­ning a match.
  • Enforcer Out­fit no longer appears dis­tort­ed to oth­er clients from cer­tain dis­tances.
Weapons + Items
  • Sup­pressed Assault Rifle Added.
    • Sneaky weapon that rewards trig­ger dis­ci­pline with pre­ci­sion.
    • Can be found in Vend­ing Machines, floor loot, Trea­sure Chests, and Sup­ply Drops.
      • Avail­able in Epic and Leg­endary Vari­ants.
        • 32/33 dam­age per shot.
  • Vault­ed Drum Gun
  • Sub-Region Match­mak­ing added for South­east Asia.

Save The World

Missions + Systems
  • Week­ly Horde Chal­lenge 6 is now avail­able:
    • This week, deploy your portable Fort against hordes of assas­sin Husks — and play­ers have no shields!
    • Earn Field Agent Rio for the first-time com­ple­tion.
    • This chal­lenge is also repeat­able for Event Tick­ets.
  • New Myth­ic Out­lander — Field Agent Rio, has been added to the Week­ly Horde Chal­lenge.
    • Fea­tures new Sub­class — Rook
      • New Perk — Phase Can­non: Phase Shift­ing empow­ers the equipped ranged weapon caus­ing the next shot fired to shoot a Phase pro­jec­tile which pierces ene­mies and deals 60 base ener­gy dam­age. Switch­ing or hol­ster­ing weapons removes the effect.

Bug Fix­es

  • Myth­ic Nin­ja: Bladestorm Enforcer no longer appears dis­tort­ed to oth­er clients at cer­tain dis­tances. 
Weapons + Items
  • Wraith Assault Rifle added to the Week­ly Store.
    • A silenced assault rifle with excel­lent head­shot dam­age that main­tains impres­sive accu­ra­cy when fired in con­trolled bursts.
    • Equipped with a sup­pres­sor that great­ly reduces the dis­tance that ene­mies hear gun­shots.
    • Avail­able Wednes­day, Sep­tem­ber 12 at 8 PM ET until Wednes­day, Sep­tem­ber 19 at 8 PM ET.\

Source: Epic