Today, BioWare released a new video show­ing off the secre­tive end-game con­tent for Anthem. As you can imag­ine, it con­tains sev­er­al types of modes and plen­ty of chal­lenges for you to com­plete.

First off, if you played the demo, you prob­a­bly saw the extra-hard dif­fi­ul­ties. Grand­mas­ter 1, Grandmaster2 and Grand­mas­ter 3 are only avail­able once you’ve reached the lev­el cap (30). The high­er the dif­fi­cul­ty the bet­ter the chances you’ll get rare gear and cos­met­ic items.

Sec­ond­ly, these dif­fi­cul­ties can be applied while doing mul­ti­ple objec­tive types in the end-game. These include con­tracts, chal­lenges and strong­holds.

Con­tracts are mis­sions you can obtain from talk­ing to NPC’s and they improve the rep of your fac­tion. They also unlock new blue­prints. Leg­endary con­tracts are mul­ti-part mis­sions and, obiv­i­ous­ly, grant bet­ter rewards.

Chal­lenges are not as com­pli­cat­ed and only reward coins and craft­ing mate­ri­als. Strong­holds are team required mis­sions and have some of the best drops.

There is also free-play or free-roam, where you’ll be able to explore the world. You’ll find cat­a­clysms out in the wild, which are time-lim­it­ed events (much like Pub­lic Events in Des­tiny). BioWare also men­tioned future fea­tures like guilds and social hubs, along with “mas­sive world-chang­ing events.”

Anthem appears to be shap­ing up into some­thing that could eas­i­ly replace titles sim­i­lar to it’s genre. EA seems to be bet­ting big on Anthem, as they expect it to sell over 6 mil­lion copies in the first month alone.