The sequel to the Playsta­tion 4 exclu­sive Knack has a free demo. The knack 2 demo is avail­able now in the Playsta­tion store. Weigh­ing in a 2.6 gb the down­load should­n’t take too long.

While the orig­i­nal Knack was­n’t crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed, I did enjoy play­ing through it. Knack brings some enter­tain­ing, fam­i­ly friend­ly plat­form­ing to the PS4, the world is unique and fun, while the game-play it’s self is smooth and flu­id.

I am going to down­load this free demo and check it out. It would be real­ly cool to see them improve upon the first game while keep­ing the charm that made it unique.

The Knack 2 demo is avail­able for free on the Playsta­tion 4 in the PSN store.