Rock­star added anoth­er Show­down Mode to the Red Dead Online Beta today. They also added a fea­tured bonus and sev­er­al new pieces of cloth­ing at the Wheel­er, Raw­son and Co. Cat­a­logue.

Up In Smoke

New Showdown Mode Coming to Red Dead Online Today

In this lat­est Show­down, you must destroy the ene­my camp at all costs. Play­ers start out with an explo­sive pack­age and must suc­cess­ful­ly deliv­er the pack­age to the oppos­ing team’s base. Each deliv­ery det­o­nates a piece of thi­er camp, deliv­er­ing all pack­ages ensures your win.

This week’s bonus is a 30% XP boost on all Abil­i­ty Cards. Rock­star sug­gest­ed using Abil­i­ty Cards like To Fight Anoth­er Day, Strange Med­i­cine and Slip­pery Bas­tard while play­ing Up In Smoke.

New Clothing

There four new addi­tions to the Wheel­er, Raw­son and Co. Cat­a­logue:

  • Win­ter Shot­gun Coat
  • Ben­bow Jack­et
  • Darned Stock­ings
  • Man­te­ca Hat

Source: Rock­star