Polypho­ny Dig­i­tal has announced a closed beta for Gran Turim­so Sport.

The beta begins March 17th and is only avail­able to “select­ed U.S. PSN IDs”. Ini­tial­ly the beta servers will only be up at spe­cif­ic times, but those times have not been list­ed as of yet. More play­ers will be invit­ed to the beta as time goes on. Invites will be sent out through mes­sages on the PlaySta­tion 4 dash­board.  

Dur­ing the beta the selec­tion of cars and tracks will change through­out. This will also be the first use of Dri­ver Pro­files, Sports­man­ship Rat­ing, and Dri­ver Rat­ing. Sports­man­ship rat­ing will record play­er behav­ior on the track while Dri­ver Rat­ing records speed and race per­for­mance. These will be used in com­bi­na­tion to match play­ers with oth­er play­ers of sim­i­lar skill.

It is not clear if there is a way to opt-in for the beta. There is a page that is seem­ing­ly for beta sign-up, but it is stat­ed to be for infor­ma­tion updates on the beta.