Although Xbox spoke about the changes to their Game Pass before their E3 con­fer­ence, more details were giv­en dur­ing today’s show.

Every Xbox Game Stu­dios title shown at the E3 show, will be added to Xbox Game Pass day one of it’s launch. Four new titles were also added to Xbox Game Pass today, includ­ing Bat­man: Arkham Knight, Metro Exo­dus, Hol­low Knight ad Bor­der­lands: The Hand­some Col­lec­tion.

New Game from Xbox Game Stu­dios

Xbox Game Pass arrived to the PC today and is cur­rent­ly in a beta peri­od. There will be over 100 games added to the Game Pass library for PC, by August of this year. Also, PC play­ers can take advan­tage of the entire Halo: Mas­ter­chief Col­lec­tion through Xbox Game Pass.

Those inter­est­ed can install the Xbox BETA app, join Xbox Game Pass (cur­rent­ly $4.99 a month dur­ing the open beta), and down­load what­ev­er game you choose.

Xbox Game Pass Ulti­mate will include Xbox Game Pass for your Xbox One or Xbox One X, and Xbox Gold Live for $14.99 a month. Xbox Game Pass Ulti­mate will also include the pass for PC, free of charge.

You can check out Xbox Game Pass for PC, here and every­one can join Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ulti­mate for a $1 for the first month.

Xbox also announced their next con­sole, Project Scar­lett, along with an assort­ment of oth­ers good­ies.