Rock­star added Night­clubs today with the After Hours update, which also added a whole ton of new stuff. This includes sev­en new vehi­cles, new mis­sions to run and a night­club ware­house. 

You can get your ven­ture start­ed with the help of Tony Price: “source a sound sys­tem, choose your décor and get busy book­ing super­star DJs to keep the club packed to the rafters all day and all night.” Of course, this is just a front for you to run the most con­cen­trat­ed crim­i­nal net­work San Andreas has ever seen.

Nightclub Management

GTA Online Now has Nightclubs, Plus 7 New Vehicles and Discounts

Run mis­sions to secure neces­si­ties for your club includ­ing, bar and secu­ri­ty staff, equip­ment, and DJ. You’ll have to pro­mote your club to keep prof­its flow­ing. It’s not just all busi­ness. Earn rewards with all-new danc­ing, sip some bub­bles in the VIP area and pour shots for your friends from behind the bar. Watch out for celebri­ty appear­ances.

Solo­mun will be your first res­i­dent DJ, thanks to Tony Price’s fix­er, Eng­lish Dave. New DJs will be mak­ing their way through town, so be sure to be there to catch them:

  • Solo­mun – July 24
  • Tale Of Us – July 31
  • Dixon – August 7
  • The Black Madon­na – August 14

The Nightclub Warehouse

This is the ulti­mate ware­house to own. Every exist­ing busi­ness you own can be oper­at­ed from here with the help of Tech­ni­cians. You’ll need a deliv­ery fleet to move car­go your Tech­ni­cians col­lect. You can choose to sell quick­ly in small­er trans­ac­tions or acquire car­go from mul­ti­ple busi­ness­es to sell in risker, high vol­ume trans­ac­tions for larg­er prof­its. 

Business Battles

These bat­tles are a “unique first-come-first-serve” oppor­tu­ni­ty, in Freemode to grab extra sup­plies for your Night­club Ware­house stock­pile. 

Log In to Unlock

GTA Online Now has Nightclubs, Plus 7 New Vehicles and Discounts

Login from now until July 30th and recive the exclu­sive Tony’s Fun House T‑Shirt. 

New Vehicles

It’s been quite some time since a new car has been released in GTA Online. Rock­star made up for that today with sev­en brand new beau­ties to pur­chase (you can see some below):

GTA Online Now has Nightclubs, Plus 7 New Vehicles and Discounts
Fes­ti­val Bus
GTA Online Now has Nightclubs, Plus 7 New Vehicles and Discounts
The Ocelot Swinger
GTA Online Now has Nightclubs, Plus 7 New Vehicles and Discounts
Din­ka Jester Clas­sic
  • Din­ka Jester Clas­sic (Leg­endary Motor­sport)
  • Ocelot Swinger (Leg­endary Motor­sport)
  • Mam­moth Patri­ot Stretch (South­ern San Andreas Super Autos)
  • Fes­ti­val Bus (South­ern San Andreas Super Autos)
  • MTL Pounder Cus­tom (War­stock)
  • Maibat­su Mule Cus­tom (War­stock)
  • Vapid Speedo Cus­tom (Includ­ed with Night­club)

More Guest List Rewards

GTA Online Now has Nightclubs, Plus 7 New Vehicles and Discounts

For those who stuck it out week after week, there’s anoth­er set of rewards if you logged on between June 25th and July 2nd. Expect to recieve GTA$350,000 and Maisonette Los San­tos Tee.

That’s not all. Guest List mem­bers will get an exclu­sive  40% dis­count on the Maibat­su Mule Cus­tom and MTL Pounder cus­tom, plus 40% off Armor Upgrades for both vehi­cles and your clubs cus­tom Vapid Speedo.

Last­ly, mem­bers can give a psy­che­del­ic skin to their Night­club fleet with the exclu­sive Ses­san­ta Nove Mul­ti-Col­or and Pink & Green Camo Liv­er­ies, or cel­e­brate a deca­dent decade in the Eng­lish empire with the exclu­sive For Queen and Coun­try Liv­ery for the Ocelot Swinger.

Property and Business Discounts

  • Hangars & Ren­o­va­tions — 25% off
  • Hangar Work­shop — 25% off
  • Exec­u­tive Offices & Ren­o­va­tions — 25% off
  • Exec­u­tive Garages & Ren­o­va­tions — 25% off
  • Cus­tom Auto Shop — 25% off
  • Spe­cial Car­go Ware­hous­es — 25% off
  • Bik­er Club­hous­es & Ren­o­va­tions — 25% off
  • Cus­tom Bike Shop — 25% off
  • Bik­er Busi­ness­es — 25% off 
  • Bunkers & Ren­o­va­tions — 25% off

To see more on what Rock­star has to offer, just head on over to their web­site.

Source: Rock­star