Ban­di Nam­co and CD Pro­jekt Red revealed today that Ger­alt (well known for being The Witch­er) is indeed includ­ed in Soul­Cal­ibur VI. Addi­tion­al­ly, the stu­dio has also includ­ed Kaer Morhen as a stage for Soul­Cal­ibur. 

As far as Geralt’s char­ac­ter is con­cerned, Ban­di Nam­co worked with CD Pro­jekt Red to “accu­rate­ly depict his char­ac­ter in game.” He will also be wield­ing his icon­ic two swords, and his com­bat will also include use of signs. Each Sign has pro­vides a dif­fer­ent strate­gic oppor­tu­ni­ty to defeat your foe, as well as start pow­er­ful com­bos. 

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Geralt’s Eng­lish voice actor will be doing his voice over, a sig­na­ture stage based on the The Witcher’s train­ing ground, and “icon­ic” music tracks from the Hunt of be Hunt­ed series, will all be com­ing to Soul­Cal­ibur VI

The lat­est title in the Soul­Cal­ibur series doesn’t have an offi­cial release date yet, but is sup­pose to launch some­time this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Source: PlaySta­tion