Eight new titles were announced for Xbox Game Pass today, along­side a list of games that will be leav­ing the sub­scrip­tion ser­vice, all hap­pen­ing this month.

Among the newest arrivals is Mid­dle-earth: Shad­ow of War, Dead Ris­ing 4 and even the Gears 5 Ver­sus mode in the Gears 5 Tech Test. You can see the full list of games, includ­ing their date of release, below:

New Arrivals for July

July 4th

  • Mid­dle-earth: Shad­ow of War
  • My Time at Por­tia
  • Under­tale

July 11th

  • Blaz­ing Chrome
  • Dead Ris­ing 4
  • LEGO City Under­cov­er
  • Time­spin­ner
  • Unavowed

All cur­rent Xbox Game Pass mem­bers get access to the Gears 5 Tech Test and the new Gears 5 Ver­sus mode this month.

Although new games are added all the time, space needs to be freed to include new titles. The games below won’t be imme­di­ate­ly removed, but through­out the month. You have the option to buy these game with your Xbox Game Pass dis­count before they are gone:

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass for Console

  • After­charge (July 9th)
  • Warham­mer Ver­mintide 2 (July 10th)
  • LEGO Movie: The Videogame (July 16th)
  • Dan­dara (July 31st)
  • Dead Ris­ing 2 (July 31st)
  • Hit­man Sea­son 1 (July 31st)
  • Met­al Slug XX (July 31st)
  • Defense Grid: The Awak­en­ing (July 31st)
  • Hex­ic 2 (July 31st)
  • Iron Brigade (July 31st)

Source: Major Nel­son