Mas­sive announced a major free con­tent update for The Divi­sion 2, which will be arriv­ing rather soon. Episode 1 — DC Out­skirts: Expe­di­tions is set to launch on July 23rd for Year 1 Pass hold­ers and July 30th for all players.Alongside the details about the upcom­ing episode, Mas­sive also announced the Oper­a­tion Dark Hours raid will have match­mak­ing.

Before any­one gets to excit­ed about the match­mak­ing, there are restric­tions. Match­mak­ing is attached to the new “Dis­cov­ery Dif­fi­cul­ty”, which is basi­cal­ly a watered down ver­sion of the raid. Exot­ic weapons earned from Nor­mal dif­fi­cul­ty can not be earned in Dis­cov­ery dif­fi­cul­ty. Mas­sive gave a short detailed state­ment regard­ing the match­mak­ing:

The new Dis­cov­ery Dif­fi­cul­ty, along with its cor­re­spond­ing match­mak­ing option, will allow more play­ers to expe­ri­ence the first-ever Divi­sion raid. While Oper­a­tion Dark Hours Exot­ic loot remains exclu­sive to the Nor­mal dif­fi­cul­ty, Agents play­ing the Dis­cov­ery Dif­fi­cul­ty can still expect to score worth­while loot.

Massive Details The Division 2’s Upcoming DC Outskirts Episode and Raid Matchmaking

Episode 1 will be tak­ing Agents out­side the city streets to new loca­tions, like Camp White Oak, Man­ning Nation­al Zoo and Ken­ly Col­lege. There are two new mis­sions, new Expe­di­tions, new loot and more. You can see all the new episode will have to offer, below:

Two New Main Missions

  • Camp White Oak: Bring the trai­tor Pres­i­dent Andrew Ellis to jus­tice as you assault a pres­i­den­tial com­pound in the woods.
  • Man­ning Nation­al Zoo: Eme­line Shaw, leader of the Out­casts, has holed up in the zoo to regain her strength. Agents will hunt down and elim­i­nate Shaw to keep the Out­casts from reclaim­ing pow­er in the city.
Massive Details The Division 2’s Upcoming DC Outskirts Episode and Raid Matchmaking

Expeditions — Coming July 30th (July 23rd for Year 1 Pass holders)

  • When Agents receive what appears to be a final broad­cast from a mil­i­tary con­voy at Ken­ly Col­lege, they form an expe­di­tion to find any sur­viv­ing mem­bers in need of res­cue. Expe­di­tions are split into three dif­fer­ent wings for play­ers to com­plete. Each wing has a spe­cif­ic theme and tone, and will be opened to play­ers on a week­ly basis. Com­plet­ing all three wings grants access to an exclu­sive trea­sure room full of rewards.

New Weapons and Gear

  • One exot­ic weapon: Dia­mond­back Rifle
  • One exot­ic gear: BTSU Data­gloves
  • Two weapons: Ston­er LMG and Car­bine 7
Massive Details The Division 2’s Upcoming DC Outskirts Episode and Raid Matchmaking

Classified Assignments (exclusive to Year 1 Pass holders)

  • Agents can take on two new Clas­si­fied Assign­ments in Wash­ing­ton’s Cen­tral Aquar­i­um and NSA Site B13.

Crafting Improvements

  • Play­ers can now craft gear up to Gear Score 500 and share blue­prints across char­ac­ters. Addi­tion­al­ly, craft­ed weapons can now be recal­i­brat­ed.

Source: Ubisoft