After a short open beta on the PS4, H1Z1 has left ear­ly access and has been released as a fin­ished prod­uct. Accom­pa­ny­ing the move to full release, Day­break games has also released a new update for H1Z1 on PS4 adding some new stuff and fix­ing some bugs.

H1Z1 Out Of Early Access On PS4 + New Patch

The Bat­tle Pass is a reward sys­tem new to H1Z1. You increase your Bat­tle Pass lev­el by play­ing like you would nor­mal­ly and also by com­plet­ing chal­lenges. Each time you earn 10 medals your Bat­tle Pass lev­els up.

There are three dif­fer­ent Bat­tle Pass lines: Free, PlaySta­tion Plus, and Pre­mi­um.

Every play­er is auto­mat­i­cal­ly grant­ed the Free line of the Bat­tle Pass. If you are a PlaySta­tion Plus mem­ber, you will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be grant­ed the PlaySta­tion Plus line as well. You can pur­chase the Pre­mi­um line of the Bat­tle Pass for 500 Crowns through the in-game Bat­tle Pass menu, or for a sim­i­lar amount of your local cur­ren­cy from the PlaySta­tion Store (note: the PlaySta­tion Store ver­sion of the Pre­mi­um line includes an extra bonus item!).

For more details on the Bat­tle Pass, check out the FAQ here.


Your Skulls have been con­vert­ed to Cred­its at a ratio of 50-to‑1 (round­ed up). Your pur­chas­ing pow­er with Cred­its remains the same as it was with Skulls, as item prices have also been adjust­ed to reflect the change — you can read more on that here.

There is now a Mar­ket­place with new items avail­able where you can spend your Cred­its. Items avail­able in the Mar­ket­place can be pur­chased for Cred­its OR Crowns. The items avail­able in the Mar­ket­place rotate at var­i­ous times, on a 24 or 72 hour sched­ule.


  • The M40 Sniper will now kill an oppo­nent in one shot to the head regard­less of hel­met. To help bal­ance its pow­er a bit, cham­ber­ing a new round will pull you out of scoped view. The M40 can now be found in Gold air­drops.
  • The AR-15 can now be found as reg­u­lar ground loot.
  • Explo­sive Arrows have had their splash dam­age toned down.
  • The Cross­bow has been moved into Green air­drops.
  • The Hell­fire SMG now has an increased dam­age dropoff so that it is not near­ly as effec­tive at medi­um to long range.

New Weapon — M1 SOCOM

H1Z1 Out Of Early Access On PS4 + New Patch

The SOCOM is a new sniper rifle that is avail­able in Pur­ple air­drops. It is a semi-auto­mat­ic sniper and fills a sim­i­lar role that the M40 used to.

New Weapon — RPG

H1Z1 Out Of Early Access On PS4 + New Patch

Found in Gold air­drops, the RPG is the pre­em­i­nent anti-vehi­cle weapon. Rock­ets shoot in a straight line once you fire them (they are not guid­ed or fly-by-wire), so skill will be required to hit fast-mov­ing tar­gets.

New Vehi­cle — ARV

H1Z1 Out Of Early Access On PS4 + New Patch

The Armored Recon Vehi­cle is now avail­able! It is the tough­est but also the slow­est mov­ing vehi­cle in the game. It fea­tures an open hatch on top that allows a play­er to stand up and rotate 360 degrees to fire in any direc­tion. Crouch­ing will pull the play­er back into the cab­in. It is a rare spawn in the world or can drop dur­ing both Green and Pur­ple air­drops, so be on the look­out!


  • The weapon wheel now has a col­ored out­line that rep­re­sents the weapon’s rar­i­ty.
  • Com­bat Boots now show up as Green (Lev­el 1) as they pro­vide a boost in speed.
  • Mil­i­tary Crates have been swapped to a dif­fer­ent mod­el.
  • There is a new option avail­able to set ADS to a tog­gle instead of hold­ing it down.
  • To pro­vide more feed­back, vibra­tion has been added when your Armor or Hel­met breaks.
  • The vehi­cle HUD has been updat­ed with a clean­er and more leg­i­ble look.
  • Tro­phies have been added!


  • Fixed an issue where vehi­cles would not start burn­ing until they were at 18.5% health instead of the intend­ed 20%.
  • Fixed a rare issue where play­ers could be killed by the envi­ron­ment when a team­mate was downed.
  • Fixed an issue where the client could lock when enter­ing a vehi­cle that was just exit­ed.
  • Play­er no longer occa­sion­al­ly swaps to a dif­fer­ent throw­able type after throw­ing.
  • Attempt­ing to throw a grenade (when the user has no throw­ables) no longer can­cels reload.
  • Weapon reload audio now plays only once per reload.
  • Cough­ing sound effects no longer per­sist after expo­sure to a gas grenade ends, and no longer play when enter­ing a vehi­cle after being hit by a gas grenade.
  • Dam­age is now refreshed when mov­ing out of one gas grenade into anoth­er. Dam­age does not stack, how­ev­er.
  • Air­drop Crate inter­ac­tion ani­ma­tions now match the game timer and respect inter­rupts and restarts.
  • Remote play­ers now dis­play the cor­rect weapon stance.
  • Revive prompt now dis­plays the tar­get’s name cor­rect­ly (unplu­ral­ized).
  • But­ton prompts on the radi­al menu are now hid­den when a play­er is downed.
  • The M40 now reloads auto­mat­i­cal­ly after emp­ty­ing the clip.
  • The Mes­sage of the Day image no longer occa­sion­al­ly flick­ers on the Main Menu.
  • Tuto­r­i­al Chal­lenge #5 “Find a Rifle” no longer occa­sion­al­ly fails to com­plete on the first attempt. Find­ing a shot­gun also no longer grants cred­it for this Chal­lenge.
  • The M9 and Mag­num are now prop­er­ly in view when pre­view­ing these weapons.
  • Play Again search timers are no longer invert­ed.
  • Hat skins can now be pre­viewed after equip­ping any hel­met.
  • Switch­ing Rides slots in the Cus­tomize menu no longer caus­es tints to skin over incor­rect vehi­cle types.
  • Con­fir­ma­tion box added to “Restore All Defaults” in Set­tings.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game music to play twice.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur after exit­ing a match.
  • Fixed sev­er­al incon­sis­ten­cies in the Con­trols UI.
  • Fixed sev­er­al issues with item nam­ing, rar­i­ties, and auto-skin­ning.
  • Fixed sev­er­al minor issues in the UI such as incor­rect icons and high­light­ing.