This week’s Fort­nite update is live and brings a fresh sup­ply of con­tent to the game. Fort­nite v7.30 brings Bot­tle rock­ets and a new Cow­boy theme LTM to Bat­tle Royale, New con­cert props have been added to Cre­ative mode and Sub Zero Zenith appears in the event store in Save The World. Check out the full patch notes below:



  • Week­ly Frost­nite Chal­lenge 6: Trap Attack
    • Traps are buffed but ene­mies ric­o­chet back any ranged dam­age.
      • Use traps and melee attacks to defeat ene­mies..
      • Sur­vive for 30 min­utes three times to col­lect the Week 6 Chal­lenge Ban­ner.
      • Sur­vive for 30 min­utes to earn your choice of one Drag­on weapon.
        • Dragon’s Roar
        • Dragon’s Tooth
        • Dragon’s Claw
        • Dragon’s Might
    • Avail­able on Feb­ru­ary 6 at 7 PM ET.
  • Lunar Lla­ma added to the Loot store
  • Avail­able from Feb 6 at 7 PM ET until the end of Sea­son 7.
  • Con­tains Drag­on Weapons and Lunar New Year Heroes from last year’s Spring It On! event.
  • Costs 500 Snowflake Tick­ets


  • Sub­ze­ro Zenith will be avail­able in the Event Store.
    • Myth­ic vari­ant of T.E.D.D. Shot
    • Avail­able on Feb­ru­ary 6 at 7PM ET.
  • Wukong returns to the Event Store.
    • Avail­able on Feb­ru­ary 6 at 7 PM ET.
  • Lunar New Year Heroes are return­ing in the Lunar Lla­ma.
    • Berserk­er Head­hunter
    • Berserk­er Rene­gade
    • Flash A.C.
    • Flash Eagle Eye
    • Riot Con­trol Haz­ard
    • Riot Con­trol Izza
    • Thun­der­strike Mari
    • Thun­der­strike Scorch
  • Note: Most Heroes will become unique once the new Hero Load­out launch­es.


  • Drag­on Weapons are return­ing in the Lunar Lla­ma.
  • Dragon’s Claw sniper rifle
  • Dragon’s Fang spear
  • Dragon’s Fury fire­works launch­er
  • Dragon’s Might fire­works shot­gun
  • Dragon’s Roar assault rifle
  • Dragon’s Tooth sword



  • Dis­co Gallery B
    • Added a sec­ond gallery of con­cert-relat­ed props.
      • Stages
      • Lights
      • Speak­ers


  • Bot­tle Rock­ets
    • A thrown item that launch­es a bar­rage of bot­tle rock­ets to the toward the tar­get­ed direc­tion.



Note: We’ve begun test­ing a new sched­ule for Lim­it­ed Time Modes. Playlists will rotate every cou­ple of days to allow a more diverse amount of modes to be avail­able over the course of a week.
Fight for a Vic­to­ry Royale using a lim­it­ed set of weapons and items, such as Hunt­ing Rifles, Shot­guns, and Dyna­mite. This town ain’t big enough for the hun­dred of us!

What’s New?

  • Increased the chance for Slurp Juice to appear in Sup­ply Drops.
  • Unvault­ed the Revolver and the Dou­ble Bar­rel Shot­gun for this mode.


  • Bot­tle Rock­ets
    • A thrown item that launch­es a bar­rage of bot­tle rock­ets to the toward the tar­get­ed direc­tion.
    • Rar­i­ty: Uncom­mon
    • Found from Floor Loot, Chests, Vend­ing Machines, Sup­ply Lla­mas, and Sup­ply Drops.
    • Drops in stacks of 2.
    • Max stack size of 6.
    • Fires 45 rock­ets of vary­ing speeds ran­dom­ly with­in a cone over rough­ly 9 sec­onds.
    • Deals 10 play­er and 40 envi­ron­men­tal dam­age per explo­sion.
    • Max 2 active per play­er.
  • Envi­ron­men­tal Camp­fires
    • Camp­fire props in the world can now be lit by inter­act­ing with them.
    • Behaves like the Cozy Camp­fire, heal­ing 2 health per sec­ond for 25 sec­onds to all near­by play­ers.
    • Each camp­fire can only be used once per match.
    • You can tell if a camp­fire has been used by whether or not you can still see wood in it.
  • Vault­ed
    • Boom­Box
  • Reduced the chance of receiv­ing rock­et ammo out of ammo box­es from 12% to 6%.
  • Increased the impulse strength of the Launch­pad by 28.5%.
  • Reduced the chance to receive Dyna­mite from Chests from 7% to 5.33%.
  • Sneaky Snow­man will no longer drop from Chests.
  • Chiller Grenade
    • Low­ered the vol­ume of the beep.


  • Archi­tect Pop-Up Cup
    • Removed the abil­i­ty to edit ene­my struc­tures. Thank you for your feed­back!