For all Xbox One play­ers, expect anoth­er free week­end event start­ing today and run­ning through August 12th. For those who don’t know, this means all access to mul­ti­play­er games you own (you don’t need a Xbox Live Gold sub­scrip­tion to access). 

Along­side every game you own, Xbox is includ­ing a game and a DLC you can try out for free. Any­one still play­ing ESO can try out the lat­est DLC, Mor­rowind. You’ll have access to brand new loca­tion, with a new class, a new PvP mode and a new Tri­al. 

The full game avail­able this week­end is ONRUSH, a “high octane, adren­a­line filled game that intro­duces a new way of rac­ing with cars where fun is just as impor­tant as the fight for vic­to­ry.”

Source: Xbox