Day­break Games has released a new patch for the PS4 ver­sion of H1Z1. This patch changes how much the gas wall dam­ages play­ers as the match pro­gress­es and changes how the game han­dles dupli­cate items from vic­to­ry crates. Check out the full patch notes below.

  • Dupli­cate items from Crates are a thing of the past! Now, if you get a dupli­cate item from a Crate, it will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be turned into Skulls that you can then spend in the Skull Exchange. If you already have some dupli­cate items, they will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be con­vert­ed after this update when you vis­it the Cus­tomiza­tion screen. The Skull val­ue of each dupli­cate item is based on its rar­i­ty lev­el:
    • Leg­endary: 125,000 Skulls
    • Ultra-Rare: 46,875 Skulls
    • Rare: 9,375 Skulls
    • Uncom­mon: 5,000 Skulls
    • Com­mon: 3,750 Skulls
    • Stan­dard: 0 Skulls
  • Kill and assist cred­it are now giv­en to the play­ers who ini­tial­ly knock down an ene­my, not the play­ers who elim­i­nate them while they’re in a downed state.
  • Dam­age has been ramped up for the lat­er waves of tox­ic gas. Dur­ing the last few phas­es of a match, it will be impos­si­ble to heal faster than the dam­age the tox­ic gas inflicts. See below for a graph com­par­ing old and new tox­ic gas dam­age val­ues over time:
  • New H1Z1 Patch Live On PS4


  • Fixed var­i­ous wear­ables incor­rect­ly drop­ping from elim­i­nat­ed play­ers.
  • Pink Motocross Armor now counts towards the Home­made Destruc­tion Chal­lenge.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when quick-throw­ing the last throw­able in your inven­to­ry.

Source: Day­break Games