Cap­com announced today that Mon­ster Hunter: World has sold over ten mil­lion units, world­wide, includ­ing dig­i­tal sales. This mile­stone was pos­si­ble with the release of the title to Steam on August 9th, which boost­ed it over the 10 mil­lion mark. 

Cap­com men­tioned the entire fran­chise, since the release of the orig­i­nal Mon­ster Hunter back in 2004, has amassed more than 50 mil­lion unit sales.

How­ev­er, accord­ing to the report, Mon­ster Hunter: World is “the best-sell­ing title in com­pa­ny his­to­ry.” It’s also stat­ed that along with the PC sales, the title is also still see­ing “robust sales of the con­sole ver­sion of the game.” This is sur­pris­ing, con­sid­er­ing it launched back in Jan­u­ary for con­sole play­ers.

Source: Cap­com