Epic has released a new patch for Fort­nite. This weeks patch brings some bug fix­es, a cou­ple new weapons and a new lim­it­ed time mode. Check out the full patch notes below:

Save The World


Bug Fix­es

  • Storm Shield Defens­es no longer grant reduced pri­ma­ry rewards if the 80% health bonus objec­tive is failed.


  • Ralphie’s Revenge is return­ing and will be avail­able in the Week­ly Store
    • Accu­rate and slow fir­ing air rifle that has a mas­sive head­shot bonus. Remem­ber to always wear your eye pro­tec­tion!
    • Avail­able from Decem­ber 12 at 7 PM ET until Decem­ber 19th 7 PM ET.



  • The Block
    • New 5th Island to build on. Pro­vides the exact block that appears in Bat­tle Royale where your cre­ation could appear.
  • Fea­tured Islands
    • Added 4 fea­tured island Rifts. Fea­tured islands will be changed over time as we fea­ture the com­mu­ni­ties cre­ations. Fea­tured maps can be played the rules are set by the cre­ator. Also, use the fea­tured rifts to enter codes from oth­er cre­ators.
  • Island Codes sys­tem
    • Use codes to load cre­ations that have been shared with the Island Code sys­tem.
    • Ini­tial­ly, only a lim­it­ed num­ber of play­ers in the Sup­port a Cre­ator pro­gram will have access to this fea­ture.
    • Over time we will expand the num­ber of play­ers that can pub­lish islands as we pol­ish this fea­ture.
    • To use a code, go to a Fea­ture Rift and select “Enter Code” and fol­low the instruc­tions.
    • Post your cre­ations to Red­ditYoutubeTwitch, or any of our oth­er social chan­nels! We may reach out and pro­vide you the abil­i­ty to pub­lish your cre­ation.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where respawn­ing on Cre­ative Hub could cause your play­er to leave the Island.
  • Fixed var­i­ous prob­lems with Island Rifts not func­tion­ing cor­rect­ly.
  • Fixed Island Rifts not show­ing the cor­rect Island name and play­er count in some cas­es.
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed play­er inven­to­ry from being reset when return­ing to Cre­ative Hub.
  • Fixed play­ers appear­ing to fall through the ground in Replays when tele­port­ing between islands.
  • Fixed bug where the same friend’s serv­er could appear mul­ti­ple times in Cre­ative serv­er select.
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed play­ers from plac­ing build­ing tiles on cer­tain islands.
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers would not be able to spawn on your island when build­ing tiles or props were in the way.


  • 6 New Lucky Land­ing Pre­fabs
  • Obsta­cle Course
    • The Obsta­cle Course gallery was split into four sep­a­rate gallery Pre­fabs:  Floors, Walls, Roofs & Stairs and Parts.
    • New props were added to the Parts gallery.  Go check it out!
  • Inde­struc­tible Gallery
    • This gallery con­tains props that can­not be destroyed by weapons.
    • New inde­struc­tible props and build­ing tiles were added to this gallery Pre­fab.
  • A few oth­er Pre­fabs were updat­ed with new build­ing tiles and props.


  • New: Item Spawn­er — Drop any item on this device to have it spawn one item at a time dur­ing games.
  • New: Play­er Check­point Plate — Run across the check­point dur­ing a game and the next time you die you’ll respawn there.
  • Play­er Spawn device can now be cus­tomized to spawn only play­ers on a spe­cif­ic team num­ber.  The team num­ber is dis­played on the plate (except when in the game is in progress.)
  • Play­er Spawn device can now be set to be an Island Start instead of a game start.  This can be used to set where play­ers arrive when they vis­it your island when not in Play mode.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed issues with mul­ti­ple devices able to be placed on top of one anoth­er.
  • Fixed Dam­age Rails being able to be placed on top of them­selves.
  • Fixed vehi­cles not being removed when their Vehi­cle Spawn­er is delet­ed.
  • Fixed a prob­lem that could cause devices to mal­func­tion after being saved and loaded.
  • Fixed cer­tain devices becom­ing inde­struc­tible after load­ing your Island on a new serv­er.


  • New set­tings in “My Island” menu:
    • Start­ing Health” can now be set to “Invin­ci­ble”.
      • This pre­vents play­ers from tak­ing any dam­age on your island.
    • Build­ing Dam­age in Game”
      • This can be dis­abled to pre­vent island struc­tures from being dam­aged in game.  
      • Has no effect on struc­tures built by play­ers dur­ing the game.
      • When enabled, play­ers will not be able to place struc­tures while a game is active.
  • When stop­ping a game, play­ers are now returned to where they were before the game start­ed.

Bug Fix­es

  • Play­er inven­to­ry is now reset when a game is start­ed and also after it fin­ish­es.
  • Fixed games being called “Minigames” in the UI in some places.
  • Fixed elim­i­nat­ed play­ers respawn­ing on the same spawn pad in some cas­es.
  • Fixed the “Down But Not Out” game set­ting not func­tion­ing cor­rect­ly.
  • Fixed play­ers not being able to dam­age struc­tures in game after edit­ing priv­i­leges were revoked by the island own­er.
  • Fixed a bug where dis­abling falling dam­age would not be remem­bered when load­ing your island.


  • Added Col­li­sion option
    • Col­li­sion can now be turned on and off when mov­ing props.
    • Tog­gle col­li­sion using V (Hold) on a desk­top, or D-Pad Left (Hold) on a con­troller.
    • When col­li­sion is off, props can be freely moved through any oth­er object (but not under ter­rain!)
  • Grid Snap
    • Snap now uses bet­ter set­tings for each indi­vid­ual prop.  This allows props to align bet­ter to the Fort­nite world grid.
  • Renamed help text for cer­tain actions to be more clear
    • Pick up” is now “Cut”
    • While hold­ing some­thing, “Copy” is now “Paste”
  • Your phone’s set­tings are now remem­bered as you move between islands, respawn, or play games on islands.
  • Vehi­cles can no longer be delet­ed while play­ers are using them.
  • Added some addi­tion­al sound effects when tog­gling options on the phone.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed props and build­ing tiles being able to be placed out­side of the island’s save­able area.
  • Fixed props some­times not plac­ing exact­ly where the holo­gram pre­view shows it will when the Drops option was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with grid snap where props would not actu­al­ly align to the grid when plac­ing them down quick­ly.
  • Fixed var­i­ous prob­lems when inter­act­ing with mir­rored build­ing tiles.
  • Fixed some issues with place­ment of props being denied unex­pect­ed­ly.
  • Fixed an issue where props could van­ish after you pick them up.
  • Fixed some props that were not able to be moved using the Phone.
  • Fixed holo­gram ani­ma­tions not play­ing on cer­tain props when you pick them up.


  • You can now switch to Fly while your Glid­er is deployed by dou­ble-tap­ping the Jump but­ton.
  • Hold­ing down the Jump but­ton on will now con­sis­tent­ly fly upwards, even on a key­board.
  • Improved Fly ani­ma­tions, espe­cial­ly when using items or inter­act­ing.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed Bounc­ers being destroyed when fly­ing on top of them.
  • Fixed cer­tain Devices not affect­ing respawned play­ers who were elim­i­nat­ed while fly­ing.


  • Play­ers will now be on the same team (and voice chan­nel) when enter­ing a serv­er.
  • Play­ers who join a ses­sion in progress will now always be added to Team 1.
  • Play­ers are now spread even­ly between avail­able team spawns when pos­si­ble.
  • Play­ers on the same team will now see team iden­ti­fiers dur­ing a game.
  • Removed redun­dant Team Spawn Pads option.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed play­ers not all start­ing on the same team when first enter­ing an Island.
  • Fixed play­ers not being on cor­rect teams when start­ing a game.
  • Fixed play­ers being able to switch teams while in the mid­dle of a game.
  • Fixed play­ers not being able to switch to spe­cif­ic teams in some cas­es.


Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed not being able to stack Port-a-Fortress grenades in Cre­ative.


  • Added a new tuto­r­i­al pop-up to inform users about chang­ing island per­mis­sions when anoth­er play­er joins the ses­sion.
  • Play­ers can no longer join your ses­sion in progress when your par­ty is set to pri­vate.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed wrong Cre­ative serv­er being select­ed in some cas­es when choos­ing a serv­er using a con­troller.
  • Inter­act­ing with chests and Sup­ply Lla­mas now takes the intend­ed amount of time.
  • Fixed the Cre­ative Inven­to­ry not being dis­played while sky­div­ing or glid­ing.
  • Fixed the wrong num­ber of play­ers show­ing next to names in the friend list.
  • Fixed friends’ servers show­ing on Cre­ative serv­er select after they become emp­ty.
  • Fixed var­i­ous issues with friend sta­tus in Cre­ative and play­er counts.
  • Fixed being able to access Cre­ative Inven­to­ry when in the Cre­ative Hub in cer­tain cas­es.
  • Fixed var­i­ous prob­lems with in-game tuto­r­i­al pop-ups


  • Improved the load times of island con­tent when first start­ing a serv­er.
  • To improve serv­er per­for­mance, the max­i­mum num­ber of Vehi­cle Spawn­ers on an island has been lim­it­ed to 32.
  • Reduced mem­o­ry usage when switch­ing between Islands on the same serv­er.
  • Improved per­for­mance of par­ti­cle sys­tems with large num­bers of placed traps.


  • Added a new but­ton that tog­gles Col­li­sion on the Phone.
  • Added new states to some cre­ative but­tons to make their actions more clear.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed the “Mem­o­ry Used” bar being cov­ered up by oth­er mobile UI.

Bat­tle Royale


Close quar­ters com­bat with Shot­guns & Jet­packs!

Mode Details

  • The only weapons in this mode are Shot­gun vari­ants.
    • Jet­packs & Heavy Shot­guns can be found in chests & Sup­ply Drops.
    • Oth­er Shot­gun vari­ants are spawned as floor loot.
  • The Storm moves in more quick­ly than nor­mal at mid to late game.
    • Typ­i­cal match length is about 15 min­utes.
  • Stats are enabled for this mode.


  • Infin­i­ty Blade
    • This Myth­ic melee weapon can be found on Polar Peak.
    • Pri­ma­ry Fire deliv­ers a pow­er­ful sword slash. It deals big dam­age to ene­mies and destroys struc­tures in one blow (75 dam­age to play­ers).
    • Alter­nate Fire allows the play­er to leap great dis­tances, destroy­ing objects in its path. Upon land­ing, it deliv­ers dam­age and a knock-up to near­by play­ers (25 dam­age).
    • The wield­er of the sword is also grant­ed addi­tion­al abil­i­ties:
      • An increased pool of max Health and Shields (200 Health/200 Shields).
      • Regen­er­a­tion of effec­tive Health over time up to max Health and Shields (1 HP per sec­ond).
      • An instant burst of effec­tive Health upon elim­i­na­tion of an ene­my (50 HP).
      • Increased move­ment speed (130%).
    • The first play­er to pull the Infin­i­ty Blade from its pedestal will be instant­ly healed to full Health and Shields.
    • If a play­er picks up the Infin­i­ty Blade, all oth­er inven­to­ry items aside from build­ing mate­ri­als will be dropped.
    • When the wield­er of the Infin­i­ty Blade picks up an item (aside from build­ing mate­ri­als), the Infin­i­ty Blade will be dropped.
    • The Infin­i­ty Blade will be dropped when the wield­er is knocked out or elim­i­nat­ed.
    • Only one Infin­i­ty Blade will appear per match.


  • X-4 Stormwing
    • When a plane is shot down, the dri­ver and all pas­sen­gers of that plane will now take 25 dam­age from the explo­sion.

Bug Fix­es

  • Spec­u­la­tive fix for play­ers mov­ing after being elim­i­nat­ed.
  • Fixed play­ers being eject­ed from vehi­cles if they lost the icy feet effect.