Today Day­break put H1Z1 into some down­time to intro­duce a new arcade mode titled Scav­enger Hunt. Along­side the new mode, some bug fix­es have also been addressed for PS4 play­ers. 

H1Z1 Update: New Arcade Mode and Fixes

Scavenger Hunt

You’ll find two types of skulls across the map, each offer­ing their own chal­lenges and rewards:

Waste­land Skull (Easy)

These are eas­i­er to find through­out the map, col­lect 50 of these Waste­land Skulls before the end of the Hunt. How­ev­er, they’re still in lim­it­ed sup­ply each match. Col­lect­ing the fifty skulls will award you 3 Sil­ver Vic­to­ry Crates (Skull progress car­ries between match­es).

Skull of the King (Hard)

This is the skull from the first H1Z1 win­ner and is extreme­ly rare. Only one per match can be found on the map. The Skull of the King is “haunt­ed” and emits a gold­en glow that can both be heard and seen. 

Locate this skull, acquire it, a win a match while pos­sess­ing the Skull to unlock the elu­sive Scav­enger Skull Hel­met. This Skull can be loot­ed ff oth­ers, and any loot­bag with it will be clear­ly seen to con­tain it.

Scav­enger Hunt will be avail­able now until July 10th. 

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Quick-throw­ing a grenade now prop­er­ly inter­rupts shot­gun reloads.
  • Play­ers are now award­ed kill cred­it when dam­ag­ing a play­er who then dies from falling dam­age.
  • Revive timer now prop­er­ly shows when begin­ning a revive right after heal­ing.
  • Reviv­ing is now can­celed if the play­er being revived crawls too far away from the reviv­er.
  • Play­ers will no longer go into a downed state if they die with­out any team­mates still alive.
  • Cam­era no longer tran­si­tions to first-per­son when downed while aim­ing down sights.
  • Airstrike Sig­nal is no longer miss­ing tier info in the item pick­up UI.
  • Airstrike Sig­nal can now be picked up when all throw­able slots are occu­pied.
  • Weapons now appear with their cor­rect skins when dropped from oppos­ing play­ers.

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Source: Day­break