Announced today via Minecraft’s Twit­ter, Mojang informed their Win­dows 10 and Pock­et Minecraft Edi­tion play­ers a Can­dy Pack was added, along with an update.

The Can­dy Pack has been on the Xbox One and PS4 for some time now, but is now just com­ing to the Pock­et and Win­dows 10 ver­sions. Now those play­ers can expe­ri­ence things like Jel­ly Creep­ers, Starlight Mint Skele­tons, Vel­vet Cake Cows, entire floors made of cake! This is actu­al­ly mak­ing me hun­gry for some­thing sweet. 

Minecraft Releases Candy Pack for Pocket and Windows 10

You can see the rest to what Update 1.03 has to offer below:

New Fea­tures

  • Added Can­dy tex­ture pack
  • Added Dutch local­iza­tion


  • Fixed some spac­ing when trun­cat­ing bold­ed text
  • Tweaked spawn point selec­tion to be “smarter” (e.g. avoid lava)
  • Tweaked the tex­tures of flower/mushroom blocks
  • Assort­ed tex­ture fix­es

Bug Fix­es 

  • Fixed a crash when a server/Realm would first start
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing servers to blink between online and offline sta­tus
  • Fixed a Realms crash when a play­er exits
  • Fixed a crash when using some items
  • Fixed a serv­er crash when a play­er entered a mutat­ed bio­me
  • Fixed an issue that caused pres­sure plates, but­tons, and oth­er Red­stone items to become stuck
  • Fixed an issue with hop­pers not tick­ing the prop­er order
  • Fixed an issue when destroy­ing a door
  • Fixed an issue with item dupli­ca­tion
  • Fixed an issue allow­ing a play­er to incor­rect­ly obtain End Gate­way blocks
  • Observ­er block­’s arrows should now point in the direc­tion of pow­er
  • Observ­er blocks will no longer be placed upside-down
  • Fixed an issue where realms mem­bers that were not your friends were not being dis­played
  • Bats should spawn more often!
  • Fixed an issue with End Gate­way tex­tures on mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue where but­tons & oth­er red­stone devices could get locked when a red­stone lamp acti­vat­ed
  • Fixed some ren­der­ing geom­e­try which cre­at­ed weird results