Epic added a new grenade to Fort­nite Bat­tle Roy­al this week and a new Hero to Save the World. They also put some extra shine into their lim­it­ed time mode this week. How­ev­er, the patch notes are actu­al­ly rather short for the Bat­tle Roy­al side of the game and it appears noth­ing was adjust­ed in either ver­sion of the game.

Shockwave Grenade (Battle Royal)

This new grenade launch­es play­ers great dis­tances with­out inflict­ing fall dam­age. The blast is so strong, you can launch play­ers through struc­tures.


Solid Gold LTM (Battle Royal)

Bat­tle with all leg­endary weapons in the Sol­id Gold and Sol­id Gold 50v50 LTM’s, avail­able now.

Fortnite v5.30 Content Update

Horde Challenge Week 4 (Save the World)

Traps wont trig­ger dur­ing this weeks chal­lenge, so bring plen­ty of ammo and friends.

Fortnite v5.30 Content Update

Bladestorm Enforcer (Save the World)

New Myth­ic Nin­ja avail­able now.

Fortnite v5.30 Content Update

Battle Royal

Limited Time Mode: 50v50 Solid Gold

What’s New?
The 50v50 LTM will con­sist of only leg­endary weapons and items for a lim­it­ed time. Drop in and loot up!

Weapons + Items 
  • Shock­wave Grenade added.
    • Shock­wave Grenade will knock play­ers back and destroy objects in their path after being knocked back.
    • Allies, ene­mies, and vehi­cles hit with Shock­wave Grenade will not take fall dam­age.
    • Drops in stacks of 2, max­i­mum stack size of 6.
    • Epic Rar­i­ty.
    • Can be found in Sup­ply Drops, Vend­ing Machines, Lla­mas, and chests.

Save the World

Missions + Systems
  • Week­ly Horde Chal­lenge 4
    • This week, pre­pare your forts for a no-trap chal­lenge: Husks will not trig­ger traps when walk­ing over/near them.
    • Win a Leg­endary Red­line Ramirez for the first-time com­ple­tion of Week­ly Horde Chal­lenge 4.
    • The Horde Week­ly Chal­lenge quest is also repeat­able for Event Tick­ets.
  • Myth­ic Bladestorm Enforcer Nin­ja
    • Avail­able in the Event Store August 29, at 8 PM ET.
    • Fea­tures new sub­class — Bladestorm.
      • New Abil­i­ty:
        • Kunai Storm: Nin­ja flips back­ward and throws 15 point­ed knives down­wards in a 0.5 tile radius. Deal­ing edged weapon dam­age. Dam­age is scaled based on dis­tance with a max­i­mum range of 4 tiles.
      • New Perks:
        • Kunai Col­lec­tion: Elim­i­nat­ing ene­mies with Kunai Storm reduces its cooldown by 2 sec­onds.
        • Kunai Bar­rage: Increase the num­ber of kunai thrown from Kunai Storm by 6 and dam­age by 25%.
        • Kun­nai­hi­la­tion: Kunai will now ran­dom­ly explode and deal Ener­gy Dam­age in a 0.25 tile radius.
  • Red­line Ramirez
    • Leg­endary vari­ant of Raider.
    • Unlock by com­plet­ing the Week­ly Horde Chal­lenge 4.

Source: Epic